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516 clicks; posted to Sports » on 27 Aug 2021 at 9:35 PM (20 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-08-27 8:12:38 PM  
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2021-08-27 9:27:42 PM  
Well, enjoy your 2-15 season.
2021-08-27 9:39:26 PM  
He should be careful.  Those cajun spices might burn his pecker if he sticks crab legs down his pants.
2021-08-27 9:47:43 PM  
This will not end well.
2021-08-27 9:49:46 PM  

ChrisDe: This will not end well.

It will end like it always does.

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2021-08-27 10:13:08 PM  
On it Nick

/dont u fret
2021-08-27 10:23:20 PM  
Meanwhile Taysom Hill is wondering who ate all of the W's in his Aplha-Bits
2021-08-27 11:16:01 PM  
I mean...he obviously the better option. There was no reason to believe that Taysom Hill earned the starting job.
2021-08-27 11:34:48 PM  
I'm looking forward to the 30 For 30 on this.
2021-08-28 12:38:14 AM  
I could stab a mofo for some stone crab right now.
2021-08-28 1:22:35 AM  

IAmRight: I mean...he obviously the better option. There was no reason to believe that Taysom Hill earned the starting job.

It's actually absurd that they're doing it this year though. Winston needed more time on the field when Brees was down last year, to see if you have something salvageable or if you have Cam Newton 2.0
2021-08-28 1:26:43 AM  
And I get it, you maybe wanted to have him sit and watch. I'm not saying he needed to start every game Drew was out (though with how done Brees looked even before the injury I'd say it might not have hurt...), but at least a full couple of games to *see* if he can be in a game without f*cking things up.

Winston has enough talent to actually be good if he doesn't do stupid things all the time. Fark, if he wouldn't have had that 2000s Favre/Grossman mentality he'd be the guy whose dick is being sucked after a Tampa ring.
2021-08-28 2:08:21 AM  
is it normal for a QB's throwing arm to be that scrawny?

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2021-08-28 2:12:07 AM  

virulent_loser: is it normal for a QB's throwing arm to be that scrawny?

[Fark user image 425x297]

The Replacements - Meet Nigel Gruff
Youtube sN7r7nk0-zc

/he's wiry
2021-08-28 2:16:41 AM  

virulent_loser: is it normal for a QB's throwing arm to be that scrawny?

[Fark user image 425x297]

Also tbf, you're a baseball gal, sometimes a guy can hurl it with a scrawny looking arm. Pedro Martinez wasn't big. Sandy Koufax. And Randy Johnson was almost the Manut Bol of baseball he's so skinny and tall.
2021-08-28 8:33:33 AM  

virulent_loser: is it normal for a QB's throwing arm to be that scrawny?

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It's not actually scrawny, it's an angle and shoulder pads making it look that way. But yeah, having super muscular arms tends to have a negative effect on throwing power.

It's true in baseball. Most power servers in tennis have pretty skinny arms. The best QBs aren't really built and the really muscular QB examples in can think of are Tim Tebow and Taysom Hill, neither of whom are good. Building muscle tends to limit your range of motion and therefore the speed you can generate on a throw.

Anyway, apparently Jameis Winston was basically blind until last year. The Bucs knew he couldn't see (Arians admitted he couldn't read the scoreboard) and somehow never thought to actually test his vision or get it corrected. Obviously his playing time in New Orleans was limited last year but he went 8/12 with a TD and 0 INT. This preseason it looks like he had an INT in the first game (just like every other Saints QB did against Baltimore) but he was also the only one to throw a TD in that game and against the Jags he was 9/10 with 2 TD.

I feel like people thinking the Saints are going slip...god, if Winston could put up 5000 yards and 30+ TD WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO SEE...I think he'll be fine. Brees' arm was a noodle out there last year but I understand letting a Hall of Famer who meant so much to that city go out on his terms.
2021-08-28 12:18:32 PM  
For fantasy football reasons he's either the reason you draft Thomas or not. Thomas' round price has dropped significantly. Plus he had a couple preseason long passes to Marques Callaway.  He had a good rapport with Evans/Godwin for long passes so I think he'll be a good value QB2 on my roster.
2021-08-28 12:32:17 PM  
Start the QB with the highest playoff passing rating in NFL history? No brainer.
2021-08-29 1:20:11 AM  
I've suffered through plenty of sub par coaches and players as a Bucs fan. Only Winston and Schiano made me question why I even followed the team.  I stopped watching the Bucs when he was leading them. He is a dumb fark at best. I don't care about a poor kid stealing crab legs. It was the assault that did me in. He had FSU to cover up his assault then went on to have similar issues as an NFL player. It sucks that he was the face of the team. I'm sure he is just going to be place holder in N.O. The Saints were lucky to get off the QB carousel as long as they did. I'm sure the Bucs will be back on it soon enough.  There is the possibility that Sean Payton turns him around, but I think Winston crumbles under pressure.
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