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(Google)   You're granted the ability to swap out one single body part/organ with an identical, yet brand-new and perfectly functioning version. What do you pick?   ( divider line
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2021-08-10 4:35:36 PM  
Brain.  The rest can be replaced by conventional means.
2021-08-10 4:43:14 PM  
None, I'm perfect just the way I am.
2021-08-10 4:44:43 PM  
My spine. Spinal fusion sucks
2021-08-10 5:15:14 PM  

this is fark, and no one here uses their brian anyway
2021-08-10 5:16:40 PM  
Can I pick a bigger one?
2021-08-10 5:21:08 PM  
Do I get to choose the specifications for this new body part?

Cause 30/20 vision seems cool
2021-08-10 5:24:24 PM  
Nervous system.
2021-08-10 5:25:05 PM  
Given my cardiac history, the heart and its surrounding circulatory system. I mean, I have replaced the ascending and descending aorta along with a heart valve, but magically swap out the heart and the surrounding grafts with new stuff? I'd be down.
2021-08-10 5:29:02 PM  
Thanks to the meds I take I only have one nonfunctional part.

If I changed my brain I wouldn't have to take the meds.

2021-08-10 5:31:23 PM  
I've already had three kidney transplants. If I could do one that would work perfectly and not fail, I'd head to the hospital right now.

/I'd even be happy to have clones of my own kidney, even they'll only work for 30 years.
2021-08-10 5:31:44 PM  
My bowel.

2021-08-10 5:32:18 PM  
If a dude says "perfectly functioning nipples" will he start to lactate? Asking for a friend.
2021-08-10 5:38:52 PM  
Eyes. I used to have excellent vision.
2021-08-10 5:41:46 PM  

Gubbo: Do I get to choose the specifications for this new body part?

Cause 30/20 vision seems cool

You think that.

I thought HD pr0n was going to be awesome.
2021-08-10 5:42:45 PM  
My hands/wrists/arms are kind of messed up from nerve damage - basically carpal and cubital (elbow) syndrome across the board. Before I had surgery on my right, I actually lost enough feeling and control in my hand that I couldn't button my jeans (working on a farm putting posts in the ground and went on break when it happened). It's why I've noped right out of participating in society with covid - not risking any more life long damage in a society that doesn't give a shiat about me.
2021-08-10 5:42:52 PM  
Memory.  Mine's broken in weird ways.
2021-08-10 5:45:17 PM  
In order?

Eyes (850/20 nearsighted here)


Boobs if they were bigger
2021-08-10 5:45:49 PM  
Can I give it to my son? I'd choose a new pancreas. His stupid pancreas doesn't make insulin.
2021-08-10 5:47:53 PM  
2021-08-10 5:52:17 PM  
2021-08-10 5:54:57 PM  

Everything is Awful: Knees.


I had both replaced 25 and 30 years ago.

They are due for another one.
2021-08-10 5:55:09 PM  
a pituitary gland.

mine got slightly scrambled during the removal of a craniopharyngioma.

A rare type of benign brain tumor that usually arises near the pituitary gland. It causes headache, vision problems, fatigue and excessive urination. .
2021-08-10 5:55:56 PM  

aleister_greynight: Brain.  The rest can be replaced by conventional means.

2021-08-10 5:57:45 PM  
Though there are plenty of other parts that need replacement or repair, and if I had new ones now, I would take better care of them.
2021-08-10 6:01:38 PM  

It is not like I am going to get pretty or something.
2021-08-10 6:03:37 PM  
2021-08-10 6:04:14 PM  
I'm almost totally deaf in my right ear, due to an eardrum that apparently didn't develop properly (have had several surgeries to correct it, never healed right), so . . . .
2021-08-10 6:09:39 PM  
My skin.

I'll get the tattoos I really care about done over again.
2021-08-10 6:14:26 PM  
Subby needs to disclose which insurance company he's an underwriter for.
2021-08-10 6:16:50 PM  
Liver. Donate mine to science, maybe they can figure out how it didn't give up completely exhausted years ago.

My brain presents a challenge which has kept me entertained my whole life. It ain't the best brain but it's my brain. I've got too much invested.
2021-08-10 6:17:22 PM  
2021-08-10 6:22:03 PM  
Can I have my pre-disease prostate back? Or at least the nerves that run through it that tell my dick to power up
2021-08-10 6:24:28 PM  

aleister_greynight: Brain.  The rest can be replaced by conventional means.


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2021-08-10 6:27:35 PM  
Muscles. My aged, quasi-evil mind but with younger muscles would be amazing.

/huge pectoral muscles
2021-08-10 6:36:22 PM  
My left leg. Ruined the current version twenty years ago while in the Service, so I gimp around with a cane these days.

Got a lot of other stuff wrong with me, but that's the major, life-changing problem.
2021-08-10 6:36:44 PM  
Thyroid.  I think the root of my other issues.
2021-08-10 6:36:55 PM  
Either my pancreas (I'm a type-2 diabetic) or my brain (my depression is steadily getting worse over the past couple years - despite medications - and one of these days the impulse to end it will happen at the wrong time).
2021-08-10 6:43:34 PM  
Sorry Google.  You're not getting any more info out of me.
2021-08-10 6:47:58 PM  
Toss up between eyes, back and knees.
2021-08-10 6:49:05 PM  

RocketRod: Brane.

am24.mediaite.comView Full Size

How I heard it.
2021-08-10 7:21:10 PM  
I could use an new set of lungs.
2021-08-10 7:21:12 PM  
Having lost 140lbs, I want new skin.
2021-08-10 7:23:59 PM  
As an enby... Does it have to be identical because these tits gotta go.

Failing that, as a rosacea patient: skin.
2021-08-10 7:27:12 PM  
Ears or lungs.
2021-08-10 8:00:07 PM  
My right knee. I actually have an appointment tomorrow for this.
2021-08-10 8:26:59 PM  
I suppose I could use a new butt seeing as it seems to have developed a large crack with an ominous hole
2021-08-10 8:45:25 PM  
That last word's missing an "r".
2021-08-10 9:06:38 PM  
A gene. Peripheral Myelin Protein 22. I'm missing one. It's needed to maintain peripheral nerves in arms and legs, hands and feet.
2021-08-10 9:13:18 PM  
I'm pretty sure if you got a brand new brain, you wouldn't be you anymore. At the very least, you'd have to start all over learning... well, everything
2021-08-10 9:24:08 PM  
Does the circulatory system count as a part?  I could use a fresh start with my arteries.

If not, then my right eye that I have to coat in mineral oil every night so it isn't stuck to my eyelid in the morning.

My knees are also pretty beat, but usable.
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