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2002-02-15 02:16:58 PM  
10 parts ass kissing.
2002-02-15 02:17:01 PM  
great, I guess Dilbert gets a gold medal too
2002-02-15 02:17:51 PM  
damn, i have a stats exam in under 2 hrs, i hope i don't get this formula mixed up with the ones i have been going over all day.
2002-02-15 02:19:22 PM  
Dilbert = Lame comic strip
2002-02-15 02:20:26 PM  
ha ha ha ha....damn!....
2002-02-15 02:21:20 PM  
LAME?????? What do you mean Lame!

You've obviously never worked for any state/federal/county government.

Scott Adams is brilliant with how true his observations are.
2002-02-15 02:22:20 PM  
That's about 5 years old...
2002-02-15 02:22:22 PM  
We need another photoshop before quitting time.
2002-02-15 02:22:40 PM  
Well, Carrot Top does have more money than me...
2002-02-15 02:23:02 PM  
"You've obviously never worked for any state/federal/county government."

Scott Adams never worked for them, either. He worked for PacBell.
2002-02-15 02:25:07 PM  
Let me guess how this will divide up:
Teachers/Engineers/other knowledge based workers: "This is amazing insight."
Salesmen/Corporates: "This is lame".
2002-02-15 02:26:24 PM  
It's the truth... I swear, the bigger moron you are, the more you make, and the higher up you are. I certainly had a big moron that had the facial structure of an primative ape as my supervisor. He didn't seem to get "I have a farking EXAM to go to!" as a valid reason to miss work... this being a job within the university too, where every other job in the uni allows you to go to exams.
2002-02-15 02:27:38 PM  
Teachers, knowledge-based? Now that's funny. :)
2002-02-15 02:28:58 PM  
The following is paraphrased to the best of my memory:

Dogbert: "I wish all the countries of the world would throw away their weapons and live in peace."
Dilbert: "What a nice thought, Dogbert."
Dogbert: "Because than I could take over the world w/ a butterknife."

Nothing cracks me up more than taking various equations and/or a series of logic statements, taking them out of their intended context, and reaching conclusions.

Puts a smile on my face...
2002-02-15 02:29:33 PM  
The irony here is that for a lot of us on wages instead of salary, we can actually make more than our managers. My sup always has a foul expression on payday, because if people work more than 45 hours, he end up handing out checks that are bigger than his own.

I figured at one point that if I work 60 hour weeks, I'm making almost 52K a year, I know my manager doesn't make more than 35, so I just sit back and laugh
2002-02-15 02:33:49 PM  
When I saw the site, I thought "Grr, why is fark wasting my time with this?"
But upon reading it, I was quite amused / enlightened.

2002-02-15 02:34:34 PM  
60 hr weeks? Do you not eat or sleep?
2002-02-15 02:36:14 PM  
as a student majoring in mechanical engineering,i can only say this:

me + weapon + (boss - knowledge)^2 = dead boss + happy me
2002-02-15 02:39:58 PM  
i dont know nuthin how cuz i aint rich
2002-02-15 02:42:39 PM  
This was mildly amusing 5 years ago.
2002-02-15 02:43:18 PM  
very similar to the girls=evil proof I saw once
2002-02-15 02:43:32 PM  
Does anyone have the www-address to the similar one with women, and what they do need? I think it's got to do with time and money, and that time is money.
2002-02-15 02:45:52 PM  
Wally's Corollary:

Rich people are stupid, especially Republicans.
2002-02-15 02:47:24 PM  
I know that "money is the root of all evil" is in there somewhere. thats all i got.
2002-02-15 02:51:02 PM  
Proof that women are evil...

Women = Time * Money

And we all know that time is money

Time = Money


Women = (Money)^2

And Money is the root of all evil...

