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(Hawaii News Now)   The Honolulu city council is sure/ The Haiku Stairs are unsafe for all/ So they're removing the Stairway To Heaven   ( divider line
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2021-09-14 11:13:36 PM  
We can't have nice things
The Haiku Stairs are trespassed
By entitled jerks
2021-09-15 12:30:39 AM  
Tom Selleck caused this. It's not mentioned in this article but it's true.
2021-09-15 6:38:17 AM  

Spectrum: Tom Selleck caused this. It's not mentioned in this article but it's true.

Not Tom Selleck exactly, but the stairs appeared in a Magnum PI episode in the 70s.

The radio station was commissioned in 1943. To transmit such a powerful signal, the Navy needed a transmitter of greater capability than possible with vacuum tube technology at the time. They therefore decided upon an Alexanderson alternator, a huge device capable of generating powerful low-frequency radio signals, and requiring a large antenna.[3]
When the Naval base was decommissioned in the 1950s, the U.S. Coast Guard used the site for an Omega Navigation Systemstation. In the mid-1950s, the wooden stairs were replaced by sections of metal steps and ramps - by one count, 3,922 steps. The Coast Guard allowed access in the 1970s but stopped after an appearance on Magnum P.I. show increased visitation.[4] The station and trail were closed to the public in 1987.[5]
2021-09-15 6:40:13 AM  
I loved that episode of South Park.
2021-09-15 6:41:12 AM  
11/9/11, subby? That's quite brave. Kudos!
2021-09-15 6:42:40 AM  
My work often takes me to Hawaii, and I've always wanted to do that hike and now I'm sad I won't be able to. Bummer. A few of my colleagues have done it, years ago, when as long as you were nice to the security guard on the way back down you wouldn't get a ticket, and they all said it was just amazing.
2021-09-15 6:43:25 AM  
There's a lady who
is sure all that glitters is
gold and she's buy-ing

And that is all the syllables you get, Jimmy Paige. I guess you should have chosen your words a little more carefully. Well. Maybe next time ask Satan for a little better inspiration to tempt the kiddies with, genius! Maybe if there had been a few more Yoko Onos running around being muses, then things would have worked out and this song could have been a big hit.
2021-09-15 6:46:22 AM  
The fundamental issue was access was blocked by private property. The stairs at one point were rebuilt even at city expense IIRC, with the intent to open them, but public access was never created and the landowners in the area were very hostile. There are many hiking trails on Oahu, and many start in neighborhoods, but if there isn't a park there is usually at least basic public parking for 3 or 4 cars.

I think the stairs simply got too famous and the landowners were rich or ornery enough to fight the city for decades now. Public access is the norm in Hawaii, and this case is thoroughly unusual.
2021-09-15 6:51:39 AM  
There are sadly many cool hikes that Hawaii has shut down over the last 20 years or so thanks to either property rights, or lawsuits when nature strikes back (such as rock falls ) that really aren't the fault of the government.
2021-09-15 7:00:45 AM  
Probably for the best. Those stairs were unsafe 20ish years ago when I climbed them.
Plus the local home owners shouldn't have to deal with a bunch of haole tourists walking though their yards, or more likely taking all the street parking in the area.
2021-09-15 7:06:02 AM  
No stairway?

2021-09-15 7:07:55 AM  
When I was younger, I was fearless when it came to heights. I noticed at 32 I'd developed acrophobia (No problem with planes. Just standing at a great height.)

Merely looking at those pictures gives me the jibblies.
2021-09-15 7:08:16 AM  
Led Zeppelin is disappointed.
2021-09-15 7:20:15 AM  

uttertosh: 11/9/11, subby? That's quite brave. Kudos!

Certainly not how I learned haiku.
2021-09-15 7:27:01 AM  
Wait, was that haiku?
The syllable count seems off.
2021-09-15 7:30:41 AM  
A man, a plan, a canal, Haiku stairs.
2021-09-15 7:36:25 AM  
care about some things
care less about other things
that is the lesson
2021-09-15 7:42:11 AM  

Spectrum: Tom Selleck caused this. It's not mentioned in this article but it's true.

I blame Trump
2021-09-15 8:39:18 AM  

poorjon: Wait, was that haiku?
The syllable count seems off.

Technically, a haiku doesn't adhere to a syllable count, it's more of a Western adaptation of the form (although the syllable count is there as a suggestive structure).
2021-09-15 8:42:12 AM  
The MYSTERIOUS disappearance. Gone from the island, leaving a strange photo. Cannot be explained!
Youtube 84mXN3T8qiw
2021-09-15 9:25:05 AM  
1lifeonearth.comView Full Size
2021-09-15 12:17:30 PM  
'Lawmakers also say proposals to reopen the stairway through a managed-access contract have not been feasible. "

See that. if you, the people, of your island, want something. like say a hiking trail like this one.
Then gee maybe you have to build it, and maintain it, all on your own, just an ongoing expense to yourselves, with no real potential for any profit at all. If you know, you just want to have some things like this.

Not everything that is good and enjoyable to have can be had and also turn a private profit for anyone.
Somethings are their own value to just to have, and you just pay the costs of having it, because it is deemed good and worthy and you do just want it.

So there you go, obviously your judgement of what has value or not, seems to lack this idea of, good thigns of high value to have, are not also capable of being had with a calculable cash profit margin.
The values in things other than cash money have to be understood first though, or you would not be cable of mkaing such decisions.
2021-09-15 11:51:00 PM  
This decision blows.  A world class hike closed due to some NIMBY's.  Thankfully beach access is protected (though often contested) or the poors would be jammed onto a 1/2 dozen beaches.
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