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2004-10-24 12:07:17 AM  
One time I was passing through the El Paso area with a shipment of live bunnies for the pet stores in California. My POS car died and I had to start walking, but I couldn't let the rabbits stay by themselves, so I packed them all into two carriers and started off.
I saw a group of kids playing around with a ouija board and thought I would be saved one hell of a walk when they suddenly freaked out and took off, leaving their candles behind. I stooped over and put the carriers down so that I could relight the candles to use to light my way when the bunnies made their move. Apparently I stuffed the carriers too full...silly me, and they all got out.
Then I saw headlights approaching. I didn't know what to do, and I didn't want the bunnies to get run over, so I hucked my ass over into the ditch to find a log or something to put in the way of the oncoming car.
They got there faster than I thought, and when they saw the candles, I heard high-pitched girly screaming from inside the car, and they all took off.
Which was a shame, actually, because I intended to steal their car after I killed and ate them.
2004-10-24 12:10:02 AM  
Once a rather burly friend of mine invited me to go to AnthroCon with him. AnthroCon, for those not in the know, is one of the largest furry conventions in America. I'm not a furry, nor do I plan on becoming one. Bestiality, even illustrated bestiality, scares me. (before you get your fursuits all ruffled, I realize that plenty of "furries" just enjoy humanoid animals without all the creepy sex stuff. Get over yourselves.) Part of me wanted to go just for train wreck value. The other part of me thankfully had some sense and said "no." It's not "paranormal," but it's still scary to me.

The scariest thing that's happened to me recently was a trip along a dirt road in the middle of the night. Nobody around. I could've swore that I saw someone standing on the side of the road, but I'd convinced myself that it was a trick of light and shadow (which it probably was). Then I felt something on my lap. I pulled my car over to the side of the road and screamed like a little girl, only to realize that one of my cats had found its way into my car, and had just woken up. I'm glad cats can't talk.
2004-10-24 12:12:47 AM  
Once, at my grandfather's funeral I was with my cousins playing in his old van that had a CB radio. We turn it on and start switching the stations until we hear something. What we hear is really wierd, it is this very odd voice talking to noone with this echo that repeats about 7 times. The background sounds like some mad scientist's lab sounds froma movie, kind of like vvvvvvvvv-eeeeeeeee-mmmmmmmmmm-vvvvvvvv-eeeeeeeeeeeee...

We all freaked out and jumped out of the van when it asked us what our 3 names were. Never heard it again.

Second story, my grandmother was having a dream that she was drowning, and when she woke up everyting in the room was wet.
2004-10-24 12:20:16 AM  
Here's my story, it's scared people away from my house:

One night I was sitting in my bedroom with my sister, when out of nowhere she looks up and screams. She wouldnt tell me what she saw for about an hour, but then I got it out of her: She was facing the door (it's an old house, so we have glass paned doors) and she sees a young girl about her age staring through the door, right at her.

After a while, we calm down, but notice something else strange. There's a strong sickening smell like funeral flowers going around the room of its own accord. There were no windows or doors open, so there was no draft. At first it was really faint, as if we had a scented candle across the room, but it started to get stronger. It was like one of those old ladies that wear so much perfume that you can smell them from 10 feet away, and it was like there was something walking toward us, because the smell was getting really strong. I noticed that it was super close to me, because I was starting to get dizzy from the smell. After about 30 seconds, it gets weaker for me, but my sister is starting to smell it getting stronger, like it was walking towards her.

After a while it drifts off and goes away completely. Once we calmed down for a second time, we search our room, and then the house, for anything close to that smell, but couldn't find anything. We couldn't even think why a smell would move around on its own.

But wait there's more!

About a year later, the furniture has been moved around and now there's one less bed, the mirror's facing the door, and my bed is right next to the door, so if someone were to walk by, I would see them in the mirror first.

Well I'm reading a book, sitting on my bed facing the mirror. I'm at the top of the left page, so I can see the mirror out of the corner of my eye. I see someone walk by, but I dont hear any footsteps, and there's nobody in either of the rooms connecting with the hallway. this happens a few more times (I counted 5) and I'm starting to see that it looks like a person wearing a long black coat or cloak thing with something white on underneath. I mentioned this to my sister and she gave me the weirdest look. I asked her what the girl she saw that night was wearing, and she said, "I wont tell you, because you'll freak out" (I then remembered her saying something a while before that she was wearing a white dress, and she was blond.)

Throughout the years, many weird things have happened in that hallway. For example, we have a sort of stained glass window directly across from my door, with some old hook things for a curtain rod. Since the house was built in 1905, we have an apartment building right next door, so we didnt want a constant view of them through the window. We tried hanging a large painting on there (the hooks are very long, and anything you would hang on it would be very stable) and it kept falling by itself. (The frame of the painting was not broken or damaged in any way, so it definitely could not have fallen unless someone lited it, then dropped it) One time it fell on me when I was standing at my door. The way it fell suggested that it was picked up, then dropped, but there was no one there.

