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2004-10-22 11:56:36 AM  
KUHL: "He believes in Family Values, so get back in the kitchen before I have to bust a cap in your ass"
2004-10-22 03:05:51 PM  
That wasn't a very kuhl thing to do at all.
2004-10-22 04:00:48 PM  
Kuhl noted "I'm a firm supporter of battered women's shelters...after all, I don't want my wife sleeping on some ratty mattress after the Packers blow another game."

/won't have to wait on line to get into hell like the rest of you
2004-10-22 04:01:51 PM  
Damn...shoulda RTFA more carefully...I meant "after the Bills/Giants/Jets blow another game."

Stinkin' Milwaukee paper.
2004-10-22 04:02:36 PM  
His approval rating would have soared if he had stuck a cigar in her instead...right?
2004-10-22 04:02:49 PM  
Having threatened your wife at gunpoint probably isn't going to help your campaign

Unless you're running in Texas.
2004-10-22 04:02:59 PM  

Earlier this year, Illinois Republican Jack Ryan ended his U.S. Senate bid after the release of divorce records that included allegations that he took his wife to sex clubs.

Jack Ryan? Wasn't he President after that airliner asploded into Capitol Hill?
2004-10-22 04:04:22 PM  
Mr. Coffe Nerves : I already think there's a seperate vip list for Farkers.....
2004-10-22 04:04:43 PM  
The guy must've thought he was a husband in Turkey.

Guns: for those days when your wife is standing too far away to beat her.

2004-10-22 04:04:53 PM  
2004-10-22 04:05:21 PM  
ain't karma a biatch?
2004-10-22 04:06:26 PM  
Good point, Merle27, I think that posting here guarantees us all a room in the "You get tons of paper cuts while being surrounded by furiously masturbating mandrill baboons -- soundtrack by Captain and Tennille" suite.
2004-10-22 04:07:28 PM  
I don't know about anybody else, but I am getting kind of annoyed at the people that can't write simple HTML.

is so hard
2004-10-22 04:09:12 PM  
From what I've seen of Bath, he's probably the most upstanding citizen.
2004-10-22 04:09:35 PM  
I guess that all depends on who your constituency is, now doesn't it?
2004-10-22 04:11:43 PM  
Oh come on!

This is my rifle, this is my gun.....
2004-10-22 04:12:03 PM  
He probably just mistook her for a mouse.
2004-10-22 04:12:46 PM  
"Shut up biatch, and make me a turkey pot pie!"

So instead of a chicken in every pot, can we expect turkey pot pies?
2004-10-22 04:12:55 PM  
Ok, I'll ask.

I know there are alot of n00bs to HTML, 140_w66, but please cite an example for us so we can ridicule them with you.
2004-10-22 04:13:01 PM  
Student needs to be charged.

Student will make a good politician someday.
2004-10-22 04:13:12 PM  
I'm sure no woman has ever made up stuff in a divorce suit.
2004-10-22 04:13:44 PM  
Doncha just love it when pols are seen for what they really are?
2004-10-22 04:14:08 PM  
Now, that's democratic!!!

"honey, have you seen my box of blank cartridges?"

-"check the medicine cabinet, next to your Viagra..."
2004-10-22 04:14:49 PM  
I want to mother Mark Chmura's baby.
2004-10-22 04:15:45 PM  
Republicans are violent. Democrats throw pies.
2004-10-22 04:15:48 PM  
It's so odd to see this happen to a candidate that isn't running against Barak Obama.
2004-10-22 04:16:50 PM  
Oh yeah:

"shut up woman! Go upstairs and knit me a sweater!"

