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1575 clicks; posted to D'awww » and STEM » on 19 Sep 2021 at 12:24 PM (4 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-09-19 12:29:31 PM  
Kentucky Fried Velociraptor
2021-09-19 12:35:59 PM  
I think it would depend on which one really. The smaller ones would likely be closer to duck because they were always so active and probably all dark meat, but the bigger ones would likely be more like something thats half meaty half fatty and more steak like or pork like
2021-09-19 12:46:16 PM  
I've played Ark, and rimworld with various mods. Of course I've thought what dinosaurs taste like while feeding my characters.

I don't imagine the Brontosaurus (its real to me dammit!) and a pteradon would taste very similar. Spinosaurus is definitely going to taste a bit fishy and kind of nasty. Could you fricassee does spines or sales on some of those dinos, what stegosaurus plates make a nice Bass with a better meal put on top of it? I bet the Iguanodon and parasaur would be the tastiest, Triceratops pretty good but a bit tough.

A lot of the bigger Predators would probably not be very good evening, mostly because if you tried to eat them they would murder you super dead and you'd be nothing but a small snack to them.

None of them would taste quite like chicken, because only chicken taste quite like chicken
2021-09-19 12:52:17 PM  
Tastes of human.
2021-09-19 1:00:01 PM  
Mine would taste like Frank's, because Frank's goes on everything.
2021-09-19 1:09:12 PM  
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2021-09-19 1:29:44 PM  

chawco: I don't imagine the Brontosaurus (its real to me dammit!)

Good news.​t​icle/the-brontosaurus-is-back1/
2021-09-19 2:58:30 PM  
Chickens are dinosaurs.
2021-09-19 2:59:53 PM  
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2021-09-19 3:20:35 PM  
Dinosaurs were around for 100 million years. I assume there are large varieties of flavors.
Generally humans seemed to develop a taste for protein that processed plant matter.
I know personally I find that omnivore and carnivore flesh taste horrible. Stuff that eats fish slightly less horrible. Bottom feeders are tasty though. Hmm.. Fun thought experiment i suppose.
2021-09-19 3:39:59 PM  
2021-09-19 3:55:47 PM  
"Go on, try weasel, try squirrel; it tastes like chicken, it tastes just like chicken! If it tastes just like chicken, why don't you gimme some damn chicken"  Bobcat Goldthwait

If Bobcat says so,it must be true.
2021-09-19 4:08:13 PM  
I'm sure they're best barbecued.
2021-09-19 4:49:46 PM  
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2021-09-19 5:48:31 PM  
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2021-09-20 1:16:58 AM  

Mouser: Kentucky Fried Velociraptor

2021-09-20 7:13:18 AM  
I don't think I'd dig on tyrannosaurus or velociraptor. Every experience I've had with eating carnivores (except a few reptiles) has been bad. I've had cat once which is why I don't believe the rumors about American Chinese takeout.
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