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(National Today)   August 21 is National Senior Citizens Day. Tell us who your favorite ones are and any stories involving them. We would like to go to their house and celebrate but they keep telling us to get off their lawn   ( divider line
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2021-08-21 1:06:39 AM  
MADtv - 7am Condo Report #1: Call from Grandson
Youtube dnsRAzV3d28
2021-08-21 1:08:14 AM  
MadTv S04E03 - Virtual Hills
Youtube 7Qr9W-n_Ifk
2021-08-21 1:27:02 AM  
My grandfather always announced his intention to go upstairs and drop a deuce with "I'm off to make a grunty".
2021-08-21 5:51:58 AM  
Y'all know that much of Fark fits in that demographic, right

BBQ chicken sandwich just hit my belly, and now the blood is rushing from my head... (falls over)
2021-08-21 6:21:54 AM  
My favorite ones are the ones not allowed to vote because they hold back progress out of spite
2021-08-21 6:24:14 AM  
Jimmy Carter is a %&@#$ing national treasure.
2021-08-21 6:33:20 AM  
Betty White, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Carter, Tony Bennett, Neil Diamond, Bette Midler, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, . .

The list of my favorite senior citizens is suspiciously exact to the list of people older than me.
2021-08-21 6:58:48 AM  
Pulp - Help The Aged
Youtube _bZjKC0EaY0
2021-08-21 8:51:59 AM  
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Lost Old87 in May. She was a real spitfire. Saw the Hindenburg fly over her home as a child, shut down the idiot boys who bullied her in school, sought to raise a kid on her own (admittedly, no one was willing to give a single woman an orphan when she had that idea), saved three kittens her asshole neighbors abandoned in Old87's garage, helped provide medical care for both sickly sisters while growing up, broke her wrist and neck and didn't let it stop her... The dementia hit her hard, but she never lost her love of animals. She was overjoyed any time she saw Jack and heard his story. Such a good looking kitten with such obvious hardship, and it just made her coo to hear how many farkers wanted to help save the pretty kitty.
2021-08-21 9:31:03 AM  
My mom is a tough old bird from the Bronx.  I get a kick out of the things she doesn't like, which are things everybody likes.  The list includes melted cheese, Frank Sinatra, barbecue, Jeopardy- trivia of any kind, stacking plates so the bottom of the plates get dirty and you have to wash both sides.  I'm forgetting some.  She sounds about 30 years old on the phone.
2021-08-21 9:38:42 AM  
My parents

Mom is a 3 time cancer survivor. Since retirement she has gotten big into charity.
in 2020 she sewed over 3000 masks. Some she gave to family, half went to local retirement homes and the rest went to the Pine Ridge reservation.
Each year she also sews stuff for the rez. Gloves, stocking hats, scarves and so on.
It's one of the poorest places in the US.

Dad is a 2 time cancer survivor. Life long teach and athletic director.
After retirement, he was asked to coach JV football after the coach's wife passed 2 weeks before the season. He ended up coaching for 3 years.
He also serves on numerous boards to raise money for scholarships, school supplies and clothes for needy students at the school he was at for 30 years.
2021-08-21 9:57:45 AM  
Such stories are reserved for face-to-face occasions.
2021-08-21 10:04:13 AM  
My housemate, George.

74 and still can't sit down for longer than it takes him to eat.

You know how the term "true Christian" sometimes has an awful correlation? Not with this man.

I first met him when I interviewed him to babysit my firstborn son, 26.5 years ago. (That son turned 29 a week ago.) He has become my best friend, guardian angel and true savior.

He knows I'm a 50-year atheist. He has never once prosyletized to me or any of the children in his care, which included the halt, the lame, the incorrigible.

He just DOES.

He does for everyone.

He has literally rescued me many times over the years, no matter what time of day or night I needed help.

He took me in when I ended up broke, jobless and homeless on his doorstep with nowhere else to go, and has asked for NOTHING in return.

There is no "reason" for him to do this - no familial ties, nothing.

That's just what he does, because that's what he believes.

There is no deity - but he IS an angel on earth.
2021-08-21 11:45:13 AM  
My wife would be my favorite.

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That's her back when I had to be in Army (one of the last draftees) and they sent me to Panama,
2021-08-21 12:07:18 PM  
So....any discounts today anywhere?

/ asking for a young friend
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