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(CNN)   Photo of boy holding his gun banned from school yearbook (with pic). Obviously will be holding his gun on prom night   ( divider line
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37955 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Oct 2004 at 8:59 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-13 10:19:22 AM  
"Amasingly, this story is not from south of the Mason-Dixon line."

Amazingly if this had occured south of the Mason-Dixon line there would not have been a controversy. We would have let the kid put the picture in a year book. We don't run around screaming at the idea of owning a gun.
2004-10-13 10:19:31 AM  
Wouldn't leaving a replica musket in the trunk be bad for it?

Still stupid.
2004-10-13 10:19:34 AM  
I think the photo is fine. It even shows him holding it in the proper safety/inspection position.

It's not like guns are going away anytime soon. Airtime ought to be given to those who promote responsible gun operation.

It was only one generation ago where such a thing wouldn't have been a problem. A lot of backward-ass country hicks in my school had rifles hanging in the back of their unlocked pickup trucks. No one cared. Hmm... no one ever died from it, either. The funny thing is that I can't point out the approximate moment where this country took the pissant plunge. Maybe it was when the USSR collapsed. For the duration of the cold war, we sought to show everyone how much cooler it was to be a free and democratic society. Now, with the Reds out of the way, we can suck as much as we want. We don't even have to try to be better than the remaining insignificant little countries.
2004-10-13 10:19:48 AM  
Good on him for his 'all American' hobby, but if the school wants a more 'face focused' picture for the Senior Section of the year book, that's their choice. They didn't ban the picture from the yearbook. It will still appear, but in a more 'theme' related section, because it IS a 'theme' picture. As long as they have the same 'no props' or 'minimum props' for ALL the senior photos. We had a 'guideline' for our senior pictures for the yearbook. The student's FACE had to take up a minimum of 40% of the picture. If they were in clubs and such, that was always featured somewhere else in the book. (we had to fill those pages somehow!) The school needs to stand on the grounds that it is NOT because it is a gun, but because it simply doesn't show enough of the student's face to constitute a 'Senior Portrait'.
2004-10-13 10:21:21 AM  

...let me get this straight

its not okay to pose with a gun but its okay to pose with skeet?


magicgangsta wins the thread.
2004-10-13 10:21:38 AM  
Im no NRA apologist, but it seems to me, if the school has skeet-shooting as part of their curriculm, then it's entirely correct to have this pic in the yearbook. How many football pics are there with the players in street clothes? Or the band without their instruments? Oh, better take out those unseemly pics of the cheerleaders with their pom-poms!!
2004-10-13 10:21:52 AM  
this is fark-tarded. Sure way to piss off a liberal. Do anything positive with guns. There used to be shooting classes in highschools. poor kid. Go get em NRA!

/Charlton Heston is my president. (well, not really. I'm not even a member and I don't even have a gun!)
2004-10-13 10:22:21 AM  
Ahhh... New Hampshire. Live Free or Die, indeed.
2004-10-13 10:25:18 AM  
Rev. Skarekroe - LOL!!! First big laugh of the morning, thanks! Suddenly picturing this kid at his 10 year reunion, when they ask what you've been doing for the last 10 years -

"I thought about staying, they offered me the chance to lead them, to teach them, to be King! But my place is here so I swallowed the juice, said the words, and here I am!"
2004-10-13 10:31:46 AM  
What about a rule of not having props in your pictures? That would stem it off. Heck, this could turn into a boobies thread if the pics were of 18 year old hotness...
2004-10-13 10:35:44 AM  
Most pointless discussion ever.
2004-10-13 10:35:47 AM  

Um, you have to be 18 to buy ANY rifle. The 21 rule is for handguns. Heck I am 20 and I ordered an SKS rifle (predicesor of the AK-47) off of the internet. Should be here in the next few day's. :)
2004-10-13 10:38:00 AM  
my school didn't do mugs for the seniors, we each got our own full page to do what we wanted with. of course this was a tiny-ass private school and there were 24 seniors total, not exactly feasible for a larger school
2004-10-13 10:38:05 AM  

Despite being a gun owner, I'm inclined to agree that the photo taken of Mr. Douglass, with his shotgun, may not be appropriate for the senior portrait section of the yearbook. I would add that I disagree with the use of props of any type for a senior portrait. Props are used by KMart photo centers to make babies look cute. That's about all they are good for.

