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(Heathline)   How fast can you run a distance of 1 mile?   ( divider line
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2021-09-18 2:04:06 PM  
Does the time include naps and bar breaks?
2021-09-18 2:07:16 PM  
It probably depends on who is chasing me.
2021-09-18 2:10:10 PM  
I can do it in less than twelve parsecs.
2021-09-18 2:11:41 PM  
My best time was 12:30 when I was actively running and competing in 5K races.  Now, it's probably closer to 13-14 minutes.

/I sound old
2021-09-18 2:22:58 PM  
8 minutes, but that is using a prosthetic leg.  Under 4 minutes on a time trial bike.
2021-09-18 2:24:56 PM  

Bslim: I can do it in less than twelve parsecs.

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2021-09-18 2:35:49 PM  
A week.  Flat.
2021-09-18 2:39:00 PM  
Depends if I've got tenure.
2021-09-18 2:56:26 PM  
These are average times for how fast people who run 5k races can run a mile. I would expect results to be skewed heavily towards people who run regularly.
2021-09-18 3:01:32 PM  
2021-09-18 3:13:21 PM  
Why would someone intentionally run a mile?  I swear, you people make me sick.
2021-09-18 3:16:45 PM  
I think my best time was 6.5 minutes. Now it'd be about 15 minutes, but I'll be walking most of it.
2021-09-18 3:27:00 PM  
The first mile is easy.  8 minutes, probably faster if it was only a mile.  It's that last half mile of the PRT that always killed me.
/Of course, now I'm old and fat.
2021-09-18 3:45:35 PM  
In my youth, about 5min. Nowadays, I reckon I still could if I tried. Though I haven't run for speed in ages, these days I use the tiny bit of time i have every week for one long run with lots of hills. Trying to build up to 20mi, 5hrs, 5000' climbing. Did 15/4/3600' thursday.
2021-09-18 3:58:52 PM  
What it's this "run" of which you speak?
2021-09-18 4:28:20 PM  
Just one mile?  5:30.
One mile in a 5k, about 6:20 pace.

Now that I am old I find the first mile of my training runs is getting slower and slower, but once I'm warmed up I can still run at the same pace I did 5-10 years ago.
2021-09-18 4:28:31 PM  
Is there a bear involved?
2021-09-18 4:31:31 PM  
2021-09-18 5:17:41 PM  
Woohoo! I'm pretty much average for my age and sex instead of what I thought was appallingly slow! I'm going to round up and label myself superhuman since I thought I was just slow. This weekend is going great 👍👍
2021-09-18 6:14:01 PM  
Torn up both MCL's along the way... Running is off the table, but I walk about 3.5k in about 35mins with the dog, so [math] I think that's about 16mins/mile.
2021-09-18 7:23:35 PM  
At my best (circa 2013)? 7:15.

Now? Christ I dunno. I haven't even tried in 3-4 years.
2021-09-18 7:25:44 PM  
Be there sometime between 15 min from now and the second Tuesday off April, 2025
2021-09-18 7:27:57 PM  
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2021-09-18 7:28:27 PM  

SurfaceTension: What it's this "run" of which you speak?

No idea, it doesn't appear in TFA.

Seriously, over 8min/mile, you are just jogging.

/can't break 8min/mile
//haven't since I hit 40
///haven't even tried since covid
2021-09-18 7:31:57 PM  
I don't run, I walk. Going-places pace is about a 14:40 mile.
2021-09-18 7:35:08 PM  
If we are talking running a 5k average mile like the article implied instead of "one single mile, give it all I've got" even at my best it shoots up to around 9ish minutes. To be clear, I don't even know if my knees would accept the single mile journey anymore.
2021-09-18 7:46:38 PM  
Best ever?  4:53.  Now?  Probably sub 10 if I pushed hard and had oxygen available at the end of it.

/ 4:53 was in 1985
2021-09-18 7:56:54 PM  
Like all at once or in 5 foot spurts with recovery periods in between?
2021-09-18 7:58:23 PM  
Why did we invent bicycles, cars, airplanes, and rockets?
2021-09-18 8:01:42 PM  
Usual long run pace is somewhere between 8:45-9 min/mile, depending on how motivated I am.

If I push I can probably get it down to 7:30/mile or less. But I can't hold that pace much more than that.
2021-09-18 8:21:36 PM  
One mile? If I push myself 7-8 minutes but I am going to pay for it.

If I am running a 5 or 10k? 10-11 minutes average depending on heat and terrain.

47 year old male. Reasonably fit.
2021-09-18 8:24:18 PM  
With a knee replacement I'm not supposed to run, not that it be worth reporting.

Back in high school: 4:26
2021-09-18 8:33:52 PM  
As a teenager in the mid 1980s, I could run 10 miles in an hour (averaging 6 min / mile) and my personal best for a single mile was 4:37.  That was the result of lots of training specifically for middle-distance running.

Nowadays, I'm probably 25-30 pounds overweight and I'm not sure which would explode first- my lungs, knees, or heart if I tried to run nonstop for a mile.
2021-09-18 8:39:57 PM  
I can probably walk it faster than I can run it..
2021-09-18 8:46:35 PM  
My current 5k mile pace is probably like 9:58. If I ran just a mile after a suitable warmup? Probably 7:30.
2021-09-18 8:47:22 PM  
Now ... not gonna make a mile running.  In my prime, 5 minutes.
2021-09-18 8:54:35 PM  
In the day I could run a mile in 8 min. Then I started smoking, and I could walk a mile if you threw in a coffee bresk. Then I blew a spine and running became a distant memory.
2021-09-18 9:08:35 PM  
Ten minute 14s mile and a half is my best. I never measured just the mile.
2021-09-18 9:21:12 PM  
Whatever it is, it will definitely never be under 4 minutes!
2021-09-18 9:33:44 PM  
This was today's "run" ... I usually do this in about 1:20 but I had gallbladder removal surgery 8 days ago.

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2021-09-18 9:44:08 PM  
i usually only check my pace at mile one, and then the average at the end of a 4 or 5 mile (depends on the route). first mile is always 7.5-8, and the average at the end is usually 8.5 or 9.5. but that always includes a monster half mile hill towards the end.
2021-09-18 9:47:58 PM  

Bslim: I can do it in less than twelve parsecs.

I can do it in exactly 0.00000000000005215528301655291 parsecs.
2021-09-18 9:54:52 PM  
I cant even saunter a mile.
2021-09-18 10:03:46 PM  
2021-09-18 10:06:03 PM  
2021-09-18 10:13:49 PM  
it woulddepend more on the paramedics
2021-09-18 10:16:42 PM  
I did a mile in 5:15 in high school.. in the previous millennium..
2021-09-18 10:28:59 PM  
Well, I usually walk the trails at 3mph, and I could probably sustain 1.5x for a mile, so that would be about 15 minutes. Meh.
2021-09-18 10:36:38 PM  
2021-09-18 10:52:14 PM  

yet_another_wumpus: SurfaceTension: What it's this "run" of which you speak?

No idea, it doesn't appear in TFA.

Seriously, over 8min/mile, you are just jogging.

/can't break 8min/mile
//haven't since I hit 40
///haven't even tried since covid

Oh. That bullshiat distinction.
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