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(Satire Wire)   Anyone else notice SatireWire is kicking The Onion's butt?   ( satirewire.com) divider line
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2002-02-14 12:10:11 AM  
Sorry, I haven't really noticed.
2002-02-14 12:10:58 AM  
I have a computer!
2002-02-14 12:11:23 AM  
[image from satirewire.com too old to be available]
2002-02-14 12:12:03 AM  
I haven't been reading either, so no, I haven't noticed.
2002-02-14 12:13:36 AM  
Sorry, dude, but you are way wrong. The Onion rules. Long live The Onion!
2002-02-14 12:14:18 AM  
Actually, I hadn't read much before a week or two ago, but I'm pretty impressed. I guess there's a reason that so many of their stories get linked from here.
2002-02-14 12:14:28 AM  
Onion = The poor man's Weekly Week.
2002-02-14 12:15:12 AM  
Frothy Competition, Indeed.
2002-02-14 12:16:20 AM  
TheOnion: Get it free in printed form in fine dining places of Madison.
2002-02-14 12:17:59 AM  
Can't I have a little peril????????
2002-02-14 12:18:11 AM  
Anyone else notice the sky is pink with little green spots? No?
2002-02-14 12:18:16 AM  
Say what you will....The Onion has the best satirical news around....next to The Daily Show. Jon Stewart-rowr! Give me some of that!
2002-02-14 12:18:38 AM  
and I bet you think I'm joking...
2002-02-14 12:18:57 AM  
The Onion wins any showdown... at least when there's a Herbert Kornfeld editorial in that particular issue.
2002-02-14 12:21:31 AM  
2002-02-14 12:23:43 AM  
No way...SatireWire is often funny, but it's what The Onion would be if they weren't picky about what they published and didn't believe in rewriting...
2002-02-14 12:26:23 AM  
Wait, Rotter....I'm confused by your random use of pronouns...are you saying that SatireWire is what The Onion should aspire to be, or vice-versa?

Oh, the wonders of a Texas high-school education!

'Being a pessimistic nihilist makes it hard to plan for the future.'
2002-02-14 12:26:50 AM  
Dreams produce funnier material than any comedian could ever muster:
[image from slowwave.com too old to be available]
2002-02-14 12:27:33 AM  
Whoa Rotter,
Lost me there... the "they" in your post refers to who?

Admit it, it's ambiguous.
2002-02-14 12:28:20 AM  
omfg that was hillarious! Imagine if it was so... think of all the law suits they'd get because it was wrong hehe
2002-02-14 12:29:20 AM  
theonion, for its editorials: Jean Teasdale, Jakie Harvey and Smoove 'let me love you right' B
are all classics

Satirewire sometimes have really really bad articles like
"Australia wakes up drunk in ..."
2002-02-14 12:36:58 AM  
More like "licking" the Onion's butt. They get an original thought every once in a while though.
2002-02-14 12:38:38 AM  
I hold with those who favor Onion,
But if I had to read 'em twice,
I think I know enough of Satirewire
To say that for reading Satirewire
Is also great
And would suffice.
2002-02-14 12:41:04 AM  
Lest we forget, The Onion publishes an actual newspaper. Remember those? They were doing what they do long before the net came along, and they still do it a hell of a lot better than Satire Wire.
2002-02-14 12:43:03 AM  
the Onion is written by dorks
for dorks. servile highbrow humor
2002-02-14 12:47:57 AM  
"The Onion wins any showdown... at least when there's a Herbert Kornfeld editorial in that particular issue."

Agreed entirely. He almost makes me want to go into accounting. ;)

They're both funny and have their good weeks and their bad weeks. I mean, can't we find them both funny? I didn't find that "dreams" cartoon very funny tho.

2002-02-14 12:50:39 AM  
SatireWire might be cool, I don't really care though, because they don't have Jim Anchower or Jean Teasdale. 'Nuff said.
2002-02-14 12:50:49 AM  
For sheer satire insanity there's no place like landoverbaptist.org

2002-02-14 12:59:12 AM  
Oddly enough, Jim Anchower and Jean Teasdale are the two Onion columnists I _avoid_ reading. Yet I still prefer the Onion.