Skeptic or not, I believe what I saw and experienced, and I was scared shiatless....
2004-10-24 12:25:04 AM  
i never seem to post on fark, but here's a few,
i am a photographer, i've got a few from this, one weekend(i think it was thanksgiving weekend, or maybe a fall break weekend) i walk a mile from my parents house with my camera to take some pictures at this college near thier house(arcadia university) there were no students that weekend, and i figured it a good weekend to take some architecture shoots without anyone asking what i'm doing, there's a 200 year old castle on the property and i took plenty of shots of it, in a few pictures there's outlines of people in windows i know were empty, and in other pictures there's giant glares(i was using a tripod, not a flash) i went back to look and there's nothing reflecting, and there's no stains on the glass where things appeared.

another case i was in the art building at my school(millersville university) and i was working in the darkroom, it was about 2 or 3 in the morning, i'm a photo major and am allowed to stay so late, i turn out of my seperate darkroom and go to dunk a print into the developer and i see someone standing there, he was wearing jeans and a grey t-shirt, the color is hard to pinpoint since it is a darkroom but he was definetly there, i assumed another art student staying late and turned to talk to him after i soaked my print, and he was gone, i went out into the studio and noone is there, i go up and down the 4 story building and there are no students and all the studios are dark, i go outside to have a cigarette and there's noone leaving the parking lot, i was there alone, i don;t know what i saw but it wasn't a person

another case
i live in an old firehouse converted into a residence, i rent it with two other guys and we like our house a good bit, there's a door in our garage that we don;t have a key for and that's fine. one day we needed to get a reading of the water meter and our landlord couldn't come so he tells brad(my roomate) where a key is hidden, he let's the water guy into the blocked room, one day(it was about 90 outside and in our house) brad decides to check out the room and he's walking through and feels a hand on his shoulder, assuming it's the landlord come to check on something brad screams and turns around to nothing there, he then checks the door to the garage and it is securly locked. ever since then i've had problems with my alarm clock, this clock has worked for my for 3 years, but lately it won;t go off(noone hears it) or it will go off at random times during the day. i don;t know how to explain any of this but it's wierd
2004-10-24 12:30:51 AM  
Well this isn't really scary, but it makes me want to get my tin-foil hat out.
When I was about 14, My parents and I were leaving the house at about 8 pm(night time). I could see something bright reflecting in the glass panes of the door. I turned around to see what looked like a giant silver beach ball in the air over my neighbors yard. Not very high up at all. Then it exploded, and it really looked like a beachball turned firework. Funny thing was there was no sound at all. My mom and I promptly freaked out, and my dad said something about ball lightening. Heck if I know what it was, and hopefully I won't run into it again.
2004-10-24 12:39:30 AM  
My parent's house had been owned previously by the neighborhood's Creepy Old Lady (you know, she mutters a lot and glares at kids on her sidewalk). Of course she died there. We had a few fairly typical "ghost" experiences (books and figurines mysteriously moved, weird thumping, spooked pets), so we mentioned it to our neigherbor. She showed us a picture the Lemon Verbena tree in our front yard. You could distinctly see an old woman's face, and our neighbor (who had lived there since the 1930's) said it was the spitting image of the dead woman.

I finally got fed up with the shenanigans, and took the advice of an occult buff: I told the "ghost" that, even if she didn't know it she was dead, she was, and should move on. We never had an incident after that.
2004-10-24 12:51:54 AM  
When I still lived in Virgina I went to a small community college that offered a Parapsychology class that counted for a Psych elective. We went on alot of field trips to different "haunted" places around VA. It was alot of fun but it was super creepy. The house I grew up in was haunted by an old woman who had died in the house a few years before my parents bought it. I saw her a few times, she tried to talk to me once but I screamed for my dad and she went away. He used to see her alot, he'd come downstairs in the mornings and she would be in the kitchen or in the hallway. He said she would always acknowledge him, make eye contact and then just vanish. We were the only 2 people in my family she would appear to. I remember a few years ago I went home to stay with my dad and I slept in my old bedroom. I had an old fashioned slide lock and a skeleton key lock on the door, I locked both (yes, because I was scared) and when I woke up the next morning the door was unlocked and standing wide open. There was no way anyone could have opened the door since the slide lock is on the inside. It really freaked me out. Oh, by the way, Cheri Pie isn't crazy. I had a gray tabby named Darwin I had to put to sleep (Feline Leuk) when I lived in NJ. Before I moved, I'd see him sometimes walking down the hall or walking through my extra bedroom. I knew it was him (he was pretty distinctive) and I know I'm not crazy. I think he was just really happy there and didn't want to leave.
2004-10-24 12:54:31 AM  
Something else--my sister had this really creepy porcelain doll that used to move by itself...
2004-10-24 12:55:34 AM  
Not really scary- kinda pathetic.
i had a hamster that lived a really long time, and spent about the last year of its' life whining and fretting in its' sleep- making weird tiny crying baby sounds.
i kept it in my computer room,...and listened to the thing make weird sounds constantly.
and then it died.
and it was quiet for awhile.
quite frequently i'd hear the sounds of the thing crying while i was on the computer- and it's a really stupid, unmistakable sound.
it always kind of made me feel sad to know that this poor dead hamster would want to spend eternity making stupid crying sounds in my computer room.
my mom also says that i used to wake her up in the night crying because i could hear our cat who'd gotten ran over awhile ago purring from time to time.
weird stuff.
2004-10-24 12:57:10 AM  
in pittsburgh, there is this "ghost" called Greenman, he got electrocuted, and haunts a tunnel...anyways he occupies a tunnel, hence greenmans tunnel, anyways my uncle drank beer with the dude, he is a real dude who was turned into a ghost story, so i am special...tee hee...ok and onto more farking....
2004-10-24 1:02:22 AM  
At my Grandma's house on Folsom lake in California, my cousins and I used to sleep in the downstairs living room during holidays when all the family got together. We had to be quiet because Grandpa was cranky and didn't like being woken up at night. So, we were kids and we'd get loud anyway, and as soon as we heard heavy footsteps coming down the hidden stairway (not like a secret stairway, you just couldn't see up it from the living room) we'd quiet down and just eventually fall asleep. Years later during Thanksgiving, the subject of waking up Grandpa came up, and Grandma said "You guys never woke him up. He sleeps harder than I do." Then we realized that we never heard the steps returning up the staircase. They always just came down...
I think that's the closest I have to a ghost story.
2004-10-24 1:05:12 AM  
This isn't exactly a scary story, though it was terribly startling at the time:

Anyway, I few years ago we moved into a new house and I was sharing the master bedroom with my foster-brother. Basically since moving in I had felt that my room was haunted but I mostly attributed this to missing the ghost in my old house and the fact that stories of it terrified my friends.

