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(Reuters)   Terrorists raising funds with fake Gucci, Armani and other knock-off brands. Homeland Security Department seeks Carrie Bradshaw for questioning   ( reuters.com) divider line
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2004-10-22 12:24:30 PM  
I haven't RTFA yet but here in Brazil they're saying that buying knock-offs and piracy are financing urban violence (i.e. urban violence is to Brazil what terrorism is to the first world nations like USia, UKia and EUia).

The campaign isn't working because, well, there aren't any provable ties between the asians making knockoffs (or CDs) and drug barons (or crazy middle eastern suicide bombers).
2004-10-22 01:22:15 PM  
Counterfeit car breaks? WTF?
2004-10-22 01:26:05 PM  
If the terrorists need money, I know some guy in Nigeria who needs some financial assistance. He tells me that he's the son of some long-dead king and that he has some money to invest, but he can't get it out of the country.

/doesn't really want to fund terrorists, but wouldn't mind one set of criminals being fleeced by another set of criminals
2004-10-22 06:29:16 PM  
dang....all this time I thought I was supporting terrorism by buying all this heroin.
2004-10-22 06:30:34 PM  
Queer Eye for the Jihad Guy?
2004-10-22 06:31:46 PM  
2004-10-22 06:31:52 PM  
An 8 ball for ten buck where you live ... ninja pancakes......The prices we pay here for the same thing should be considered an act of terrorism.
2004-10-22 06:34:31 PM  
People who spend lots of time/effort/money on stupid shiat like fashion were already intellectual terrorists to begin with.
2004-10-22 06:34:46 PM  
"Members of his group, called the Global Business Leaders Alliance Against Counterfeiting, include: ...and Coca Cola.

I can hear the crooks now - "We can make millions - all we need is a tank of fermented goat piss"...
2004-10-22 06:38:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-22 06:39:09 PM  
2004-10-22 06:40:32 PM  
[image from rainbowfish.typepad.com too old to be available]
2004-10-22 06:40:56 PM  
yeah dont buy a fake rolex that tells time like a watch. go out and spent 60 grand and give it to some licensed crooks
2004-10-22 06:42:08 PM  
I though OsamaMedia was a K-Mart brand.
2004-10-22 06:42:50 PM  
Cue screenshot from Camp Krusty episode.
2004-10-22 06:43:18 PM  
First they ruined gas prices. Then they ruined airlines. Then they ruined drugs. But counterfeit clothing? That farking crosses a line.
2004-10-22 06:46:35 PM  
In related, but old news ...

[image from modernhumorist.com too old to be available]
2004-10-22 06:46:48 PM  
Yes. Because I'm really in need of a t-shirt that says GOOCHI, or ARMANY.
I'll wear it while watching my Panaphonic, Magnetbox, or Sorny I guess.
2004-10-22 06:48:29 PM  
I smell bullshiat! Anything big business and their biatches in the government don't like, they will accuse of funding terrorism. It is the new boogeyman. The truth is this: Osama's money came from oil.
2004-10-22 06:48:45 PM  
Oh, this is just bollocks.

When I was a kid, I was terrified of that guy who lived up your nose - you know, the bogeyman. Now EVERYTHING's down to terrorists.

Next, it'll be killing kittens aids terrorists.

/Mike_71 to use that argument in 5....4....3....
2004-10-22 06:52:15 PM  
"Terrorists raising funds with fake Gucci, Armani and other knock-off brands. Homeland Security Department seeks Carrie Bradshaw for questioning."

ROTFLMAO!!! Excellent headline, submitter... just saw that episode last week on DVD. LOL!!!
2004-10-22 06:56:08 PM  
"Just about anything you can buy can, and probably will, be counterfeited," he said.

2004-10-22 06:56:54 PM  
has anyone mentioned that they use the diamond market to launder funds yet?
2004-10-22 06:59:04 PM  
Meanwhile... money from 'hard' illegal drugs is still being used for political gain, terrorism, and keeping dictatotrs in power.

