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(Washington Post)   French Olympic skating judge was "emotionally fragile" and "under pressure". France surrendered years ago.   ( divider line
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2002-02-14 08:22:08 AM  
it was the French judge eh?...big suprise
2002-02-14 08:24:21 AM  
I fart in their general direction.
2002-02-14 08:25:37 AM  
Fark the olympics. Athletes put their hearts and souls into their work so it can be disgraced by corrupt assholes? What's the point in competing if you've lost before you even perform?
2002-02-14 08:25:59 AM  
2002-02-14 08:30:21 AM  
Meshman: That is what sucks about competing in a sport that is based on a judge's opinion of your performance.
2002-02-14 08:30:53 AM  
I saw the replay of both events, and I'm no skating expert, and I have no love for Canadia, but the Russians' performance was sloppy and uninspiring. Kind of like France. Come to think of it, maybe the French judge thought it reminded him of home.
2002-02-14 08:31:23 AM  
What about all the cavier they found in his suitcase?
2002-02-14 08:34:00 AM  
In a related story, Canada kicked the crap out of an emotionally fragile France in men's curling. The French surrendered, literally, as soon as allowable (6 ends) under world rules.
2002-02-14 08:34:21 AM  
France Surrenders......bunch of dirty rifle droppers!
2002-02-14 08:34:22 AM  
Why are french men such sissies? French women on the other hand... Joan of Arc anyone?

By the way. The Canadians lost because the Canadian woman was uglier.
2002-02-14 08:35:19 AM  
It's not just the French judge that smells in all of this...
2002-02-14 08:35:31 AM  
I become emotionally fragile too when someone drives truckloads of cash up to my door.
2002-02-14 08:36:15 AM  
Level_Zero: The correct phrasing is 'buncha rifle-droppers'
2002-02-14 08:36:25 AM  
Spram- hey now, she was damn hot and you know it.
2002-02-14 08:47:11 AM  
What kind of sport is based on someone's opinion?

It's the equivalent of Arsenal playing Liverpool in a football match, and Arsenal win 1-0 but Liverpool are given the 3 points because they played a more attractive style.

It's just dumb. Canada should stop whining.
2002-02-14 08:50:39 AM  
Hopefully this will be the last straw and therefore the end of figure skating. It's too damn objective.

Most judged sports should be eliminated. Ski jumping can stay though, since it's da bomb.
2002-02-14 08:54:08 AM  
I would like to see the biathlon rifle competition and the skijump merged into some sort of human-clay-pidgeon contest
2002-02-14 08:55:57 AM  
It was known *days* ago it was the french judge. Those cheese-eating surrender monkeys! Surrender isn't good enough!
2002-02-14 08:57:05 AM  
If the Canadians get the gold now, does that mean the Russian pair will have to sing with Barenaked Ladies?
2002-02-14 09:07:45 AM  
I have a question. Does anyone really care? And won't someone think of the children?
2002-02-14 09:08:50 AM  
I think they need to incorporate several things into the next Winter Games.

1) Speed skiing. The world record is just shy of 250 km/h.
2) A much bigger ski jump. One where the competitors fly over the main stadium.
3) On the topic of ski jumping, they need to include an aerial jump at the bottom of the downhill. The jump has to be completely vertical, so when the competitors fly off it at 120 km/h, hilarity ensues.
2002-02-14 09:09:57 AM  
About Canada whining....It's not Canada who is putting Sale and Pelletier on Leno (TWICE!), Larry King, MSNBC, etc...
2002-02-14 09:20:07 AM  
There are a bunch of things that need to be changed fr the Winter Olympics.

Curling: Should be made into EXTREME curling. There should be mines on the ice, and the athletes should have to move around.

Hockey: Again with the mines, but make the rink bigger.

Pairs figure skating: Should be two women. Once you throw men in, the sport gets boring. And have mines.
2002-02-14 09:23:49 AM  
To their credit, the Canadians -- Sale and Pelletier in particular -- have largely risen above the controversy, saying they are proud of their performance, and refusing to condemn the judges. How Canadian... You gotta love 'em.
2002-02-14 09:24:17 AM  
Yeah Canada should stop whining. If this happened to the yanks we'd never hear the farking end of it.
2002-02-14 09:24:20 AM  
i wonder why drew is so obsessed with french people.

Maybe his wife or mum has recently discovered orgasm with a french guy (or girl, or dog maybe, who knows) ?
2002-02-14 09:31:28 AM  
Livewire: definitely on the right track. randomly placed landmines during both Alpine and Nordic skiing events would certainly liven things would the addition of several rabid Rhesus monkeys to the 4man bobled and/or 2 man luge competitions
2002-02-14 09:31:50 AM  
Mixed pair's figure skating will always suck until the females skate butt-ass nekid. Then and only then will it become the greatest sport in the history of mankind.
2002-02-14 09:37:16 AM  
I am ashamed to be an American right now, with all this unsportsmanlike whining. You got the silver medal, Canada. Suck it up.