One night though, I had an incident that I'll not forget. I was lying in bed trying to sleep, watching a movie or listening to music, I don't remember which. Regardless, it was a Sunday night, so i was tired but knew I should attempt to sleep 'cause I had to get up early in the morning, so i was well awake when I realized something had just walked through my door. It was a "corner of my eye" sort of deal, but I knew it wasn't my foster-brother cause I could hear the heavy breathing of sleep from his side of the room. I rolled over to face the wall, away from the door (figuring denial was probably the best thing at the moment.

So anyway, I think "there's nothing there" to myself like a hundred times until I finally feel secure in rolling over, though my heart is in my throat as I anticipate what will surely be some ghoulish figure towering over me. I rolled over and open my eyes. Nothing.

I sigh with relief and close my eyes, once again trying to sleep. As soon as my eyelids dropped shut I got the sudden and intense feeling of someone standing over my bed, but I was too terrified to look. Suddenly I felt a hand on my cheek, not cold and deathly but warm and loving. I opened my eyes and there was no one there but I felt so good and at ease. Eventually I went to sleep and woke up in the morning still thinking about that hand.

Now, my foster-brother has moved out and I'm out of the master bedroom. Recently my parents have been having TV trouble in that same room (it turns on/off and randomly changes channels all on its own). Oddly enough this is the same sort of behaviour we experienced with a different tv in our old, and very haunted house.
2004-10-24 1:05:16 AM  
This is a story my Dad sent me about the inn he runs, verbatim from the email: Everything seemed in order when I arrived at Priest Lake. My manager Autumn spent an hour with me going over the job list. Then she climbed into her well-packed car with her dog Charlie Brown and said goodbye for the season. The next day Lee the cleaning lady arrived and explained her plan to deep clean the rooms to getready for the closing after Columbus Day. Lucy came the next day,
and explained the same thing. When Lucy was ready to go that afternoon, (a night without guests), she asked Are you going to be all right tonight?
Sure. Why?
Didnt Autumn tell you?
Tell me what?
Oh I shouldnt have said anything. She saw a ghost.

The story, as told by Lucy, goes like this: An evening rainstorm was coming on, so Autumn went upstairs to make sure all the windows were closed. The upstairs was fully occupied, but no guests were around. She went into the Bartoo Suite, a pair of rooms separated by the original bathroom of the Old Northern Inn. She checked the back windows, then swung around to leave the room. There he was,
blocking her way. A middle aged man in suspenders wearing a strange hat with something extra on it. He smirked. She screamed, rushed out of the room and drove straight home to Priest River, 28 miles away. She was still crying when she ran into her mothers kitchen. Lucy asked Autumn how she got out of the room I dont know. I think I ran right through him. Lucy added that a few days later Dorothy, who lives across the road and cleaned the inn for the first eight years of its operation, came down to say hello. Autumn was
eager to tell her about the ghost, but she got no farther than the part about the suspenders. Dorothy finished the description of the funny hat with something on it.

Im not trying to spice up this boring letter. Im just telling it the way I heard it.
2004-10-24 1:09:28 AM  
I am not an easy-to-scare person. I thought all ghost stories were bull / just stories. Purebred skeptic... emphasis on was.

After some late-night TV watching, I got up, turned out all the lights and headed for bed. My average nightly routine. Turning out all the lights, my entire house was pitch black, and I was feeling my way to my bedroom (I'd lived there 18 years, I knew my way around in the dark).

Then, with no warning at all, a glowing mist came out of nowhere RIGHT in front of me. It swirled and formed into the shape of a person, about 6.5 - 7 feet tall, glowing bright off-white in a pitch-black house. I freaked out and snapped 'aware' (Not sure how to say it, I was technically awake before, but very tired at 2 AM), and fell backwards. I looked up at the towering figure, who looked to be wearing a ... long, light coat (not sure what such a thing is called (trenchcoat? not quite...)). It had no face. Just a bloody neck-stump.

I was speechless and gasping for air on the ground, just staring at it. It 'looked' down at me, then fell at and though me and the floor. I was terrified. I could not sleep for two days. It was awful.

I had terrible stomachaches after that. I thought it was just stress-nausea, but eventually I ended up in the hospital with appendicits[sp?].

I swear this is word-for-word truth.

I heard on NPR a phrase that sums it up rather well... I don't remember exact wording, but it was along the lines of "No matter the evidence, whether of not you believe in an afterlife, once a person has seen what they believe to be eveidence of such the question, for them, is answered."
2004-10-24 1:09:55 AM  
Hey, does anyone believe in past lives? Anyone have any past life experiences?
2004-10-24 1:16:49 AM  
I don't think it was him. He was all the way down at projector number 8 and would have had to have walked by my office and unlock the door to the stairwell to go downstairs. That door has a weighted security henge(sp) on it so when it closes there was always a loud slam. Even with the projectors running you could always hear the door closing.
Maybe it was a tulpa of Travis?
2004-10-24 1:17:13 AM  
Okay, so I don't have one, as I live a dull, sheltered life. But my friend has one and he's begging me to post it for him.

Many years ago, his great grandmother passed away. His family gathered at his grandparents' house for the funeral. During this time they cleaned out his great grandmother's home, and took her old t.v. One night, he was watching this old t.v., which had belonged to his departed great grandmother. He was alone, as the rest of his family was in the basement. Then he heard a voice... coming from the t.v. The voices, they were calling his name. Then he bolted out of the room.

I don't get it either. I would have assumed it was the audio from the show he was watching. But he insists it was the voice of his great grandmother.

