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2002-02-14 03:44:44 PM  
That'll teach that biatch a lesson.
2002-02-14 03:45:31 PM  
Finally, justice is served! Vigilante justice, but justice nonetheless.
2002-02-14 03:45:45 PM  
Yeah, maybe people will pay attention to the signs now!
2002-02-14 03:45:59 PM  
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Sorry man. I mean, I don't really approve of grocery-store violence, but I do hate people who clog the express isles. Or, those people who go through the "check yourself out" lanes and don't know how to work them? Man! They should definitely be beaten.
2002-02-14 03:47:36 PM  
I'd often thought of doing that myself to people. The hero tag is well deserved.
2002-02-14 03:48:22 PM  
This should have the HERO tag.
2002-02-14 03:48:40 PM  
I would have chopped her head off, ran it over the scanner, then called for a price check on stupid, selfish biatches.

Harsh? Yeah - I have a pet peeve about the express lane.
2002-02-14 03:48:43 PM  
er... did I mean "aisles"? Hah! Yup, that's what I meant. Oh well. I'll stick to "lanes" next time.
2002-02-14 03:49:31 PM  
If the victim wasn't 51 years old and if she had been more than just one over the limit I would agree. But this is farking ridiculous. You don't get that mad over 1 item over, you get that mad over some biatch dragging a full cart andher three squalling children into the express lane.
2002-02-14 03:49:48 PM  
cat fight - but not so appealing
2002-02-14 03:50:06 PM  
I have to agree with the beating.

Sorry, but it's like the people in the fast lane going 40mph, or the people who use your toothbrush to clean the toilet and then don't tell you and then when you find out through your brother and you go scream at them and they act like they dont know what you're talking about because all of the spit coming out of your mouth and blabbering and gibbering and all that and then you just cant do anything because you cant prove it and then you go home and have to change your toothbrush because you just can't consider using it again because it may or may not have shiat on it. You just don't do that.
2002-02-14 03:50:30 PM  
12 eggs and a carton of milk.
served the biatch right.
2002-02-14 03:50:56 PM  
Or, those people who write a check. It's quicker to use cash or plastic. I hate people who write checks.
2002-02-14 03:50:58 PM  
I hate it when I'm finally at the front of the line and I realized I'd forgotten something and the farkers behind me won't hold my place. Not really. hahahahahahahah. uh.
2002-02-14 03:51:13 PM  
Stupid old biatch needs to learn to respect my authoriteee. She knew the rules. She broke them anyway. Fine upstanding rule respecting citizen broke her legs. Good.
2002-02-14 03:52:30 PM  
I commented before even reading the article. Wouldn't that be terrible if it turned out to be my mom? I had better read the article.
2002-02-14 03:52:35 PM  
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2002-02-14 03:53:00 PM  
Safeway will now have to change its name to just Way.
2002-02-14 03:53:06 PM  
I TOLD you a dozen eggs in a carton count as individual items !!!

[image from dblrsupply.com too old to be available]

Wonder if she hit the girl over the head with her little two - wheeled granny cart ?

2002-02-14 03:53:31 PM  
And this is the way that it should be!
2002-02-14 03:53:33 PM  
I'm with Mex on this. Goddamn bastards.
2002-02-14 03:53:47 PM  
Good Job. I'd say the old bat deserved it. Just another anchor clogging up the fast lines.
2002-02-14 03:54:54 PM  
That'll teach her from trying to buy a 12-pack AND a pack of smokes in the express lane!
2002-02-14 03:56:16 PM  
Unclejessie.....lol.......he he.
2002-02-14 03:56:16 PM  
I agree.
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. Although 1 item over should be a gimme.

And what about if you have 6 identical items, so that they only need to hit '6' and scan it once? 6 items or 1?

Best. Run-on sentence. Ever.
2002-02-14 03:56:21 PM  
"SAFEWAY....if you don't listen and follow our rules, we'll kick your ass!"
2002-02-14 03:56:44 PM  
we need someone to patrol these lanes.

2002-02-14 03:57:55 PM  
If I keep farkin up on my typeing I'll have to change my name to boomhaurer
2002-02-14 03:58:00 PM  
i meant
[image from happy100.demon.co.uk too old to be available]
2002-02-14 03:59:24 PM  
agreed. the beating was well-deserved
2002-02-14 03:59:32 PM  
I dunno, a beating for 13 items is a little harsh. But, writing a check in the express lane - that should merit summary execution.
2002-02-14 03:59:32 PM  
She should have paid attention in the class where thay teach you to defend yourself against fresh fruit.
[image from intriguing.com too old to be available]
2002-02-14 04:00:39 PM  
I would have clapped and said
"Your momma told you that this would happen to you if you didn't pay attention during math class."
Then, of course, the Nelson Muntz "Ha Ha".
2002-02-14 04:01:17 PM  
This article needs to be printed out and posted at all express lanes. Especially the Albertson's on El Camino in Sunnyvale, CA.
2002-02-14 04:02:08 PM  
Farking expressholes!
2002-02-14 04:02:19 PM  
I agree with Bad_Sinfluence on this one.
I don't advocate violence unless violence is the most poetic solution. In this case, violence is totally uncalled for and most inappropriate.

This 30-something biatch needs some corrective actions administered.
2002-02-14 04:02:34 PM  
oksonotthefirst. *Damn* the cgi's slow today.
2002-02-14 04:03:44 PM  
13 is one item too many. I wish that old biatch had died.
2002-02-14 04:04:36 PM  
Hmmm...the lady was in a grocery store...then went outside and beat up the other lady, and was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon...

What did she use? A gallon of milk? A Hershey bar? A can of FDS? Enquiring minds want to know!
2002-02-14 04:05:47 PM  
I couldn't control myself.
As soon as she picked up the tic tacs I lost it.
2002-02-14 04:05:48 PM  
30-something lady: "I'm in a hurry. But, I've enough time to whup yo ass!"
2002-02-14 04:06:41 PM  
You know what I hate? Those damn little shopping carts for kids. They are always in the way. Why don't the parents just leave the kids under the cart like my mom did.
2002-02-14 04:08:21 PM  
Rtreynor: that pack of smokes put her 8 over the limit all by its lonesome
2002-02-14 04:08:22 PM  
Hey figer wants to be part of farklore so please ignore the smegger it'll drive him mad.
2002-02-14 04:09:25 PM  
One item over the limit would probably warrant a biatchslap. I don't know about a full scale beating.
2002-02-14 04:10:28 PM  
I was beaten by an ex-girlfriend with a can of corn and all I can say was it hurt.

[image from clubindia.com too old to be available]
2002-02-14 04:10:34 PM  
If I had 13 cans of similar Campbells soups would I be breaking the express checkout rules?
2002-02-14 04:11:48 PM  
Let me add my agreement: If you're getting in an express lane, do not have more than the listed number of items, and if you're getting in the self checkout lane, for the love of God, know how to use a barcode scanner. Don't just stand there looking like a stunned sheep when the Oreo cookies don't scan... MOVE THE FLAP OFF THE BARCODE YOU MORON!!!!

It's worse living in upscale parts of town where noone has ever done a day of manual labor. I was behind one well dressed woman, because she couldn't find the barcode on an orange. AN ORANGE!!!! She deserved a beating too, so I ask, is there no justice?
2002-02-14 04:12:04 PM  
And who said 13 isn't an unlucky number ?
2002-02-14 04:12:34 PM  
Luckygirl: Because most parents today won't say no to their little brats.
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