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(Some Guy)   "Sado-cannibalism for sexual gratification". Subby isn't sure if this belongs in the food or entertainment tab   ( divider line
    More: Sick, Privacy, 41-year-old teacher, nation's strict privacy laws, Germany, German media, Stefan R, Privacy policy, prosecution plans  
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2839 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Aug 2021 at 1:20 PM (23 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-08-10 12:57:52 PM  
Krieger approves of his method of body disposal.

Archer - Krieger Cleaner
Youtube w8yybSPtW5Q
2021-08-10 1:00:18 PM  
I think the closest I've ever come to "sado-cannibalism for sexual gratification" was chewing my nails before a hot date (so as not to scratch milady's delicate bits).
2021-08-10 1:18:29 PM  
The IT Crowd - Series 2 - Episode 3: I want to cook with you
Youtube gOE-q20RcDM
2021-08-10 1:20:10 PM  
I thought this was going to be about Armie Hammer.
2021-08-10 1:20:51 PM  
Jesus, it took the Eldar HOW long to get to this point?
2021-08-10 1:22:08 PM  
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2021-08-10 1:22:39 PM  
Politics tab, subby.
2021-08-10 1:24:03 PM  
This is the only logical conclusion to the "Schweddy Balls" skit on SNL.
2021-08-10 1:25:24 PM  
Too much kink...
TWX [TotalFark]
2021-08-10 1:25:28 PM  
There had been alternate lyrics to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, for a tune called Sadosodomasochisticnecrobestiality.  One of our local Rocky Horror castmates liked doing that as a singlaong during the pre-show when he MCed.
2021-08-10 1:25:59 PM  
Pol tab, Subby... if it's about Hillary, that is.
2021-08-10 1:26:24 PM  
Clearly this should be in the politics tab.
2021-08-10 1:26:33 PM  
Math teacher, eh? Obviously he's skilled in long (pig) division.
2021-08-10 1:27:59 PM  
This dude really eats ass.
2021-08-10 1:28:28 PM  
I dunno, article wasn't very big on detail. I feel like it could use a little fleshing out.
2021-08-10 1:28:43 PM  
Youtube f2ce-zC_n8E
2021-08-10 1:28:55 PM  

Im_Gumby: [Youtube-video]

Was just stopping by to make sure this was covered. Carry on.
2021-08-10 1:30:33 PM  
That dude can eat a big bowl of dicks.

He likes it! Hey Mikey, he likes it!
2021-08-10 1:33:19 PM  
Why can't they just shiat on each other on a first date like the rest of Germans do?

/runs, hides
2021-08-10 1:33:22 PM  
Then can we have Johnson cold for supper?
2021-08-10 1:34:05 PM  
2021-08-10 1:34:48 PM  
It's a postmodern world, where nothing is true and everything is permitted. Sado-Masochism used to be taboo. Now it's Thursday nights at your local bar. So, I guess, Sado-Cannibalism is the next logical step.

I'm hungry. Who wants to come over for dinner?
2021-08-10 1:34:59 PM  

xxBirdMadGirlxx: I dunno, article wasn't very big on detail. I feel like it could use a little fleshing out.

That's in bad taste...savory, marinated, smoky taste.
2021-08-10 1:36:52 PM  
Humans are good. Go ahead, taste me.
2021-08-10 1:38:05 PM  
I believe this happens more often in every country.

I just think the Germans are the only ones admitting it.
2021-08-10 1:43:10 PM  
2021-08-10 1:45:16 PM Full Size

The defendant pictured here sits in the courtroom as the judge once again harshly admonished him, reminding him "For the last time, this is a serious criminal court, not a venue to work on your base tan."
2021-08-10 1:48:48 PM  
I guess someone told them to EABOD one time too many.
2021-08-10 1:53:56 PM  
SadoMasoPedoRoboNecroBestiality - A Homestuck Song
Youtube oa7O8juc44k
2021-08-10 1:55:31 PM  
I'm no judge.
2021-08-10 1:56:13 PM  
See?  Everybody's name is Steve, whether or not people will admit it.
2021-08-10 1:58:09 PM  
Oh look privacy laws unlike this shiat hole country.
2021-08-10 1:58:56 PM  
I think he had something stuck in his teeth and misjudged the diameter of the rebar.
2021-08-10 1:59:56 PM  
And I misjudged which thread this was!
2021-08-10 2:00:41 PM  
Sexy tag

However TISWWT
2021-08-10 2:01:04 PM  
i.etsystatic.comView Full Size
2021-08-10 2:02:34 PM  
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2021-08-10 2:02:53 PM  
That's NOT the preferred method of eating ass
2021-08-10 2:04:48 PM  
I Eat Cannibals (Rerecorded)
Youtube JEfO46EV1v0
2021-08-10 2:05:05 PM  
Germans do love David Hasselhoff.
2021-08-10 2:11:29 PM  
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Never skimp on the meat
2021-08-10 2:19:39 PM  
Psychopathia Sexualis by Lenny Bruce
Youtube uTB8LYisi60
2021-08-10 2:20:19 PM  
I'm not clicking from work, but is this about vore trending on twitter over the weekend?
2021-08-10 2:20:32 PM  
AJJ - People II: The Reckoning
Youtube 3pTIUQIFZk4

People that can eat people are the luckiest people in the world.
2021-08-10 2:24:17 PM  
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2021-08-10 2:32:01 PM  

Mr. Shabooboo: [iFrame]

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2021-08-10 2:47:19 PM  

anuran: Mr. Shabooboo: [iFrame]

[Fark user image 489x297]

LOL omg there are so many things wrong with that...Where do you start??

First the obvious of the food and cannibalism...
Then it's also pork...
Then it's pork and Leonard Cohen!
Then It's "Hallelujah, it's a pulled pork sandwich..."   By Leonard Cohen!
2021-08-10 2:48:06 PM  
2021-08-10 2:59:47 PM  


Holy crap that was weird. I could feel the FBI trying to contact me through the keyboards. My guess is New Orleans, of course.
2021-08-10 3:00:11 PM  
I bet when he heard a mention of habeas corpus in court he got hungry.
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