Scary? I dunno.
2004-10-24 1:18:59 AM  
once 2 friends and i were going to drink some beer at this place called hammonds rock. it is a rock formation at the top of this mountain that is creepy in itself. well about a half mile from the top we found a clearing that we figured would suit us just fine, overlooking the fine town of mount holly springs, pa. as soon as we stepped out of the car we heard a loud rustling noise in the woods. in unison we all turned to see this "thing" just hauling ass through the woods. i dont know if it was a ghost or what but it was pitch black around us and this thing was like flourescent white and seemed to be running from something. we all had a clear look at this thing from about 20 yards. all 3 of us jumped back in the car and we took off back down the mountain. after about 3 minutes of stunned silence i asked "what the hell was that?" as to which noone had an answer but we all described the same thing.

now about a year or so later i was telling my best friends brother this story, toward the end he got this funny look on his face and practically finished the story for me. apparently one of his teachers in high school had told him of the same thing happening to him in about the same spot. according to the teacher some guy had run from the cops up there and killed himself like back in the 30's. i dont know it thats what i saw or do i know at all what it was i saw but i know for sure all 3 of us saw it and a ghost is the best explanation i can come up with.
2004-10-24 1:25:35 AM  
I used to work in nursing homes and hospitals going back 12 years ago.Never had a problem till I took a job working at Maple Hurt Crinic care hospital. Little history on the house it was built by a man for his wife over 150 years ago was used for hiding war slaves as well. It's huge 5 story mansion.
Anyways once night about 2 am I was in the cellar folding laundry the other HCA was on the 2nd floor and the nurse was in the front part of the house. As I'm folding laundry I hear a man calling out saying come here I need help. It sounded like he was at the top of the cellar stairs. There were only 5 men in this hospital and all confined to bed in front of the house. I go up to see what is going on and the HCA that was on the second floor comes running down the stairs freaked out. She heard a man call for help on the 3rd floor above her. The 3rd floor was not even being used hadn't been for years. The nurse that was in the front part comes back to the kitchen where we were saying she heard a man on the second floor asking for help. The rest of that night we didn't want to go off alone too scared.
2004-10-24 1:25:53 AM  
When I was in high school we had a major school shooting my sophomore year. One of the shooters was a friend of mine and the sound designer for our theatre. The year after the shooting I was the technical director for the theatre and was the only student with a key to the space. I would go in there just to sit and think or do homework during my off hour. One day I had a really awful day with people just being creeps and went into the theatre to work on some stuff when I heard footsteps on our catwalk. The only access to the catwalk is a door in the outside hallway with only 4 existing keys (I had one, 2 teachers and the janitor had the others). Also, it is a physical impossibility to get on the catwalk without turning on the lights (which you need a key to do - to prevent students from possibly getting up there during shows). It only lasted a minute, so I thought it was my imagination. Then it started again, louder and faster. I called out, and the footsteps stopped. All of a sudden the stage lights blared on (the booth was locked, no one was in it, and the board was off) I called out my friend's name and the lights turned off, and I didn't hear anything else.

There was another time when this guy's ex best friend and I were driving down from the mountains going really fast, when a black BMW like the one this guy used to drive zoomed by us, then pulled in front of us and slowed down, making us slow down as well. No matter what we did we could not pass him, speed up, or see who it was. In about 10 minutes we hit a freak snow storm, and would have spun out if we were going faster. Just after we went thru, there was a 25-car pile up. We didn't see the BMW after getting thru the storm.

Freaky weird. And true. And stuff like that kept happening.
2004-10-24 1:26:56 AM  

Which tunnel in Pittsburgh is this? Where is it located?
2004-10-24 1:28:54 AM  
it is an old connecting bridge between i believe glassport, and west mifflin, it is out past the old allegheny co. airport....
2004-10-24 1:38:30 AM  
Living in San Pedro, CA I was nine years old and going out with my mom and dad and a little girl friend who lived around the corner to trick or treat.In that same neighborhood, lived a totally burned out former stripper/prostitute. We called her the crazy lady. Her actual name was Beverly. She boarded with a former stripper from the 50s who was about 1000 years old who took her in and tried to take care of her. Beverly often would be seen screaming obscenities in the street...talking to her fingers...the drugs killed her more than once.

Anyhow, we all walk to me little friend's house, and I get up to the porch (Ma and Dad are a little ways behind) and as I head for the door, this figure, covered in blood from head to toe comes out from behind the potted palm tree and says, "Get outta here! You can't come here! Get the F outta here." I mean she looked like "Carrie."

"No problem!" says I and bolt. "No, Margie" says Ma and Dad, "You belong here. She doesn't" My mom and dad's yelling totally scared her and she backed up to the porch swing several feet away, and we went in. My friend and I hid under her bed while all our parents called the police. Beverly had knifed herself up and down, head to toe. God only knows why. The bubble gum machines pulled up, and she disappeared.

Her caretaker confirmed that she had OD'd some weeks after that night. Every once in a while people would swear they heard her screaming her children's names--the ones the courts had given to a foster family, that Halloween afternoon.

Then, I realized it was more sad than scary.

/can't watch "Carrie"
2004-10-24 1:43:43 AM  
My most recent "paranormal" experience was last month. I don't consider this one too creepy, rather nice actually. I was at work one evening, I opened a file cabinet to put something away, and the very distinct smell of my great-grandmother's kitchen hit me. It surprised me at first, because I hadn't been in that kitchen in a few years, as my great-grandma was in a nursing home, and my grandpa had sold the house. I leaned down to get a better sniff, and it made me smile, because her kitchen always smelled so good. She died about two days after that.

/oh yeah, that was the only time that smell ever came from the file cabinet. I hope great-grandma gives me another whiff some day.
2004-10-24 1:43:51 AM  
Howard Dean

I've known a slightly different version of this for most of my life but haven't come across anyone else who's heard it since grade school.

