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(Segment)   Nutjob plastic-surgery addict and Fark favorite Jocelyn Wildenstein has had more work done. Pics available -- view at your own risk   ( thisislondon.co.uk) divider line
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2004-10-19 02:00:17 PM  
All I have to say is, HOLY COW!
2004-10-19 02:04:32 PM  

A pic of her before she became freakish.
She was cute.
2004-10-19 02:23:25 PM  
[image from aliciaak.home.att.net too old to be available]
Braaaazil... la da da da da da da daaaaaa..
2004-10-19 02:54:20 PM  
she doesnt even look real?
can they fix her back to something normal looking?

worse- who are the people she hangs around with that tell her shes beautiful? thats wrong.

meh, she wasnt ever cute, but her before was much better than her after
2004-10-19 02:55:25 PM  
Here's something I can see happening a lot in years to come. Nice good-looking man finds an attractive woman and one thing leads to another, they get married. One day a baby comes along that has been beaten with the ugly stick. It's fat, the teeth are crooked, totally gnarly.

One of the parents reveals to the other "The baby looks just like me when I was a baby.". If you were the SO in this scenario, how pissed off would you be?

/It's sort of like buying a Lexus only to find out that the body is sitting on the frame of a Gremlin.
2004-10-19 02:58:05 PM  
remember, don't use oil-based lubricants on your latex. Only use water-based.
2004-10-19 03:10:58 PM  
Something like that actually happened about a year ago overseas OlafTheBent.
She didn't tell him about the surgery and it's only when he thought the baby wasn't his that she confessed and coughed up pics of herself as a kid.
IIRC the husband sued for divorce and won.
2004-10-19 03:13:27 PM  
Holy Hannah! Just hit the reset button that face and have all that putty under her head sanded off!
2004-10-19 03:14:41 PM  
Whoever did this to her should have his license revoked. This is criminal. She's a nutjob, alright, but any plastic surgeon who would operate on her at this point is an unethical, morally bankrupt charlatan.
2004-10-19 03:17:52 PM  
My Head Assplode ....
2004-10-19 03:22:34 PM  
totally agreed mysticcat

Doctors have the right to refuse elective surgeries and man...they really should have with her. Doctors (and I use it in the loosest way possible here) like that give a bad name to the medical profession.
2004-10-19 03:25:22 PM  
Shes 5 points above michael jackson in plastic surgery wars.
2004-10-19 03:25:39 PM  
What the hell is that thing? Someone behead it with a shovel before it strikes.
2004-10-19 03:28:37 PM  
oh god, that bottom pic on that page andyb2260 provided is the most disturbing thing I've seen in ages!

She and Jacko should hook up and make scary love together.
2004-10-19 03:38:36 PM  


2004-10-19 03:44:31 PM  
I have not yet seen the site but I'm already scaredof what I'll see...

Done loading, let me check...

O. M. G.

pardon me, I'm gonna go hurl...
2004-10-19 03:46:16 PM  
[image from negativschnitt.de too old to be available]

Seperated at birth?
2004-10-19 03:47:28 PM  
i do that to my dog sometimes. he's part sharpei, so he's got looooads of extra face. i pull it back to make him look oh-so-youthful.

so...if she looked like a sharpei before the surgeries, then I completely understand why she would butcher her face like that. Otherwise, she's got less smarts than my dog.
2004-10-19 03:55:25 PM  
In fairness, Nuttier, at least Roy Dennis could live with himself knowing that he didn't choose to look like that.
2004-10-19 04:01:45 PM  
Argh! My eyes, my eyes.....

2004-10-19 04:18:21 PM  
It really is just sad. How low does your self esteem have to be to continue down that path.

It's just astonishing. Just, damn.

[image from airy.phy.ulaval.ca too old to be available]
2004-10-19 04:33:04 PM  
Son of a cock!
2004-10-19 05:26:45 PM  
Stiffler's Mom?
2004-10-19 05:30:08 PM  
I'd hit it.

With a stick.
2004-10-19 05:30:27 PM  
anyone know of a photo gallery where I can see some of her prior incarnations?
2004-10-19 05:31:24 PM  
But I bet she doesn't have sharp knees ....
2004-10-19 05:31:51 PM  
Why would she allow herself to be phtotgraphed with her face pressed up against a window?
2004-10-19 05:31:51 PM  
2004-10-19 05:31:57 PM  
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhh
2004-10-19 05:33:07 PM  
Her plastic surgeon should be locked away. I know she wanted all those surgeries, but at some point the doctor has to step in and put an end to the madness. Refer her to a good shrink.
2004-10-19 05:34:30 PM  
For a woman, she looks a heck of a lot like a drag queen.

But she's less scary than Jacko - she's still got a nose.
2004-10-19 05:34:40 PM  
Her face looks like it's been in a fire.

So sad - to have that deliberately done.
2004-10-19 05:35:04 PM  
How is it Demi Moore has multiple jobs done and she looks smoking, and this poor woman turns out like that?

What was she thinking with those implants?
2004-10-19 05:35:25 PM  
wtf is that thing??? I don't know what is worse, the fact she thinks she is getting better looking or the fact she isn't having the plastic surgery done by a vetranarin...and it still looks like that.
2004-10-19 05:35:35 PM  
She looks like a burn victim. Ugh.
2004-10-19 05:36:12 PM  
Run away!! Run Away!!!
2004-10-19 05:36:37 PM  
I'm on the verge of tears. Even more disturbing than Jacko?

/Remind me to never get plastic surgery... except maybe a boob job.
2004-10-19 05:36:43 PM  
surprised no one has said it yet.

" My eyes, the goggles do nothing! "

2004-10-19 05:36:53 PM  
i've said it before and i'll say it again: her eyes are really an exquisite color. too bad no one will look into them anymore.


tell me about this roy dennis. i googled him but the results weren't the correct roy dennis. does he have elephantitis?
2004-10-19 05:37:32 PM  
She looks like she was set on fire and put out with a rake.
2004-10-19 05:37:50 PM  
The horror...the horror.
2004-10-19 05:38:08 PM  
she looks like a puppet or doll, wheres the strings
2004-10-19 05:38:21 PM  
annoyed_grunt - it would be like popping a HUGE zit
2004-10-19 05:38:24 PM  
I wouldn't fark her with a 10 foot pole's dick...
2004-10-19 05:38:25 PM  
She's turning Japanese "I really think so.."
2004-10-19 05:38:29 PM  

She looks like she was in Ichi The Killer.

//if you've seen it you'll get it
2004-10-19 05:38:42 PM  
i do that to my dog sometimes. he's part sharpei, so he's got looooads of extra face. i pull it back to make him look oh-so-youthful.

so...if she looked like a sharpei before the surgeries, then I completely understand why she would butcher her face like that. Otherwise, she's got less smarts than my dog

Hey now, don't be knockin' sharpei's, my mom's got one, and he's one of the smartest dogs I've ever known.
Not to mention-his ass looks better than this woman's face.
I mean sweet mother mary moses. What WAS SHE THINKING?
Yipe Yipe Yipe Yipe Yipe Yipe Yipe Yipe.
I've heard of buttafaces, but a melted buttaface?
2004-10-19 05:38:55 PM  
I think that surgery was done by an auto body shop, and a bad one at that. Maybe it should say "Type R" somewhere on her head.
2004-10-19 05:38:56 PM  
farking lord!!!
2004-10-19 05:38:59 PM  
Annoyed_grunt: Ever seen Terminator 2?

[image from grudge-match.com too old to be available]
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