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2002-02-13 07:06:56 PM  
What the fu

(on left)
2002-02-13 07:07:04 PM  
Rest in peace, Waylon...give our best to Uncle Jesse.

[image from clubbeer.f9.co.uk too old to be available]
2002-02-13 07:07:41 PM  
A true outlaw.
2002-02-13 07:07:50 PM  
damn it.
2002-02-13 07:08:19 PM  
Rich I'm only 20. They're getting dumber.
2002-02-13 07:08:19 PM  
Sixty albums, damn that's alot.

Most of the crap that gets released these days is "created" by people that, in their lifetime, haven't even listened to that many albums.
2002-02-13 07:09:20 PM  
I saw the ol' outlaw at Dollywood (shaddup, I know, I know), which has an intimate little theater. I hate HATE most country music, but damn if that dude just didn't kick the shiat out of every song. He had a very subdued stage presence, just sort of amblin' around the stage, mumbling and cracking jokes he seemed to come up with on the spot. It was a great show. New country sucks, but Waylon was the best. Anyone else here like The Highwaymen?
2002-02-13 07:09:52 PM  

What the HELL, how could Waylon die and David Allen Coe still be alive?

2002-02-13 07:09:53 PM  
It wasn't the Wayans?
Guess we gotta wait for relief...
2002-02-13 07:10:24 PM  
"Any American who doesn't at least recognize Waylon Jennings' name, much less his merit, is a farking asshole."

Agreed. I turned 26 yesterday. I celebrated by running to the bathroom every 20 minutes because of some bad chicken I had on the 11th and going to bed at 8:30pm.

2002-02-13 07:10:28 PM  
"The Great Divide"
Lots of really great stuff.
2002-02-13 07:10:31 PM  
That was supposed to be the hero tag, sorry better go brush up.
2002-02-13 07:11:01 PM  
KlausVonSlayer: Pretty bold statement, stupid, but bold.

Rebug: Why should I show respect? Dont know the guy, dont care to know him.. didnt like the Dukes.
2002-02-13 07:11:05 PM  
Oh yeah. That dude was like the narrator on Dukes of Hazzard.

That's how I remember him.
2002-02-13 07:12:11 PM  
Finger: Now- find your brain in its storage jar and find
something intelligent to say....
2002-02-13 07:13:05 PM  
Can't say it's a surprise, what with the way he abused his body. Never liked him, but sad anyway.
2002-02-13 07:13:34 PM  
You're all a bunch of fark sticks. WJ was one of the greatest musicians of our time.
2002-02-13 07:13:39 PM  
Waylon was a farkin pimp!!! Screw all this wanna be-suburban limp bizkit, hip-hop fake Tough sell-out shiat................waylon was a farkin GANGSTER for real yo! Peace Waylon....Drink a PAbst Blue Ribbon with Hank Williams for me brother!
2002-02-13 07:14:16 PM  
too bad. waylon rocked.
as much or more so than even Johnny Cash.

its also too bad that some of you idiots haven't got a clue who this dude was.
2002-02-13 07:16:18 PM  
WJ would never drink Pabst.

I've been telling people here at my office of his death and all I hear is "who?" And these people are in thier 30's!
2002-02-13 07:16:44 PM  
Idiota</b: Uuuh, "one of the greatest musicians of our time" may be a bit extreme, dont you think?
2002-02-13 07:17:09 PM  
Ooops! Close that HTML!
2002-02-13 07:18:02 PM  
2002-02-13 07:19:30 PM  
I think the more important question here is:

Can you pick him out of this police line-up?

[image from quinnarama.com too old to be available]
2002-02-13 07:20:35 PM  
Depends on who you ask. Ask Johny Cash or Willie Nelson and they'd probably agree. Ask any fan of alt.country and they'd definitely agree. Ask Garth Brooks and he'd probably say "Who?"
2002-02-13 07:21:18 PM  
Woman decides to get the Beatles tattooed on her hips, Paul on the left, John on the right. When the tattoos are finished, she is shocked by the poor job the artist did. The artist's convinced he captured their likenesses and suggests they get another opinon. She agrees, and the tattoo artist calls in a wretched looking bum from the alley.