Now if only I could find the rest of:

"a body! a body! the voice cried in pain.
"Out on your lawn in the cold, pouring rain."

I can't remember all of that one.
2004-10-24 1:45:00 AM  
Last fall I was at an art school in Florence, Italy. Everyone joked about the ghosts in it. (It was once the home of Gallileo, it could have been him)

During a one on one art critique in the printmaking studio, the french doors that are normally impossible to open (stupid italian doorhandles, grrr) burst open and a wind made its way around the room. Not like a normal breeze that makes everything ruffle at once. This 'wind' fluttered the papers consecutively as it passed around the room. My professor and I looked at each other and then nervously joked about the ghost coming to my review.

I guess we laughed a little too hard. The breeze abruptly reappeared, but it headed out the door!!!! The door slammed shut much harder than it had opened! YIKES!

I've also had dreams forewarning me of bad things to come. I knew for about two weeks beforehand that my boyfriend at the time was going to crash my car. I was napping while he drove, and woke up about ten minutes before he got us into the back end of a 5 car pileup. Since I *knew* it was coming, I relaxed completely and didn't even get a seatbelt bruise. Very strange to get out of something like that and already be over it because you accepted the outcome days beforehand.
2004-10-24 1:50:05 AM  

if you know about things that far in advance, why don't you try to prevent them from happening?
2004-10-24 1:52:20 AM  
I'll have to keep this short, night life is calling.

Scene: Old farm house, best friend, high school, sleep over.

Best friend has two beds in his room, room has two ways out, stairwell leading downstairs and a makeshift door leading to an adjoining room.

Make shift door doesn't have a normal knob setup but instead uses a "eye and hook" latch you would find on a fence gate. Best friend gets up, closes and latches said door and returns to his bed. Lights still on, both still awake. After a few minutes the hook pops out of the eye-bolt and the door swings open about six inches. WTF!?!?! sez me. Friend tells me about previous old owner who killed himself there and haunts the place. BS sez me. Friend tells me to try and close the door. Guess what. Hook and eye-bolt now no where even close to reaching each other. I called BS and my friend said to try again in the morning. Of course it worked just fine the next day and I had no problem latching the door.

Later that same night, my friend had a clock about five feet above his bed that made a loud ticking noise. Bothered me as it was totally quiet in the house otherwise and I told him I didn't like the noise. A couple minutes go by and the clock fell off the wall and hit my friend in the head. Note it fell a total of three feet and had to travel horizontally about a whole foot to strike my friend in the head.

End of creepy events for the night. My friend had many more stories about that house. Then when his fam. moved out the house burned to the ground within a couple months.

2004-10-24 1:54:07 AM  
These aren't my dreams, but they are from my cousins.

Apparently all three of my cousins have past-life dreams. They're shared dreams too. My middle cousin told me about them recently. The three of them are all knights of malta or something like that. Heavy mounted cavalry. Big horses. Shields and armor and all that. And their father is their leader/general.

My middle cousin that told me, also told her dad about it. He's had them too. Ooooooooooooeeeeeeeooooooo.
2004-10-24 1:55:15 AM  
this happend to me,i to this day i wont let anyone bring a pig of anykind in my home...

it was 1970,we lived in burbank cal, on hollywood way.
my sister had a friend spending the night,i was 6yrs tracy my sister was 8yrs, her friend was 8yrs as well.
my dad was at the next building over,helping the hippies paint their apt,mom was at work and it was after dark,we were alone. it started out to be like any other weekend night,the girls were playing in the living room,i was watching tv not far from them. the tv started to act funny,this was a old style tv that had a wire remote,not radio, it would get loud and then no sound,the picture would get big,i mean the picels would look hugh! then it would get small ,to a dot.over and over it kept happing until i tried to turn it off, no go.
while this was going on,the girls were screaming behind me,i thought they were just acting that way over the tv,
they were always screaming over something. but it sounded different,ilook over at them and their white as sheets pointing at the walls,the pictures are moving,back and forth,some spining. i join the screaming.
now the tv's real loud,our family pics are dancing on the wall,and we are just little kids, i then notice the banging coming from the walls,like someone is in the wall trying to get out,i dont know how long that pounding was going on, with all the confusion it could have been there from the start. the topper is the damn pig,everything else was kinda understandable,we have all moved a pic, changed the volume on the tv, so these were scary but within our understanding, at least thats what i think.
but the pig,it was a piggy bank from mexico,you know the big pink one with the curly tail? they still sell it over there. it moved, it ......okay it walked,no ran and rolled its eyes while running across the shelf it was on, sqealing .
i know it is nuts,i know this did not happen,it must be a false memmory, when my sister and i talk about it(which is never any more) but when we did we each had the same story.
we ran from the apt, to our father,i only remember up till we get to him,after that its just not there any more.
soon after this happend,with in weeks,that apt burnt down.
my dad says he fell asleep with a cigarette...........

im not the best story teller,what i just wrote,is true as best as i can remember.
/still no pigs in my house,ever!
2004-10-24 1:56:58 AM  

I know what is going to happen, but not exactly when. I was telling him all damn day to slow his ass down and back off from other cars. We were in the middle of rush hour traffic in Houston when we finally wrecked.

