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2001-03-24 12:43:49 PM  
I might be missing something, but I thought that the movie industry, the music industry, and the software industry have all been making obscene profits lately. Do they really need to wring another, say, 2% out of the market at the expense of all of their loyal customers? If any legislation is necessary, it would be to return the rights to the consumers that each industry is stealing from them (movie industry: CSS, music industry: SDMI, software industry: UCITA/clickwrap licensing). It''s obvious that none of these industries need any help to turn a profit.

I strongly suggest that you examine any hardware you want to buy in the future for copy-prevention mechanisms if you''re concerned about where things are going. If the box doesn''t tell you that the hardware isn''t going to do everything you''d reasonably expect it to do, and you find out after you bring it home that, for example, it''s a hard drive that refuses to store MP3s that you''re trying to create from your CD collection, then bring it back to the store and complain. We''re in this mess because we haven''t been responsible consumers, and the only way to get out of it is to refuse to pay into it (unless you own a public official).

2001-03-24 04:47:34 PM  
Well, fark them! See if I buy something like that.
I think it''s targeted towards people who buy premade systems, poor saps.
2001-03-24 07:00:46 PM  
i agree. if we refuse to buy these copy-protected hardware things, the companies will either have to go out of business or go back to their old tried and true technologies.

i for one dont want my hardware limiting what i am and am not allowed to do with my computer. that is just going to far. any company that jumps onto this bandwagon has lost my money and respect.
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