Cry-baby-sore-loser-sour-grapes N.Americans. Russia beat you. Deal with it.
2002-02-14 09:39:09 AM  
Crazyeddie, you either didn't watch the event or you are trolling.
2002-02-14 09:47:09 AM  
I'm I the only one who couldn't give a rat's ass about this?
2002-02-14 09:47:32 AM  
Crazyeddie- you obviously don't understand the situation, so shut up.
2002-02-14 09:50:29 AM  
I couln't have been just the french judge that thought the Russians did a better job, there had to be other judges who thought that way. Considering none of us are Olympic judges, maybe they picked the right winners. The complainers should stop biatching and take it like a man.
2002-02-14 09:53:43 AM  
Thinking about it, Trying real hard. Stand up, Turn around NOPE! I don't give a shiat.
2002-02-14 09:54:53 AM  
The Olympics has become a bad product. It's a friggin' circus instead of what it should be; an exhibition of the world's best athletes. Fark the medals; it shouldn't matter.
2002-02-14 09:56:47 AM  
Flibbertigibbet the bigger sku jump is the though of a pure genius dude..
2002-02-14 09:56:57 AM  
The chick is quite fine. I hope Heffner offers her something...
2002-02-14 10:12:24 AM  
02-14-02 08:50:39 AM Flibbertigibbet
Hopefully this will be the last straw and therefore the end of figure skating. It's too damn objective.

Uhh, I'm pretty suree you meant subjective.

And you notice how the trolls have come out? Anyone who was paying attention to the thing knows the Russians did a crappier job-- yet any chance to whine about Canada brings them out.

It it was an American pair who'd lost the gold due to corrupt judges they'd try to nuke judges' home countries.
2002-02-14 10:12:34 AM  
For all of the sympathy pouring out to the Canadian couple I really feel sorry for the Russians. They didn't ask for this any more than the Canadians did, and they don't get the luxury of righteousness.
2002-02-14 10:13:13 AM  
IF it was an American pair who'd lost the gold due to corrupt judges they'd try to nuke judges' home countries.
2002-02-14 10:49:46 AM  
They did have speed skiing at Lillehammer, I think, as a demonstration sport. I'd like to see that as well.

Everyone, make sure to vote in the poll included in the page about whether judged sports should be included in the Olympics. Right now the dominant viewpoint here (judging = not a sport) is losing. VOTE NO, NOW!!
2002-02-14 10:52:13 AM  
I watched the entire event, I have to say that I was pretty suprised when the medal went to the Russian pair. The Canadians were perfect. The Russians screwed up in the technical and that's where they were awarded the point that farked the Canadians out of the gold. Something smelled. The Canadians gave a superb performance. I personally don't blame them for being pissed. Stepping up and saying "Wait a farking minute, this isn't right" isn't whining. It's not the athelete's fault tho. The Russian pair isn't to blame for the controversy and I'm sure that all this uproar has taken some of the gleam off of their gold. I don't know about you guys, but if I won something, I wouldn't want there to be any doubt that I won it on my own merit and that no one gave me a farking thing.
2002-02-14 10:57:51 AM  
so whiners, let me get this straight: You enter a subjective contest where judges give their opinion to determine the winner, and they don't pick the team you thought should win, so they are corrupt?

Get a life, losers. Any other country in the world would have taken it like an adult and graciously lost, but OH NO not America and Canada...if we lose, someone has to be CHEATING!

2002-02-14 11:01:50 AM  
CrazyEddie, did you actually see the performance? And by the way, the Russians "won" on the techinical aspect of the performance not the presentation.
2002-02-14 11:08:39 AM  
oh, the audience booed when the judges announced the result btw. fark the french, they can suck my huge cock.
2002-02-14 11:10:19 AM  
By the way. The Canadians lost because the Canadian woman was uglier.

Bullshiat. The Canadian chick was farking HOT.
2002-02-14 11:16:53 AM  
Figure skating fix was in... doo dah... doo dah...
2002-02-14 11:18:13 AM  
The Canadian chick was (IS!) farking HOT indeed!
2002-02-14 11:32:49 AM  
CrazyEddie: It's not a simple matter of what team we reprehesible North Americans thought should win. There's clearly a global outcry of wrongdoing here. And the judging is only partially subjective - the majority of the judging is based on objective, technical merit and the Russians made glaring errors. Lack of artistry aside, the Russians simply would not have had the points for gold if the technical judging had been accurate.

And by the way, from what I've seen in the coverage and even in this article, it's the corrupt farking French that are doing the whining. "Waaaaa - we were pressured! Waaaa - our judge is weak fool who allowed herself to be bribed. Oh poor us for not doing our job." If anything, the Canadians have been gratious, and have demonstrated aplomb far beyond what we should expect. Go take your petty and ignorant biases against North Americans and fark yourself with them.
2002-02-14 11:41:20 AM  
Diogenes There's clearly a global outcry of wrongdoing here.

Methinks you're exaggerating somewhat. 99.364% of the world's population really don't give a fark.
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