Man I miss that car. It was a present from my dead granny . :(
2004-10-24 2:01:57 AM  
wildancrazy159 :: the part about the pig is truly hilarious.. i'm sure it was terrifying at the time, but i can't stop laughing.. it sounds like something out of a cheezy horror flick
2004-10-24 2:05:19 AM  
I've had a few "seeing bits of the future" dreams like that, though they weren't accident related. When I was like 8, I remember one night I was really really sick with something, and I started having these really weird delirious dreams while I was still half-awake. I started seeing my siblings as grown-up. My younger sister was a toddler at the time, and in this dream she was about high school age, and pretty chunky, but the image kept changing from her being chunky to her being thin. Then the dream changed to a younger brother that I didn't even have yet, named John. Well, about a year later, my parents announced they were having another baby, and lo and behold I got a little brother named John. As for my sister, she grew to be pretty chunky until her senior year when she started dieting and lost a ton of weight.
2004-10-24 2:05:56 AM  
Anyone else here heard of all the ghosts at West Point? Apparently the academy is deeply haunted at multiple sites. The founder still haunts his original office, and demands that anything found in there must remain in the room. Cadets that died before graduating still walking off demerits. Little girls playing tea party in the basement of former officer's quarters that burned with the children inside. Hats floating and shoes going up the walls of the barracks by themselves.
2004-10-24 2:07:21 AM  
MissDev , out of curiousity, which school shooting are you referring to? Also, Do you think the black BMW may have prevented you from crashing?
2004-10-24 2:09:22 AM  
I have an old full sculpted dark-wood couch with cushions that was found in an alley in downtown Columbus Ohio back in the 70's by my step-father. It is very old. The cushions were replaced and the wood stripped and stained. My step-father had it in his house and claimed it was haunted by a mean dead bum. He married my mom and they put the couch in the basement of our house.

No one would sleep on it. No one ever needed to. We all new the funny story though. Well, I slept on it... and someone pulled my hair hard and woke me up. It continued for a few seconds while I struggled to get the covers off. My parent of course said I was dreaming of course. I was 15.

I charged them to try it. They laughed and never did.

As my mother got older, she got more into spiritual stuff and strange things. She finally decided to sleep on the couch in the basement. She too was woken up. It seems the Jiffy Man (what my younger sister named him after he scared the living shiat out of a basement full of girls having a slumber party by saying a few choice words aloud) was trying to sleep as well. My mother says two hands bunched into fists were trying to 'push her out of bed'. She ran up and slept in her bed.

My step father tried it in the 'new house' and refuses to repeat this story if you ask him.

I am now much older and have this couch in my own house in my living room. I never sleep on it or sit on it. My cats, who hate each other, refuse to get on the couch. They sleep on the opposite couch, despite their dislikes of each other. When I have large numbers of friends or relatives over, no one ever sleeps on the couch. They remove the cushions and sleep on the floor. I never tell them about the story until morning and they all just say that they felt like sleeping on the floor for some reason. They then continue this tradition. Anyone want to come sleep on my couch and try to kick Jiffy Man's ass?

I am content to have a dead bum sleeping in my living room and as long as he doesn't:
1. Make any audible noises.
2. Manifest.
3. Touch ANYTHING.

So far, he's been good.

Although friends do spill Heinekens on the couch from time to time...
2004-10-24 2:09:32 AM  
you know, i was just typing that i understand , it sounds funny. but i really dont think so, it still affects me to this day. damn pigs, i cant stand them........

and those horror flicks, the one that i hated the most was the Ammityville horror, it hit to close on the pig.......
2004-10-24 2:09:56 AM  
It seems that like any inborn talent, presque vu and deja vu run in my family. I have it and my cousins have it too, but my mom doesn't. Sleeping for me is like watching a very weird reality show.

Do you ever hang out with people you dont know yet in your dreams? Or go places you havent been to yet? Gets very weird when you finally get there in real life.
2004-10-24 2:15:14 AM  

the one at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. I definately think the BMW kept us from crashing. I was weird - we had driven that stretch of I-70 so many times, and I've never seen another driver behave like that, and I've never seen a freak snow storm like that, even over Vail Pass.
2004-10-24 2:15:30 AM  
The following is an old, old Scottish prayer:

From ghoulies and ghosties,
And long-legged beasties,
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliever us!

Ok, ok...ghosties, ghoulies, bumps, we've all heard of those before. But LONG-LEGGED BEASTIES? That part has always spooked me. Where on earth did that idea come from?
2004-10-24 2:17:28 AM  
The strange thing is, it really only happens to me when I get really sick with the flu or whatever, and I get a really high fever. Sounds dorky, but it's like it unlocks something in my mind.
2004-10-24 2:19:22 AM  
Oh and definitely experience the hanging out with people I've never met in my dreams.
2004-10-24 2:27:53 AM  
I used to have a black labrador; probably the best dog I ever had.

He wore a choker chain with his license and an ID tag that made a very distinct sound when they clanged together while walking, running, playing, etc. He also had a tendency to whimper a bit when he heard us pull up in the driveway.

He had to be put down after 12 years - old for a dog. But for months afterward, I could ocassionally still hear the distinctive clanging of his tag and license, as well a muted whimper whenever I came home.
2004-10-24 2:38:02 AM  
I don't really have any scary stories that have happened to me. However, there are some creepy things that my family as a hole...atleast my mom's side.

My Nan's brother, my great-uncle Ed, died several years ago. He was really into Native American culture and mythology. He said that if he would ever come back to Earth as another animal, it would be a bat. Well, either the night of his funeral or the night he died (I can't remember which) Nan woke up and there was a bat in her room. It freaked out her sisters that were staying with her at the time.

Of Cats and Ghosts
My Nan and Pap used to live in this old yellow house. The people that had lived there before them told them about seeing the ghost of a woman in a white nightgown or dress. I never saw anything there, but my Aunt Myra had an experience there. As did Nan (maybe it was Myra again though). Anyway, Aunt Myra was staying with them while she moved back into town and looked for a new job. While she was staying there, she slept in this little room with a daybed in it. One night she was trying to sleep and felt something "pawing" at the bed beside her. Thinking it was Nan and Pap's cat, Mei Ling, she said, "Mei Ling, get down." It started a few minutes later and again she yelled at the cat. The third time it started yelled at the cat to stop and opened her eyes. The cat was sitting on the floor beside the bed while the pawing was still going on. The other incident involved the cat again. I forget who it was, but someone saw the cat doing the "weaving" thing cats do between people's legs. The only thing was that there was nobody standing there, but the cat kept rubbing against the air like someone was standing there.

