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(Science Magazine)   Time to update your t-shirts and House Stark swag. New genetic study reveals that Dire Wolves (Canis DIrus) weren't actually wolves at all, and don't even belong in the Canis genus at all   ( divider line
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2021-08-02 3:23:18 PM  
That's not all that surprising, as convergent evolution does sort of support similar features for animals in similar niches--but what is really going to cook your noodle?

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2021-08-02 4:11:01 PM  
They died off due to barking up the wrong tree.

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2021-08-02 4:36:47 PM  
what would Gerald Ford say?
2021-08-02 4:55:34 PM  
"These animals were not mythological beasts," Perri says. "They lived among us. Not that long ago, the world was full of creatures we will never see again."

How many of the species we're familiar with right now will that be true of in a hundred years.
2021-08-02 5:11:28 PM  
Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf.
Youtube Hhqyg_dTaTg
2021-08-02 5:35:28 PM  

Pointy Tail of Satan: They died off due to barking up the wrong tree.

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So, America had a Dire Jackal then? In'n't quite as legendary and epic now.
2021-08-02 8:12:49 PM  
I mean... this isn't all that exciting, frankly.  The divergence still happened well after the cat/dog split and they're still broadly in the "canine" category, the three groups being jackals, wolves, and now dire wolves in parallel now instead of dire wolves being penciled in as part of wolves.

They're still all more closely related than they are to, say, foxes.

// I mean, I could be reading the associated white paper wrong, I guess.  And I wouldn't say that it's not exciting to the person studying this specific thing as the focus of their grant, I imagine they think it's quite neat.
2021-08-02 9:49:37 PM  
People spend a lot of time sighing and lamenting that we just don't have weird animals anymore, and gosh how awful that they keep disappearing.

They need to get out more.

I have seen several animals over the years that creep me out because they are just odd. Maybe people have seen the large-testicled friendly Tanuki statues in Japan. Those are modelled after the TANUKI, or raccoon-dogs, of which there are plenty around Japan, and often in my back yard. So why are they called raccoon-dogs? Well. Have a look. What would you call them? Except that they have long bodies, not like a ferret, but like a long cat, and bristly fur. They are slow and slinky, but they have legs that can carry them much faster than a raccoon.

They would be fascinating, except that they are nocturnal and omnivorous scavengers. So they are kind of gross.

And then there is the KAMOSHIKA, or serow, which is like a goat and a deer. People who don't pay attention will just shrug, but go look at one. It is weird looking. Again. In my back yard. Mononoke hime.

Japan also has their snow monkeys. And moon bears. And all kinds of crazy insects. Cicadas are around ALL THE TIME. Frogs, eels, newts, hawks, eagles, mountain pigeons.

There are still a lot of strange looking animals in the world today, with odd behaviors. Go find them. They are not as rare as people assume. Look around you.

One more thing. When you see an animal that you did not know existed, you will have a very strange feeling. It might be revulsion (It's an abomination!!!!) or curiosity, or wonder (I-- it's beautiful!). But you never know what it is going to be. I encourage everyone to go seek that experience.
2021-08-02 11:56:27 PM  
Am I going to need a MM?

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2021-08-03 12:24:17 AM  

rudemix: [YouTube video: Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf.]

I see this has been covered
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