Now, since the entire text of the yearbook policy wasn't posted, it's not possible for me to determine if one of the policy rules states that props can't be used. If not, then the case is closed. If props ARE allowed and Mr. Douglass is still denied. That's going to start a fire because of this clause in their policy:

``We encourage the use of school sponsored publications to express students' points of view. They shall be free from all policy restrictions outside the normal rules for responsible journalism.''
2004-10-13 10:38:23 AM  
Finally someone sees the proper context of the whole story.

Thanks Cazzie
2004-10-13 10:41:58 AM  
But the problem is they wont allow the gun in the yearbook at all, just the clay pigeons in the other section.

If they would allow this pic in the other section, then ppls would have nothing to argue about.

He can wear shirt and tie in the main photo and there shouldn't be any reason not to allow this photo in his personal section.
2004-10-13 10:44:01 AM  
Let's here it for political correctness! Yay!

2004-10-13 10:44:12 AM  
Mike Moore owns guns, they can't be all that bad, right?


If you can't have it on school campus, it can't go in an official school picture. Common sense.
2004-10-13 10:44:55 AM  
Crosshair, dude ak=select fire, you know that. You can't get a class 3 when you are 18.
2004-10-13 10:45:24 AM  
Forget the gun. Now I think I need a picture of myself with a gun. Maybe an AK or a M-16 or a gernade launcher. That would be badass.

Anyway I got a little distracted.

Did anyone notice that he's got the matching O.J. glove and of corse one is missing. So if the glove don't fit...
2004-10-13 10:45:48 AM  
My reply: Rosa Parks was offered a compromise also.

You have got to be farking kidding me.
2004-10-13 10:46:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

This was my senior pic from Gaylord High School in Gaylord Mi.

Im sure this will piss off a liberal.
I hope this poor kid loads his shotgun up with hot Saur Kraut and mustard and blows it all over the school board, feeding them some of their own B.S.

gosh! what dumb-heads

*notice tin of chaw in my front pocket*

/hugest redneck farker
2004-10-13 10:46:43 AM  
Guns don't kill people, people kill people...

Those who are offended by this obviously didn't grow up learning anything about the proper use of guns.
2004-10-13 10:48:16 AM  
Alright, that's it! This has gone too far.

If you want to talk to me, I'll be outside the asylum
2004-10-13 10:50:16 AM  
Nice headline troll.
2004-10-13 10:51:41 AM  

Wrong again, there are thousands of legaly held semi-auto AK-47's in the US. Just because it is an AK-47, doesn't mean it is full auto. Only if you own a Full-auto AK do you need a class 3 weapons lisense.
2004-10-13 10:53:24 AM  
What kind of idiots would censor this pic?

I mean, it might touch a few nerves if it was, say, Columbine or Paducah or one of those white-bread towns that had a school shootings (even then it should still be run), but this is just asinine.

Oh, right, we're dealing with school administrators and HS teachers.

When I was a senior in high school, we had to make a student business for Econ. I was the VP of marketing. We designed some ads that had "Six Inches" in bold type, and the copy read something like, "Can you handle all six inches of our mouthwatering subs?" The teachers all flipped out, and I played dumb, saying that I didn't intend to raise any hackles. Of course, our subs were a huge success. Our company stock shot through the roof and when we paid out dividends, I wound up with about a hundred bucks on top of my VP "salary."

The moral of the story is that these teachers being asshats almost got in the way of our learning about business. Provoking people is good. It makes you money, and it can make people think.
2004-10-13 10:53:36 AM  
Crosshair, dude ak=select fire, you know that.
News to me. My first rifle was a semi-automatic AK.
Bought it with my new credit card.
Took it home on the bus.
Oooh Yeah!!!!!!
2004-10-13 10:54:20 AM  
I forgot to mention I'm a bleeding heart liberal, pro-guns, who can't stand the PC garb when it gets taken to extremes.
2004-10-13 10:56:05 AM  
I hate the current use of the word "appropriate".

Just a feeble attempt to hide a personal aganda by using a more general term and making it sound like it is an actual issue.

I.e. "I do not think it is appropriate" vs. "My narrow minded opinion is"

/end rant
2004-10-13 10:58:34 AM  

Busch Light??