Another incident involves my Nan again (see a pattern forming). She used to watch TV and see reports about missing people. Then, she'd have dreams about where the body could be found or where the person was being held. She was right just about every time.

From the Mouths of Babes
My cousin Emily has had a few experiences too. She just turned 5 and eventhough she has quite the imagination, these two things are beyond something she could make up...especially since one happened a year ago and the other two years ago. In January of 2002, my family's dog Lady died. One day in the summer of 2002, my Aunt Myra was changing Emily's diaper in my parents bed room. Emily (age 3) looked at her mom and said, "There's a doggie on the ceiling." When Aunt Myra told me about it, it sent chills down my spine. The other was just over a year and a half ago. Nan had died in January of 2003. Surprisingly, Emily was taking the death better than anyone else in the family. She had this tendency to remind us that "Nanny's in heavn now." Anyway, one day she and her mom (Myra) were at Pap's house. When they got home that night, Emily told Aunt Myra that she saw Nan sitting at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette and that she looked at her (Emily) and said, "Shhh, don't tell anyone...I'm not supposed to be smoking." That creeped out a good portion of the family.

Family Hauntings
Now, the only thing that directly involves me is only creepy when you think about it a bit. The house my family lives in is practically on the plot of land that used to have Nan's house on it when she was a little girl. Before she died, she would say to us that we are living in her old backyard. Anyway, her dad "committed suicide" when she was little. I say that with quotes because he was into some fairly shady stuff and many people in the family believe that some of the crooked cops in this town killed him (this wouldn't be surprising if you knew the cops in my town). Anyway, for a long time I've felt fairly creeped out living here...even before I found out he died in what is pretty much our backyard. My bedroom is in the basement (yes, I am the quintessential stereotype of a geek living in his parents' basement), and I get the feeling someone is watching me at times. The scary thing is that my mom says the same thing...especially about the room my bedroom is in. My girlfriend has also said that she feels like someone is watching her when she's asleep in bed at night (my parents have got to be the coolest since they're letting my girlfriend live with me). I keep telling myself that it is Grandpa Holsberry and Nan watching over me though.

About Me...
I've had hundreds of dreams about ghosts being in my house and about talking to Nan since she had died. The morning that Nan died, I had a bone chilling feeling that something was wrong with her when I heared the phone ring...I was right. Also, before my dad's grandmother died (Grandma Estep), I had a dream a few nights before that she died (not to mention a dream about me dying at a school dance which has kept me out of them to this very day).

Just a quick little family tree to tie together that creepy family thing I mentioned earlier (only mentioning the people mentioned here to save space):

Grandma and Grandpa Holsberry
--Nan, Uncle Ed
----Aunt Myra
Basically all the weird stuff involves my Nan's side of the family down to, and including Emily and I.
2004-10-24 2:41:33 AM  
One more spooky story in response to the past-life question. My dad's youngest brother had some creepy experiences that my grandma told me about. When my uncle was a kid, I guess he had some "friends" that would visit him in his sleep. He told my grandma that when he'd lay down to go to sleep, he could climb out of his body, and there'd be all these kids in his room, and they'd play with their toys and stuff. Of course my grandma assumed it was a wild imagination. She entertained his little fantasy one time and asked him what his friends' names were, and he told her all their names, and even described the clothes they wore and stuff. She had always been a bit of a history buff, so for fun she tried looking up some of the names in history books and what not. I guess after my uncle had grown up, and stopped playing with his "friends, she happened to be reading something about that Great San Francisco earthquake in the 1900s, and I think she recognized one of the names of my uncle's little friends among the names of children who had died in the quake. Then she realized my uncle was born on the anniversary of the San Fran quake. She said it creeped her out a little, like maybe he was one of those kids in a past life, just playing with his old friends.
2004-10-24 2:43:42 AM  
I have two stories:

Once when I was around 9 or 10 I was out playing in our farm's barn. My dad was at work, and my mom was back at the house, which is a good minute's walk from the barn. We have two seperate barns that are both well over a century old, and at some point in time they were attached together, so you can walk from one to the other. I was in the first barn which contains all the of vehicles and implements, when I heard voices from the other barn where the cows live. It was a man and a woman talking, and I didn't recognise the voices. I also couldn't make out what they were saying, because they were in the next barn and were muffled, sort of like how you can pick out individual voices in a large noisy crowd, but can't hear what they're saying. I froze for a few minutes, then bolted back to the house. No one except my father and I are ever in the barn, and there certainly weren't any people out there that day.

A few years later, my sister and I were getting off the school bus when we saw a man standing outside near the barn. Since the barn is so far away we couldn't make out who he was, so we assumed that it was our father. Later our father came home from work, and we told him what we had seen. My parents asked the neighbours if they'd been around, but of course they hadn't. A few days later I was coming off the bus alone (my sister had gone somewhere after school) and I saw that he was there again. I started towards him to find out who he was, and he suddenly turned around and looked at me, then started to walk towards me. I freaked out and ran into the garage, and frantically tried to unlock the door as fast as I could. I locked it behind me, ran to the kitchen and grabbed a giant knife. A few minutes later I'd calmed down and I checked around outside, but he was nowhere to be found.
2004-10-24 2:46:22 AM  
We'd been playing laser tag in the middle of the night in an abandoned 19th century cotton mill for months. Everyone had seen or heard something that we couldn't explain, but chalked it up to the intrinsically spooky nature of the activity.

