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2004-10-19 01:50:17 PM  
Why is it asinine? A very important provision deciding if Arlington gets the new Cowboy stadium, is on the ballot... In other words, painting your face blue and wearing Cowboy gear would be electioneering. Also they are only doing this in Arlington.

I want the stadium to come to the Dallas FairPark area, myself...

/Fark Arlington
2004-10-19 01:55:08 PM  
State law prohibits voters at the polls with clothing, jewelry or badges that promote or denounce a candidate or proposition on a ballot.

Not asinine... its the law.
2004-10-19 01:59:33 PM  
If the suckers in Arlington will approve it, it'll be a lot closer to me.

/Fark Fair Park
2004-10-19 02:38:27 PM  
So 15 people can't vote. So?
2004-10-19 02:50:31 PM  
I don't see anything about Cowboys fans not being able to vote. They are just saying leave your Cowboys garb at home.
2004-10-19 03:00:50 PM  
so much for showing your support of an issue at a place of elections.... or something
2004-10-19 03:28:20 PM  
They made former First Lady Barbra Bush take off her W04 pin when going to vote.

Seems fine to me. At least they are making it known now and not November 2nd.
2004-10-19 05:14:16 PM  

If the suckers in Arlington will approve it, it'll be a lot closer to me.

/Fark Fair Park

Amen to that. Who in their right mind (and with a decent memory) can look at the unfilled economic promises of the ballpark and think that this is a good idea?
2004-10-19 05:27:15 PM  
Since when did the city of Arlington come to represent all of Texas?

And since when is prohibiting electioneering asinine?
2004-10-19 05:54:49 PM  
Only Cowboys fans who don't own any non-Cowboys clothing will not be allowed to vote. Why so much exaggeration in Fark headlines? It makes the submitter look like an asshat.
2004-10-19 06:40:26 PM  
Actually, they should ban all football gear since a shirt with, say, a Raiders logo could be veiwed as denouncing the proposition.
2004-10-19 08:11:37 PM  
WTF @ the stupid tagline.... they're not banning Cowboys fans, they're banning cowboys gear because of a Cowboys-related proposition...

someone biatchslap the submitter, please.
2004-10-19 08:12:35 PM  
This is something in Texas that actually MAKES sense. Go figure.
2004-10-19 08:12:43 PM  
let's be on the safe side here, and just ban clothing outright.
2004-10-19 08:14:57 PM  
Actually, I think they should let them wear whatever they want.

And count all the people who wear Cowboys gear.

Then count their votes against the proposal.

Because if a measure is supported by people dumb enough to be Cowboys fans, it deserves to be defeated.
2004-10-19 08:15:57 PM  
It's sad when posters don't bother reading the article.
2004-10-19 08:17:11 PM  
This isn't asinine at all!
2004-10-19 08:17:43 PM  
Why is it illegal to wear clothing that has something to do with whats on the ballot?
Are they afraid it will sway someone's opinion?
"Looky there Bubba, Mr. McCoy supports the cowboys. We better make the right choice here if we wanna get on his good side"
2004-10-19 08:19:28 PM  
Now lets see if the submitter actually shows his face in this thread.
2004-10-19 08:20:43 PM  
This just in...Texas is now considering allowing non-republicans to vote.

/flame off
2004-10-19 08:21:56 PM  
The Cowboys are America's team as much as Arlington is the state of Texas.

/Dolphins for life!

2004-10-19 08:22:43 PM  
Makes sense to me...
2004-10-19 08:23:36 PM  
Worst. Tagline. Ever.
2004-10-19 08:23:36 PM  
. . . America's Team . . .

America's team, my ass. You Texans can keep your Cowboys to yourselves. The rest of America will get along fine with the remaining NFL teams. Really.

How did they ever get that asinine nickname to begin with? Anyone know?
2004-10-19 08:25:10 PM  
Sooooooo . . .

Does this mean George W. Bush has to take off his face when he casts his ballot?
2004-10-19 08:25:21 PM  
It's the law. Deal with it, you whining pussies.
2004-10-19 08:27:30 PM  
I live in Arlington and will vote against it. They are promising a lot of crap that isn't going to happen. Jerry Jones will fark any city that builds him a stadium. Dallas and Irving turned down his package, Arlington city council are numbnuts enought to go for it.

/fark Jerry Jones
//build your own farking stadium
2004-10-19 08:28:44 PM  
Why is it illegal to wear clothing that has something to do with whats on the ballot?

it's considered electioneering and is against the law everywhere i've ever voted. at least within 50 ft of the polls. there are signs posted saying so.

looks like they polling palces are going out of their way to let people vote what with the smocks.
2004-10-19 08:31:23 PM  
Here in California, we can only go to the polls if we dress in such a way as to not reveal any stem cells.
2004-10-19 08:33:35 PM  
It seems a little lame... until you read the law. Then it makes perfect sense. Sorry guys, deal with it.
2004-10-19 08:33:43 PM  
What happens if a Redskins jersey-wearing-fan and a Patriots jersey-wearing-fan walk into a poll station at the same time?