Best. Antiwoman. Joke. Ever.
2004-10-22 04:17:25 PM  
WTF?? Divorce records that are sealed are sealed for a farking reason! I don't give a shait if it was a Democrat, a Republican, or a farking martian. They need to stay sealed. Any a$$hat that obtains them and then has the lack of class to actually publish them needs to be publically flogged. The kinds of things that an ex-wife will say to win a divorce case can be downright crippling to a reputation. I've known women who claim Spousal abuse, daily rape, and child molestation just to win a few more dollars in spousal support.
2004-10-22 04:21:28 PM  
We are at war with terror. We need leaders who will stand up, be aggressive, and deal with it in a swift and decisive manner. It sounds like this guy is just the man for the job. The Democratic candidate is probably an appeaser who would let his wife get lippy without any consequences for her at all. Definitely not the kind of leadership that America needs right now.
2004-10-22 04:22:47 PM  
[image from www2.freepichosting.com too old to be available]
"Shoulda used a knife"
2004-10-22 04:23:18 PM  
All joking aside (yea, I know, it's Fark...) I agree one-hundred percent scooby111

I really don't care what you are. Sealed records are sealed for a reason. I would be toast if some of the things my ex said at the divorce were to be made public knowledge. Hang the farkwad that gave this to the media from a tree, and hope it's a lesson to the next dimwit.
2004-10-22 04:24:43 PM  
Maybe she was stealing his ATV?
2004-10-22 04:25:44 PM  
I guessed he was a Republican before I even opened up the article.
2004-10-22 04:30:48 PM  
2004-10-22 04:04:53 PM sllort


Why, yes indeed.

[image from beacon.org too old to be available]
2004-10-22 04:30:59 PM  
scooby111 seems a bit defensive on the subject...something to hide?
2004-10-22 04:32:51 PM  
I heard she called the cops and told them about his moonshine still and barrel of pot.
2004-10-22 04:35:47 PM  
Of course, we all know who Jack Ryan's wife is, right? The one he took to a sex club?
[image from www2.zf.jcu.cz too old to be available]
Well, wouldn't you?
2004-10-22 04:39:42 PM  
I would not share that with anyone!
2004-10-22 04:39:49 PM  
I need to go find scoobys divorce records. Probably pretty funny:

"I want out because scooby has a little wiener and cant please me"
2004-10-22 04:40:52 PM  
Jank: "Hmmmmmm....implants.....aahhhrrllgghhhh..."

I'd change "teams" if I could be assimilated by her.
2004-10-22 04:41:16 PM  
Or maybe it has info on scooby and man in blacks love affair
2004-10-22 04:43:30 PM  
Scooby, this is the same crap that was pulled to get Jack Ryan out of the running in Illinois. Yeah, it's illegal. Yeah, it's unethical. And yeah, it seems to follow a certain partison alignment as to who resorts to it.

Personally, I think it's disgusting that someone can illegally take documents and make them public. "mistake" my ass, this was somoene with a political agenda digging up dirt for the specific purpose of doing what they did to Ryan.

/not a fan of Ryan either, I'm just sayin...
2004-10-22 04:46:17 PM  
Well, Republicans are in general pro-gun.

I don't know how they equate divorce with 'family values' except that maybe he's not gay.
2004-10-22 04:46:48 PM  
biatch had it coming.
2004-10-22 04:50:20 PM  
Republicans beat their wives.
Democrats screw everything except their wives.

Understand this and you understand politics today.
2004-10-22 04:52:00 PM  
Having threatened your wife at gunpoint probably isn't going to help your campaign
It might if your wife's name is Teresa.

2004-10-22 05:01:56 PM  
Illegally obtained! No Class! Privacy! Between a man and his wife!

I just love it when Republicans make these claims. Do you expect me to believe for one second that if someone in the Republican party dug up some papers showing Kerry beat his ex-wife that it wouldn't be on the frontpage of Drudge and Foxnews? Where were you when they were investigating Clinton's oral in the oval?

Do you believe that someone who pulled a shotgun on his wife should be elected to office?
2004-10-22 05:10:09 PM  
txGeek: It's a bit of a loaded question.

Do I believe someone who pulled a shotgun on his wife shold be elected to office? No.

Do I believe anyone should ever have private, sealed records - illegally obtained -- used against them for a self-interested motive? No.
2004-10-22 05:10:44 PM  
TXGeek These records are sealed because, first they are private. and second they are not gods honest truth; there is no substantiating evidence needed to prove he pointed a gun at her, no court to rule on it. Just her word. like scobby said a woman might say anything thing to get more money.
2004-10-22 05:11:22 PM  
I guess what I'm saying is that you can answer no to both questions without necessarily being a partisan reactionary. (not saying you are)
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