/can't stand light beer
2004-10-13 10:58:49 AM  
2004-10-13 09:30:59 AM ManMan

Lord, I'm glad this thread isn't collapsing into a black hole of conservatives whining about "liberal pussies."


Because I was worried there for a second.

These pussies are anything but "liberal". They're more like authoritarian assholes.
2004-10-13 10:58:51 AM  
Isn't the Londonderry High Seal promoting violence? I doubt it is acceptable to come to class with in full armor and with a lance.
2004-10-13 10:59:32 AM  
perhaps this signifies the end of the white trash aesthetic formerly prevalent in high school photos.

/ doesn't understand high school photos taken in front of cars, involving guns, or that big hair and blue eye shadow the fat girls used to like
2004-10-13 10:59:52 AM  
what is wrong with american people?
2004-10-13 11:03:34 AM  
No shiat Crosshar, that is why I'm talking about. Not a Mak-90, a converted semi AK-47, or Bulgarian SLR 101 S AK 47, and so on. I said a real AK (infering as people have the bad image of the full auto AK). I know my guns & licensing. My brother-in-law has an FFL.

/Right again.
//has taken classes at S&W, knows his shiat.
2004-10-13 11:05:09 AM  
Actually, the high school banning this picture of a kid with a gun makes me want to use a gun to murder the idiots that made the decision to not use the pic. I hope the NRA sues your ass off farktards!
2004-10-13 11:06:11 AM  
Photoshop contest please.
2004-10-13 11:07:20 AM  
I wonder if kids in that high school could use a senior pic of them in their martial arts uniform? (principle)Well.. uh.. that promotes violence... uh.. IM FARKING STUPID!


wow, this made me violent!
2004-10-13 11:07:44 AM  

Whether something is appropriate, or not, is going to be a matter of opinion. It depends on a set of standards, which you support.
2004-10-13 11:08:02 AM  
The bigger question is will this kid care in 2 years what he did in HS? If so, loser.
2004-10-13 11:08:22 AM  
i think it was banned because of the gay vest not the rifle. poor kid and his flat front khakis
2004-10-13 11:09:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-13 11:09:53 AM  
I grew up in WV and everyone knows the mountaineer has his powder musket.

My high school mascot was an emulation of the university and the photo/logo had him with a musket on his shoulder.

Our principal decided that there needed to be a change and drop the musket. We had a nice mural of a mountaineer at center-court in the gym. The a$$ had it painted over with a gay blue dot. Once word got out of that, people raised hell. That is as far he got with his campaign when he got word that many of the main school sponsors would pull their donations and would petition the school board for his dismissal. All of the newsletters and images around the school didnt change and still havent to this day. =o)
2004-10-13 11:09:56 AM  
Live free or die?

I say it is time for a change of motto.
2004-10-13 11:10:05 AM  
Somebody should give this kid the Stephen Spielberg treatment and photoshop him with a walkie-talkie.
2004-10-13 11:10:11 AM  
Oh my friggin' lap dancing Gawd!

/that is all I have to say about that
2004-10-13 11:11:03 AM  
handsome jack: I think it was regular actually, but the cheaper the better, Ah sez
2004-10-13 11:11:26 AM  

For all you liberal bashers coming out of the woodwork, get a grip. This kind of shiat isn't the work of the left. The ACLU was the first group on the kid's side. This is the work of the soccer mom mentality. Newsflash folks. Soccer moms don't vote democrat.

WRONG! Face the facts, dude. This is obviously the work of some PC-left school administrator trying to push his/her wacko agenda. Probably a newly relocated "Masshole" who, along with his nanny-state compatriots are slowly taking over the "live and let live", libertarian state of NH. Just look at the electoral vote predictions for NH - a classically conservative state that is now on the verge of voting for ultra-liberal Kerry.

But, you'd rather us believe that conservatives are running the school and pushing their anti-gun, PC views on the population.

Oh please - get a clue. I realize lot's of you self-described libertarians on this site think that the ideology is closer to liberalism but I, and many others vehemently disagree. Libertarianism is, and has always been a conservative alternate. You'll realize this some day.
2004-10-13 11:11:46 AM  
That photo is totally appropriate. Not as ballsy as bsreport's, but still good.
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