//music cue of "the good, the bad and the ugly" heard in the backgournd
2004-10-19 08:34:51 PM  
Wow, the way the submitter lied you can guess they are voting Republican this coming election.
2004-10-19 08:38:22 PM  
Well, Cowboys fans shouldn't vote anyways. It's not a good idea to have loud drunk people casting ballots, someone could get hurt.
2004-10-19 08:38:23 PM  
Now now, lets not be too hasty, maybe the submitter did in fact read the article. . and he's just a dumbass.
2004-10-19 08:46:00 PM  
As a Bears fan and displaced Wisconsinite in Texas, let me say, "Fark the Cowboys."
2004-10-19 08:51:54 PM  
Not asinine... its the law.
Couldn't it be both?

/...although in this case, it isn't.

2004-10-19 08:53:58 PM  
let's be on the safe side here, and just ban clothing outright.

Sure, a great idea until you go to fry some bacon

2004-10-19 08:55:54 PM  
dumbest. headline. ever. poster needs bannination.
2004-10-19 08:58:43 PM  
this is asinine because...?

stupid Cowboys fans.
2004-10-19 08:59:10 PM  
Arugh... can we stop the stupid anti-'Boys crap? Just keep it to yaself. I'm in Tyler, think I'll wear my t-shirt to the polls just because I can.
2004-10-19 08:59:35 PM  
This sounds like typical [Texas] to me: push everything you do to the point of absurdity. Up here we have laws prohibiting posters, petitions, pictures and distributing campaign materials withing 150 feet of a polling place. If they went further than that, they would be rightly ridiculed, and their tea dumped in the harbor.
2004-10-19 09:01:53 PM  
Ummm, dumbest headline ever (for not being funny, not being correct, and for not being relevant to the tag).
2004-10-19 09:03:29 PM  
No where near asinine.
Just an atempt to keep Kerry's lawyers from screaming ballot tampering.
2004-10-19 09:05:12 PM  
"Why is it illegal to wear clothing that has something to do with whats on the ballot? Are they afraid it will sway someone's opinion?
'Looky there Bubba, Mr. McCoy supports the cowboys. We better make the right choice here if we wanna get on his good side'"

because electioneering is bad. Think of it this way: What if a bunch of Klu Klux Klansmen, in full white robes and hoods, and a flaming torch, stood in front of the entrance and threatened any blacks that tried to vote? What if someone with a realistic-looking super-soaker stood in front of a sign that said "I'll shoot anyone who disagrees with proposal Z" What if three hundred guys with "Support Bob" shirts all went to vote at once and then just kind of stood around for the next half hour? What if some unimportant local office (ie dogcatcher) was standing at the entrance saying "hey, remember to vote for me, too. Here, have some free chocolate."

All of these things would have a significant impact on the relavant ballot proposal. Either through making voters feel intimidated or making them vote for something they normally wouldn't vote for. Hence, there are laws against such tactics.

Presumably, you know who you're voting for when you go to vote. Other people aren't allowed to change your mind by force or coersion.
2004-10-19 09:08:39 PM  
let's be on the safe side here, and just ban clothing outright.

[image from silvercreek.wclark.k12.in.us too old to be available]
"What an AWESOME idea!"

2004-10-19 09:09:27 PM  
Heh heh. Know why Texas Stadium has a hole in the roof?

'Cause even GOD loves to watch the Cowboys.


They're coming back to rule, you know.


Stop teasing me.

2004-10-19 09:11:40 PM  
I can see how having both the stadiums right there together seems like a good idea, but is $650 million(!!) really worth it?

I predict that the measure will fail miserably.

And wouldn't every game be a road game since they don't play in their own town? Shouldn't the the team be renamed to The Dallas/Fort Worth Cowboys?

# Ex-Dallasite. Ex-Arlingtonian.
2004-10-19 09:21:26 PM  
The headline is stupid. That is all.
2004-10-19 09:24:08 PM  

Tyler! Represent! ;-)

/Still think the Cowboys suck
2004-10-19 09:24:41 PM  
Actually this makes perfect sense. We have a law here forbidding campaigning within a certain distance from polling stations. As others have mentioned, the Cowboys have a big monetary interest in the outcome of this election. Wearing Cowboys clothing, in addition to making you an asswhipe, is in this case really no different than wearing a Bush t-shirt to the voting booth, which, incidentally, also makes you an asswhipe.
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