2002-02-14 01:02:53 AM  
Yeah... I tend to agree. I read the onion before it was sold, and it kicked all ass. Now, the Onion has its ass kicked.
2002-02-14 01:14:41 AM  
Couldn't tell. Haven't been by the ol' Onion lately.
2002-02-14 01:18:59 AM  
Answer: No. The Onion still wins.
2002-02-14 01:25:11 AM  
The Onion cannot be beat.
2002-02-14 01:25:57 AM  
Dan Savage == awesome. Some of his recent columns == suck, though.
2002-02-14 01:32:23 AM  
Hahahaha!!! Seasonably dangerous.

I like it. :)
2002-02-14 01:34:15 AM  
Man, Anchower would totally wail on those Satire Wire dudes. Then he'd throw on some Zep and kick back with a cool MGD.

The Onion's pretty hit-and-miss, and it's funniest bits tend to go over a lot of people's heads. The latter is a good thing though. Satire Wire isn't necessarily unfunny, but it never really makes me laugh.
2002-02-14 01:40:55 AM  
Never heard of SatireWire... so no, they are not.
2002-02-14 01:42:34 AM  
Dynein and FeBolas.

Your comments have the ring of "Oh, they're ok now, but I like they're older stuff."

I, for one, think the Onion is satiric brilliance at its best. I have yet to read an article that I don't think is at least clever. Particularly since they began running pages from their book "Our Dumb Century."

However, www.whitehouse.org has been getting some of my attention lately.

2002-02-14 01:44:03 AM  
Them's fightin' words.
2002-02-14 02:08:29 AM  
I really don't read the satire wire, but the onion has gone down. It's not that they are worse then they were, it's just that it they stick to the same sort of humor and seem to refuse to get fresh. So what makes you laugh when you start reading it gets old after a couple of years.

There is this theme to the onion of making fun of otherwise good intentioned loosers. I see a lot of myself in many of there stories. But, again, one can only find humor in ones self for so long.

The really weird part is, I tend to spend more time at the Onion's AV club, which I really enjoy, then reading any of the stories.
2002-02-14 02:13:05 AM  
That cracks me up, almost as much as the radio station that keeps announcing their technologically advanced DOPPLER 2000, the most advanced radar weater system.

Something like that
2002-02-14 02:29:58 AM  
Try gagpipe

It's a compendium of all the best funny sites around the world.
2002-02-14 02:30:40 AM  
The Onion may have dipped in quality, but that article about the archaeologist from a couple weeks back was golden. An instant classic.
2002-02-14 02:38:11 AM  
Oh please! The Onion's still funnier than a monkey eating corn!

This very week: When you are ready to have a serious discussion about Green Lantern, you have my e-mail!

Funniest. Editorial. Ever.

I also dig modernhumorist.com
2002-02-14 03:03:14 AM  
Does Satire Wire have a movie deal and several books published? Honestly, I don't know if they do or not.
2002-02-14 03:09:31 AM  
Word usements interesting use I; language I with play, English; bad understanding is sometimes, now like. S***, oh!

(Translation of my previous post:

SatireWire is usually funny, but it isn't in The Onion's class IMHO. I think The Onion is far more eager to discard an idea if it's only marginally-funny.

And The Onion's articles are just plain better-written. There's a real level of craftsmanship. SW pieces are good, but each article is a rewrite or two away from greatness.)
2002-02-14 04:05:47 AM  
Neither are funny. Which is odd, because America has brought us some real comedy greats like Gary Coleman and Tony Danza.
2002-02-14 04:12:15 AM  

Onion owns j00.
2002-02-14 06:14:11 AM  
Satirewire funny?

Do you remember when spy used to have the section, log rolling in modern times?

I think all of fark is log rolling in digital times. Mention fark once, get linked for a lifetime. Look at the abysmal techtv and their press from fark.

To check out some real techtv quality, all you Dark age of camelot users, check this review

Do you think they even bought the game? I think they scriblled some notes down while holding the box at their local bestbuy. Sadly it was a box to another game.
2002-02-14 07:45:42 AM  
The Onion hasn't jumped the shark yet, in my opinion.

I have zero opinions on current events until I check the "What do YOU think" section of the Onion.

Example: if someone asks me what I think of Bush's $379 Defense Budget. I can answer "What do I care what Congress does with their money?"
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