"Does this look like Paul McCartney?" she asked. "Dunno," says the bum. Turning to the other side she asks, "Does this look like John Lennon?" Bum shrugs his shoulders and says "I don't know either of those people, but the one in the middle with the long beard and bad breath's gotta be Willie Nelson."
2002-02-13 07:21:36 PM  
This is a bumster. But it's just a warm-up for Johnny Cash, I'm afraid. He's been in bad shape for quite awhile. When he goes, it'll really be a down day. Boomslang etc: nobody cares that you don't care. So bugger off.
2002-02-13 07:24:13 PM  
Good night funny man.
2002-02-13 07:24:15 PM  
2002-02-13 07:25:36 PM  
Bjorky: He narrowly avoided death touring with Buddy Holly as he was supposed to be in Richie Valens' seat when the plane took off, but they switched just a few minutes before.

Which just goes to prove that eventually, God picks up the spare.
2002-02-13 07:25:44 PM  

That's quite amusing.. Seeing as I don't care that you do care.

Quite a predicament indeed.

Please allow the following photo to put you at ease.

[image from isc.tamu.edu too old to be available]
2002-02-13 07:27:28 PM  
In honor of Waylon Jennings, I suggest you immediately listen to The Dukes of Hazzard Theme in RealAudio format. RIP, Waylon.
2002-02-13 07:27:56 PM  
Rest In Peace Waylon. You will be missed.

Eddy Shaver, Chet Atkins, and now Waylon.
All the good country artists are dying.
2002-02-13 07:28:03 PM  
Good bye old friend, we'll meet again someday soon.
2002-02-13 07:28:09 PM  
He was Buddy Holly's bass player. Gave up his seat on the plane so that Holly could get some rest for the next show. Last words to Holly were, "Hope your darn ol plane crashes."

Sure enough, it did.
2002-02-13 07:28:19 PM  
PHXTONY----if you didn't know who he was... STFU !!
I personally can't stand country music, but the stuff he did....I like.
Any of you paying respect here remember "The Highwaymen" ??
That fuking album was sweet. Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Willie Nelson......so long Mr. Jennings, so long .....
2002-02-13 07:29:01 PM  
Honky Tonk [image from imagestation.com too old to be available]
2002-02-13 07:29:13 PM  

Well.. the world death rate still is hitting at 100% so... yah I guess..
2002-02-13 07:30:25 PM  
Thats better, Mods throw that other stupid thing in the trash please.
2002-02-13 07:33:02 PM  
Vegasj: I didnt say I did not know WHO he was, I said I didnt KNOW him.. big difference, learn to read.
2002-02-13 07:36:20 PM  
I'm not a huge country fan, but I have respect for the guy. I swear to god the age bracket below me (I'm 26) are 90% ignoranuses.
2002-02-13 07:36:33 PM  
Im now 59 yrs old and in the sixties and seventies I was very much into what was then called country and western music. Waylon was one of my favorites. A great talent and had a great since of humore. Im sad, he wasn't perfect but he was a straight shooter.
2002-02-13 07:37:00 PM  
Phxtony----still, STFU !!
2002-02-13 07:37:34 PM  
Jph: Hey now, that's not fair... Im nearly 27 and I still consider myself an ignoramus.
2002-02-13 07:38:12 PM  
Vegasj: Lick my balls.
2002-02-13 07:38:48 PM  
I think that Waylon would drink a Pabst. He's old school, soi he wouldn't need a fancy yuppy-brau. He's probably up there right now, playing "Luchenbach, Texas," hanging with Hank Williams, Sr., with a full assortment of Pabst, Lonestar, U.S.A., and Kingsbury.

I grew up working on crappy cars in my dad's garage while Waylon played away on a one speaker, AM radio. I'm sure a lot of others had similar experiences.

Here's one for the guy known on the Dukes only as "the balladeer."

RIP Waylon.
2002-02-13 07:38:52 PM  
respect, my brother, respect....
2002-02-13 07:40:51 PM  
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?
2002-02-13 07:42:13 PM  
Why do people always want to show respect for dead people? Wouldnt it hold more value to respect them BEFORE they die?
2002-02-13 07:43:22 PM  
In memory of a truly great man:

[image from gocontinental.com too old to be available]

You will be missed.
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