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(Some Guy)   "High Street" among the most stolen street signs   ( divider line
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9488 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Oct 2004 at 5:48 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-12 01:42:10 PM  
I grew up on High Street. In fact I'm here at Mom's now. Anyone want a sign?
2004-10-12 02:04:54 PM  
In the last decade, officials say they've had to replace the sign nearly 350 times.

Gee, you'd think they'd consider simply changing the name of the street after, say, the first dozen times?
2004-10-12 02:45:38 PM  
And coming in at a close second, "Drunk off my Ass Street"
2004-10-12 05:15:44 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-10-12 05:49:34 PM  
Why dont they put electric currents through em'?
/got nuttin
2004-10-12 05:50:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I just about wet myself the first time I drove by this sign.
2004-10-12 05:50:41 PM  
Wasn't that on an episode of "That 70's Show?" Or, maybe it MILK FORCE NINE!!! wasn't.
2004-10-12 05:51:07 PM  
How long until they get to 420?
2004-10-12 05:51:12 PM  
Sometimes the stories that also-ran on NPR just seem out of place on Fark. This one, though, bridges nicely.
2004-10-12 05:51:37 PM  
Wasn't that on an episode of "That 70's Show?"
def that 70s show they tried to nick it and got stopped by a little kid who took it i believe
2004-10-12 05:51:45 PM  
There's a street in my town called "Magic Leaf Rd".

I get a chuckle every time I drive past it.
2004-10-12 05:51:57 PM  
That's a good one. I've seen a bunch of those stolen. But that doesn't begin to compare with how good the "Beaver Crossing" sign are around here. Beaver Crossing, NE. Don't believe me? look it up on mapquest.
2004-10-12 05:52:02 PM  
what about Gay St? Oh wait... maybe that's why those signs are way above the middle of the street and not on a pole at the corner.
2004-10-12 05:52:02 PM  
In Souderton, PA there is an intersection of High St and Smokepipe St. I have a picture of this one, but the signs are usually missing now.
2004-10-12 05:52:13 PM  
2004-10-12 05:52:32 PM  
That's funny, because "Beat Street" is one of the most stolen Beta tapes.
2004-10-12 05:52:38 PM  
I used to go out with a girl who lives on Head Street. She said that sign gets stolen a lot too.
2004-10-12 05:54:06 PM  
NPR scooped fark on this one by a couple of days.
2004-10-12 05:54:32 PM  
I used to go to U of O, doesn't suprise me that since 90% of the people there are total stoners that this would happen. Its pretty lame I think - I used to steal street signs in middleschool - get over it.
2004-10-12 05:54:52 PM  
I live on Southpark Dr., and our sign has been stolen twice since I have lived here, and it is still missing. It doesn't help to be across the street from a college dorm.
2004-10-12 05:55:01 PM  
theres a high street here. hmmm
2004-10-12 05:55:07 PM  
I grew up a block away from No Name Ave. I tried for a good 8 years to get that stupid sign. They placed it really high on the lamp-post.
2004-10-12 05:55:21 PM  
Out in California, we've got these "fire danger" signs. They consist of an image of Smokey the Bear holding a replaceable sign which shows what the current danger of a wildfire is. Various friends of mine delighted in stealing these when I was in highschool. The ones to steal read "High" and "Very High". I was always tempted to take one, but the idea of stealing from the already underfunded state and national parks systems wasn't appealing, thus I never did.
2004-10-12 05:55:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Michigan, along I-94 between Kalamazoo and Motown.
2004-10-12 05:56:09 PM  
My sister lives on High St. One of the best streets to score some pot on in Moncton. Seriously.

/going to visit my sister
2004-10-12 05:56:24 PM  

Good Point, this is more obvious than interesting.
2004-10-12 05:56:38 PM  
When I was born my parents lived on Stoner Ave. (in Culver City I think). They say the sign was never up for more than a week at a time.
2004-10-12 05:57:00 PM  
If you had a PIMP ave. and HO ave. you'd be in business.
2004-10-12 05:57:36 PM  
I grew up on High Street. In house 10.
2004-10-12 05:57:47 PM  
Going along with the most popular street signs in everyone's town... mine is Stoner Road.
2004-10-12 05:58:09 PM  
We have a Stoner Avenue .. yet the sign indicating it's the next exit simply says STONER .... since I pass that particular sign DAILY, I can assure you, it's a favorite for photo ops

MANY folks pose beneath that one and grin for the 'ol camera
2004-10-12 05:58:51 PM  
Petra Fyed

Yes please.
2004-10-12 05:58:55 PM  
I belive there is an exit 69, Big Beaver Road in Michigan as well
2004-10-12 05:59:13 PM  
"Beaver Crossing, NE. Don't believe me? look it up on mapquest."

derfiticulum, that's close by Funk, NE, isn't it?
2004-10-12 05:59:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-12 05:59:16 PM  
in atlanta there's a whole neighborhood populated with different variations of "morningwood" (dr, ave, ct,etc.) those seem to disappear often,too.
2004-10-12 05:59:24 PM  
East Haven, CT splits their High Street into North & South, so you have "So High St." and "No High St."
2004-10-12 05:59:37 PM  
Forget not another classic Michigan sign: Exit 69, Big Beaver Rd (I-75 north of Detroit).

Also: Big Bone Lick State Park in northern Kentucky (sign on I-71/75, state park is a few miles away)
2004-10-12 05:59:49 PM  
We have an Easy St. here, and the sign is about 20 ft. off the ground now...
2004-10-12 06:00:23 PM  
Bong Recreational is actually a lovely place to camp at. The sunrises are amazing there, nothing between you and the morning but rolling prairie full of goldenrod stands and red grasses.

Also, I have stolen a 'Speed Hump' sign from Chicago.
2004-10-12 06:00:36 PM  
I' W Ass_Master I can't believe this didn't get the obvious tag
2004-10-12 06:01:05 PM  
Wasn't that on an episode of "That 70's Show?"
def that 70s show they tried to nick it and got stopped by a little kid who took it i believe

Heh, I didn't know it had been on That 70's Show. Makes sense though... the sign is in Wisconsin.
2004-10-12 06:01:19 PM  
When I lived on Long Island, we lived way out in the sticks, and there was this small street called 2 1/2 street. Of course I stole it right before I moved.
2004-10-12 06:01:50 PM  
I work on the High st. in question - both the street sign (OK) and the Stop sign it's near to (NOT OK!) are removed on a semi-regular basis.
2004-10-12 06:02:06 PM  
Here in Sweden, the German tourists leave with these as memento:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-12 06:04:09 PM  
Come on guys, no College/Weed pictures yet? Slackers.
2004-10-12 06:05:06 PM  
I actually RTFA, and thought that the third most stolen sign was funnier. Westward Ho Ave.
2004-10-12 06:05:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd steal this one...
2004-10-12 06:05:44 PM  
I've never seen the need to steal a street sign. My father owns a sign shop, so I can get just about any sign I want for free anyways.
2004-10-12 06:06:07 PM  
There's a river in the great state of Pennsylvania called Big Beaver.
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