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(Onion AV Club)   You know what sucks? Cancer. You know what else sucks? You guessed it: Frank Stallone   ( divider line
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2021-09-14 5:08:45 PM  

Pieru: [YouTube video: Dead Hooker in the Trunk]

/RIP funny guy

Ahh for the first time I scrolled far enough not to repeat it

but what's with all the dead hookers in the trunks of these Cadillacs

/couldn't help it
/can someone give cancer the address to Mara lago
/ or Alex Jones or any number of other more deserving assholes
/ f
2021-09-14 5:09:55 PM  
I saw this/posted in the redlit thread & then had to go do something productive (blech).  Coming back to this ... wake ... brightened my spirits.  We absolutely lost a national treasure, but all the love shown with all the many, many, many YT clips of where he made professional comedians lose their shiat with his dry, subtle comments is just wonderful to see.

He will be missed & as it's after 5pm here, hoists an adult beverage in his honor.

RIP funnyman & thanks.

2021-09-14 5:13:09 PM  
"But fortunately, I don't really care about success or money or shiat. I could give a fark. I hate fame. I hate being recognized, because I don't know how to talk to people. I see Sandler, man, and I'm like fark, goddamn, I don't know how he does it, those people are farking everywhere he walks. If you're walking with him, all you hear behind is people whispering."

This alone is reason enough to love the man.
2021-09-14 5:13:10 PM  
I'll always remember him for his voicing of the Grim Reaper on Family Guy.
2021-09-14 5:15:16 PM  
Very sad. RIP, Norm.
2021-09-14 5:15:21 PM  
Ah bummer. Norm had a view on the world that was definitely skewed. It was sad that after SNL people seemed to like to dunk on him and say he was unfunny. It's good that in his later years collective wisdom came around to see him as the genius that he was.
2021-09-14 5:16:16 PM  

chewd: [Fark user image image 850x852]

RIP and farewell funny blob

Holy shiat, I forgot about his part in that. I just watched the series a few weeks ago. Enjoyed it overall, and that really sucks he's gonna be gone.
2021-09-14 5:20:07 PM  
norm macdonald bought the farm e i e i 

oh :-(
2021-09-14 5:20:34 PM  
A more recent favourite Norm joke that he told on Letterman.

A joke only Norm could tell.

Old Long Shot Louie
Youtube IHrT8nl0NVk
2021-09-14 5:20:54 PM  
Holy crap that sucks. I regularly watch his clips and interviews and had no idea, I guess not many did. I suppose that might explain why his podcast stopped. I was lucky to see him live a few years ago, glad I went!
2021-09-14 5:23:46 PM  
This celebrity death hurts.
2021-09-14 5:24:34 PM  
Wow this sucks, first Sean Lock and now Norm, an otherwise great year is turning to crap.
2021-09-14 5:25:18 PM  

MorningBreath: Sean Lock

Oh man.


2021-09-14 5:26:25 PM  
I'm probably not this first person to mention this, but it's weird and a little amusing that Bob Dole outlived him.

R.I.P. Norm, thank you for all the laughs.
2021-09-14 5:27:02 PM  

MorningBreath: Wow this sucks, first Sean Lock and now Norm, an otherwise great year is turning to crap.

This year has sucked, but it was still a better year than 2020. That is how far the bar has been lowered.
2021-09-14 5:28:19 PM  
i tried to win a date with him in 1999 when The Norm Show started.
2021-09-14 5:28:54 PM  
Norm made being an ass funny.

He was a funny ass.

Unlike the posters in the politics tab.

They aren't funny.

They are just asses.
2021-09-14 5:31:49 PM  

Frothy Panties: jclaggett: Wolf892: First Trever Moore and now Norm... Who's next, Pete Davidson?

Let's go for Jim Breuer.

He's an SNL alum. And now an asshat cancelling his shoes at any venue that requires vaccination proof or a negative test.

Yeah...I has to look the name up. He was Brian in Half Baked (the one that bought Jerry Garcia's ashes)

You have a problem with this?

Read it again. I had to, as well.

Anyway, Norm was a true comedic genius. Fark cancer.
2021-09-14 5:32:32 PM  
heard about this a couple hours ago.  I'm gutted about it. He was my favorite living comedian.

im sure others have already said it, but his relationship with letterman (and other late night hosts) was second to none and must see TV.

his delivery of long winded jokes was amazing.

the mischievous looks he would get when telling jokes, just wonderful.

Grateful that we have youtube so I can relive his stuff in perpetuity.
2021-09-14 5:33:49 PM  
fark cancer.
2021-09-14 5:35:40 PM  

AuralArgument: That would have been an awesome closing sketch. You know where the weird and experiments go

true.  believe Wayne's World and Sprockets were both birthed in the closing sketch.

but OTOH, Lorne haaaaaaaaaaaaaates when people go off script, so it wouldn't have worked in all likelihood.  free forming it, that is.

but yeah, the best part of Jay telling that story is he does a killer Norm impression.  and a pretty good imitation of Newhart's stammer (which I should have approximated but whatever).  great story.
2021-09-14 5:36:04 PM  

The Irresponsible Captain: How come the person who dies is never Mitch McConnell?