Money = (Evil)^(1/2)


Women = Evil
2002-02-15 02:53:03 PM  
Don't blame me if that isn't exactly right. I just cut and pasted it.
2002-02-15 02:53:13 PM  
2002-02-15 02:53:29 PM  
ok here goes off the top of my head.

money=root of all evil
women=time and money
therefore women=root of all evil.

thats the short version of it. i used to hve the original but i dont think i do anymore.
2002-02-15 02:54:00 PM  
Ceec>: I know where you can find it maybe, but it would take some searching, and it's Friday and I'm out of here.
So try http://unitedmedia.com/comics/dilbert/index.html
2002-02-15 02:55:19 PM  
Hey , why is this browser hanging?
Oh that's right, cgi.fark.com is taking a shiat again.

Deletes http://www.fark.com/cgi/go.pl?IDLink=117697&location=
Hits enter.

Much better.
2002-02-15 02:55:24 PM  
Meanwhile, in the "real" world, "my" breaking news story about Palestinians blowing up Israeli tank, 3 Israeli soldiers dead, doesn't get posted. I am ready to boycott Fark forever.
2002-02-15 02:56:13 PM  
stupid tag and never mind
2002-02-15 02:56:21 PM  
d'oh! Damnit Lurk, you beat me to it.
2002-02-15 02:59:44 PM  
Dr_Satan: Your welcome
2002-02-15 03:00:31 PM  
ok, like 3 people beat me to it. But I had work to do, I swear.
2002-02-15 03:02:11 PM  
Yo, Hoohoodilly...

Might I suggest you leave your "real" world and join us in Farkistan where we will build "Farktopia" and all breaking news is available 24 hours a day.

Or you could pony up the bux to Drew and get TotalFark, ya' friggin doofus...!
2002-02-15 03:02:38 PM  
Wow.... that sucked.
2002-02-15 03:03:52 PM  
Hoohoodilly: Middle Easterners blowing each other up is hardly news. Over there, they could just keep repeating the same newspaper headlines and noone would know the difference. Sad, really...
2002-02-15 03:04:37 PM  
If marriage is love,
And marriage is an institution,
But love is blind,
Does that make marriage an institution for the blind?

I think I may have missed the chapter on transitivity.
2002-02-15 03:10:11 PM  
Blowing up an Israeli tank ratchets things up considerably. This is hardly "just another blow each other up" story.

Simply pointing out the fact that there seems to be little rhyme or reason to the mods' decisions on what gets posted. I'm sure I'm not the first to point this out.

C'est la vie...
2002-02-15 03:14:08 PM  
God damn I hate it when people whine about not getting their boring / stupid story in a completely unrelated thread.
2002-02-15 03:14:31 PM  
2002-02-15 03:14:40 PM  
We like the tanks, the tanks that go boom,

We're Yasser and Hamas and we like the boom.
2002-02-15 03:15:18 PM  
Ashe3: Didn't you read sleep kills?

In other news: eating causes obesity.
2002-02-15 03:16:53 PM  
Bravo Kuta. It doesn't get much more lame than that (more a comment on the situation than you).
2002-02-15 03:24:23 PM  
Diogenes: That's great!!
2002-02-15 03:25:07 PM  
Well, as much as I usually try to keep discussion serious, I figure I can try to inject a little humor into the threads on occasion. Plus, everyone loves 80s Miami beats.
2002-02-15 03:26:23 PM  
02-15-02 02:34:34 PM Ashe3
60 hr weeks? Do you not eat or sleep?

wtf? Have you never had to pay bills?

*brag? 70 hrs a week & full time school... caused some serious problems...
2002-02-15 03:27:20 PM  
God is love
Love is blind

Stevie Wonder is blind
Stevie Wonder is God
2002-02-15 03:35:33 PM  
Hoohoodilly: I agree the Israeli tank story is quite important (go palestine!), but I don't come to fark for that kind of news. Sure, they post "real" news sometimes, but fark's real value is in the kind of stuf you won't find elsewhere.

Am I going to boycott drudgereport because they don't have photoshop threads? Of course not. Why would you boycott fark because they miss some international news? Since you found THAT story, you obviously have other sources for news.

So quit yer biatchin.
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