Go drug war!
2004-10-22 07:04:07 PM  
This just in: If you don't spend all your money right away the terrorists will find a way to take it from you! SPEND SPEND SPEND SPEND!!
2004-10-22 07:04:09 PM  
Since the terrorists have found another vector for funding their attacks we can all go back to buying illegal drugs guilt free.
2004-10-22 07:12:13 PM  
It's amazing how giving my money so a giant corporation can pollute the earth and exploit children for profit is painted as the only "safe" and "patriotic" solution I have to do with my money.
2004-10-22 07:13:46 PM  
[image from home.comcast.net too old to be available]

Tacky sweetie.
2004-10-22 07:14:19 PM  
I once bought a Rollex in Tiajuana for 5 bucks.
2004-10-22 07:18:38 PM  
A counterfeit jeans ring operating out of my own car hole!
2004-10-22 07:19:08 PM  
~Swap Meet Louie~


Yo, Cohesion- If you had spent the extra $10, you could have gotten the Rolex with the smooth second hand rather than the one that ticks.
2004-10-22 07:19:29 PM  
Am I just too cynical, or does soomething smell rotten in Denmark? Like propaganda? Is it the smell of corporate propaganda?
2004-10-22 07:23:57 PM  
So what's it called when you use drug money to buy weapons for terrorists?
2004-10-22 07:24:43 PM  
That's the best reason I've seen for keeping inexpensive Canadian drugs out of the hands of seniors. Mmmm expensive counterfeit drugs -- that helps out terrorists, mobsters and politicians, too. Trifecta.
2004-10-22 07:26:48 PM  
bandy That's an awesome track on that disc. And to think that Baby Got Back got all the attention.
2004-10-22 07:27:29 PM  
Climate of fear.
Works so well on us Americans that it's going INTERNATIONAL BABY.
2004-10-22 07:28:17 PM  
I bought a nice breitling (real) while overseas and a fake one for my brother. His looks pretty close to the real thing.

It 'feels' like shiat though, but for $80 or whatever I paid for it, it's a good looking watch... keeps time.

2004-10-22 07:41:01 PM  
OK where is the obvious tag????
2004-10-22 07:44:31 PM  
Is everyone else's "in" box getting flooded with spam for knock-off Rolex's and Gucci purses? Just when I'd gotten used to the terrorists selling herbal viagra and mortgage services, they switch on me...
2004-10-22 07:46:13 PM  
what i really wanna know is if these are the idiots who are sending me all this frickin rolex watch spam. Honest to God, it's unbelievable. Didn't think I'd ever see that exceed the number of penis enlargement spams I get. Mind you, I actually might need a rolex...
2004-10-22 07:49:29 PM  
First they claim pot, now fake designer brands. What's next...MP3s and online meds?
2004-10-22 07:51:28 PM  
Counterfeiting serves a useful purpose; it keeps the inflationary pressure of expensive, overpriced designer products under control. This in turn keeps money inside the country, reducing the trade deficit, and restricts the ability of name-brand manufacturers to keep prices artificially inflated.

In turn, this keeps the prices of highly-sought-after merchandise down, diminishes the likelihood of domestic violent criminal acts used to procure said merchandise (and to procure money to obtain same), and hence saves lives.

Money spent on "legit", brand-name merchandise which is overpriced is just as likely, if not more so, to end up in the hands of exploitative manufacturers who employ sweatshop labor in these same regions, and who in fact have a dismal track record on human rights and oppressive labor tactics.

In short, if you love your country, and love your fellow human beings, buy pirated stuff. It's better for you, better for the economy, and better for the world.
2004-10-22 08:00:58 PM  
I would buy a GOOCHI shirt. Just because of Jackass, mind you.

/The gooch is the area between the anus and bottom of scrotum, b
2004-10-22 08:01:45 PM  
uh, that should be btw at the end of that
2004-10-22 08:03:24 PM  
Pretty soon it will be discovered that the terrorists are behind all of society's ills.

Don't worry though, we have a Department of Homeland Security to handle it.

What bothers me is that we allow these people to treat us like idiots. Do they really believe we will buy this stuff they are shoving down our throats?

Oh wait, they have finally learned what spammers have known for quite some time now.

1.) There's a sucker born every minute.

2.) IF you use the right advertising pitch a portion of your total market will respond.

3.) You only need 50% plus 1 in order to win the election except where there is an Electoral College.

These three truths we hold to be self-evident...
2004-10-22 08:03:32 PM  
...The truth is this: Osama's money came from oil.

I thought he got his money from his family and they got it from construction. Am I listening to the left-wing liberal media too much?
2004-10-22 08:04:59 PM  
Sex and The City is the best show. EVER. I have rented so many of the DVDs. Does any other guy absolutely love the show as I do?
2004-10-22 08:11:00 PM  
[image from hooters.com too old to be available]

Hey, I only came here for the Hooters thread!

Oh... CARRIE Bradshaw
2004-10-22 08:13:15 PM  
That explains the spam I've been getting for the last day.

[image from perisoft.org too old to be available]
2004-10-22 08:21:00 PM  
Fake watches that support terrorism make baby jesus cry
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