If you were death would you want to hang out with him for eternity?
2021-09-14 5:39:44 PM  
Screwed (Norm Macdonald) - Investigation
Youtube xyLx4tKniuU

Seriously underrated movie
2021-09-14 5:40:47 PM  

Coco LaFemme: Bslim: Coco LaFemme: DaWormyPimpsta: Damn, this one's gonna leave a mark.

Rest in peace, fearless comedic genius guy.


That's what got him fired from SNL. The network bigwigs were friends of OJ Simpson's, and they didn't like MacDonald shiatting on him during Weekend Update. That just made Norm double down, especially after the verdict.

Maybe don't be friends with wife beaters and murderers. Just a thought.

Another reason why Lorne Michaels is a walking pile of shiat.

I don't disagree that Lorne Michaels is an asshole, but I think in this instance, he wasn't the primary asshole. That honor goes to Brandon Tartikoff, who I'm pretty sure was the head of NBC at the time.

Don Ohlmeyer, not Tartikoff.
2021-09-14 5:40:49 PM  
2021-09-14 5:41:09 PM  


Needs more My Name is Earl
2021-09-14 5:42:39 PM  
Thank you to everyone in the thread for sharing clips. I'm sure I've seen them all before but I'm still crying with laughter at them.
2021-09-14 5:42:40 PM  

EdwardTellerhands: [Fark user image image 346x768]

Brief appearance on his Wiki page today.

Kinda wonder if that was a request in his will and testament
2021-09-14 5:42:40 PM  
I first saw a clip of Norm's standup way back in 88-89 on MTV's (sorely missed) half-hour-comedy-hour.  The joke I remember to this day was Norm plainly talking about finding the cutest puppy in the shelter available for adoption, filling out the papers and just as he walks out the door asks the shelter operator, "these are good for eating, right?"

We'll miss you Turd Ferguson.
2021-09-14 5:48:10 PM  

BeatrixK: Pigeon TOTALLY had a fark account.


Guess this means no Season 5....
2021-09-14 5:49:27 PM  
Or so the Germans would have us believe...
Youtube zdjY_UnNtQ4
2021-09-14 5:50:08 PM  
How in the hell did this not get posted yet?!?!?

Norm MacDonald Eviscerates ESPN Awards Show (1998)
Youtube 2mhUIIhcTb8

2021-09-14 5:53:45 PM  
Courageous Battle
Youtube NMRd-n_s4c8

/He didn't lose his fight with cancer.  It was a draw.
2021-09-14 5:55:45 PM  
Still one for favorite opening themes

Norm Theme & Intro
Youtube 8ChZFgnWFXI
2021-09-14 5:56:10 PM  
Frank Stallone will attend the wake, lean into the casket, and say "Who was on Weekend Update and is still alive? You guessed it."
2021-09-14 5:56:17 PM  
I'm just glad he learned the truth about that Hitler guy in time
2021-09-14 5:59:18 PM  
Fark user imageView Full Size
2021-09-14 6:03:22 PM  
I guess someone's going to be reincarnated as an assistant crack whore.
2021-09-14 6:05:43 PM  

Optimal_Illusion: "Privately battling Cancer".
That's why as mascots  like that eyeglasses owl began to sound off. Phasing in sound-alikes gradually.

2021-09-14 6:06:54 PM  
I liked how he started getting really old timey with his jokes later in his career. This clip is basically a tribute to old time comedians:

Norm Macdonald Is Married To A Real Battle-Axe | CONAN on TBS
Youtube L7K-kaelQEs
2021-09-14 6:07:50 PM  
Norm Macdonald last moments before death Comedian Norm Macdonald dies at 61 due to cancer
Youtube UTbaYUKLO2I
2021-09-14 6:10:41 PM  
I didn't always get what he was pitching, but when I did it lit up my brain waves.

He'll be missed. Well, OJ might be the exception, but who gives a rat's ass about him anyway.
2021-09-14 6:11:45 PM  
Oh man, I was wondering why he hadn't been in the movie business in a while. I know he was still good friends with the Adam Sandler gang.

He was a really funny guy, and if Adam Sandler considered him a friend I can guarantee he was a genuine good person.

2021-09-14 6:13:39 PM  
trying my best to f*ck the sh*t outta cancer.


memegenerator.netView Full Size
2021-09-14 6:16:42 PM  

Tex Hooper
Youtube EIKnwEcPvmM
2021-09-14 6:23:31 PM  
His OJ bits were farking legendary.

I've always loved Norm.  This just blows.
2021-09-14 6:24:15 PM  

Benevolent Misanthrope: If Frank Stallone had any class, he'd put out a nice RIP message.

Don't besmirch the good name of Frank Stallone!

Fark user imageView Full Size

via Instagram
2021-09-14 6:25:34 PM  
RIP Yaphit

Fark user imageView Full Size
2021-09-14 6:26:00 PM  
An actual conservative comic that didn't suck.  Super rare breed and will be missed.
2021-09-14 6:30:23 PM  

I can find live video of it, but this joke at the beginning of the clip is when I first got turned onto Norm MacDonald. It was on one of the Comedy Central 1/2 hour specials before he was on SNL.

Devil Prank (Jfl 1991)
Youtube mSK7X3ETQbg
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