One night we put the laser tag guns down and went ghost hunting. We picked a spot on the second floor where the "events" seemed to be the most frequent. We turned off all the lights, except for the bathroom light on the other side of the building, and sat in a circle facing outward, watching for something to happen. I fully expected our imaginations to run away with us after a certain period of time, so I was most disturbed when shiat started happening pretty much the moment we sat down.

The noises were incredible. There was the sound of footsteps on the floor above which seemed to stop directly overhead (many of us had experienced this), loud crashing noises very close by (with no corresponding physical effect, such as, say - something crashing!), and the like. Right about that time, my buddy sitting to the left points toward a darkened doorway and shouts "The door is opening!" This was my non-gullible level headed see-it-to-believe it buddy, and the intonation of what he said clearly indicated that he indeed saw what he described. I'd been looking the long way down the length of the floor toward the illuminated bathroom doorway, hoping to see something pass between me and it, so when I looked to his doorway, it was too dark for me to confirm his observation. I looked back just as everyone began to catch sight of It.

There are two versions of just what it was. My version, having just blinked from looking in another direction, and everyone else's version. All I can say for sure about it is that it was between us and the bathroom, and that it changed the character of the light passing from the bathroom to where we were sitting. It was like there was a translucent shower curtain between me and the bathroom door, and I couldn't make out any form because I didn't know I was looking through it when I looked back toward the door. Everyone else saw the apparition of a stately old bearded gentleman crossing the mill floor from left to right.

It was at that moment that we decided we'd had quite enough of that shiat and started shooting at each other again. Good times.
2004-10-24 3:03:51 AM  
Okay, here's another one. Not really a ghost story as much as it is eerily ironic.

Every year for the past 6 years, my wife's grandfather (who was 84) would take a trip back to Lebanon, PA where he was born and grew up. He still had a few friends out there and spent a good portion of the year there - until the weather turned bad. He had, however, lived in CA full-time since the 50s.

Before leaving for his trip in 2003, he told us that this "would be his last trip" out there and, knowing he'd said that for the last 2 years, doubted that he was telling the truth.

Last Halloween shortly after arriving at work, I got a call from my wife. She was hysterical. While he was packing his luggage, getting ready for his trip back to CA, Grandpa had a massive heart attack. He died on the way to the hospital.

My mother-in-law then had to make a bajillion calls to the funeral home. Every try calling a funeral home on Halloween? It's downright impossible, or at least it was for us.

Then we had to arrange to have him flown back to CA for burial. Grandpa used to fly out of John Wayne Airport on American Airlines because, in his words, "I don't like LAX and Delta is horrible." Once all the details were worked out, Grandpa arrived in California - via Delta Airlines into LAX.

We miss Grandpa, especially my wife who never got to tell him that she was pregnant with his first great-grandchild. She was waiting to tell him when he got back.

We now live in his house in CA which he left to my wife. Nothing strange has happened yet, but sometimes our baby will look past us (when there is nobody behind us) and start laughing for no apparent reason.
2004-10-24 3:03:58 AM  
I myself have never experienced anything paranormal. I do not beleive in ghosts.

I recently climbed mount Monadnock in NH, and I failed to make it down before sunset. Halfway down it was patch black and I only had a small flashlight to see. I stumbled my way through the dark with this tiny flashlight and made it to the bottom without incident. Not one ghost.

On my way home, I got lost. On a back road I saw a weird blue glowing light on the side of the road. I turned around my car and stopped to see what it was. There was a grave on the side of the road with a little white cross! But the light wasn't a ghost, it was a weird electrical lantern of some kind on a pole.

A couple months earlier, than this, I went to a graveyard during the day to take photos for a game I was planning to work on. NOT ONE OF MY PHOTOS HAD ANYTHING STRANGE OR UNUSUAL IN IT. Wooooooo!

Years before that, when I was still in high school my sister decided to bring her freinds over one night with a Ouija board. With her knowledge, I set up an elaborate control center beneath her bed. I had a power bar with the cords from both lights and radio connected to it. The radio was turned on with a casette of creepy sounds ready to play when I plugged it in. Books on a shelf and stuffed animals along a wall were rigged with string so I could pull it and make them fall over or fly off the shelf. And finally, a little stuffed animal that was light sensitive was placed near one of the lights so it would go "woooo!" every time the light turned on.

My trap set, her freinds came over, and started to play the game. I was under the bed, and I began to control things in the room, starting off simple with a book or two and stuffed animals and moving on to creepy sounds and then lights.

The girls freaked out. One of them ran from the room in such terror she ran into the wall of the hallway and a picture fell to the floor and smashed. She refused to return to the room and my parents told her what was really going on. :-)

But like I said, I myself have never had any paranormal experiences. Though I once woke up unable to move for what felt like a minute. But that is a known sleep phenomena.

However I do have one potentially real ghost story to tell... One day I was working on my computer and I heard a commotion downstairs. I went downstairs to find my parents consoling one of the girls who lived across the street. Apparently moments earlier they had run screaming out of their house and gone to the neightbors who they generally disliked, for protection. It seems that they were in their house upstairs cleaning some stuff up, when the older sister looked down a staircase visible from where they were and saw a man standing at the bottom. The other sister then saw him as well and they ran out of the house screaming. Apparently my parents were outside when this happened so they heard them screaming. They never saw a man exit the house. the police arrived and searched the house, and they never found anyone either. The basement had glass sliding doors, but they were locked from the inside with a board keeping them shut. The windows too were locked. No door other than the one they ran out of, which went out the front of the house, existed, and that was plainly visible from the neighbor's house and our house.

I'm still not convinced to this day it was a ghost though. Call me a skeptic, but they had a poster of a guy at the bottom of the stairs. Tom cruise i think. Could their minds have been playng tricks on them even though they'd seen that poster a hundred times before?
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