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(Some Guy)   Must suck to spend all that money on a cruise only to find out that none of the ports want anything to do with you because your behavior spreads disease   ( divider line
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2021-07-29 8:50:31 PM  
37 votes:
Your first mistake was not getting vaccinated.  Your second mistake was wasting money on a cruise, vaxxed or not.
2021-07-29 7:39:59 PM  
35 votes:
Because nobody saw that coming.

Narrator; Everybody saw this coming, including Ray Charles who is both blind and dead.
2021-07-29 9:55:56 PM  
24 votes:
They shouldn't even let the vaccinated off the cruise. If the ship doesn't require vaccines, don't let it in port.
2021-07-29 9:57:34 PM  
22 votes:
Is this the part where Puerto Rico suddenly IS part of America and has to do what they say?
2021-07-29 10:23:29 PM  
15 votes:
vaccine exemption program

Are you farking shiatting me?
2021-07-29 10:13:04 PM  
13 votes:

CrazyCurt: A ship that enormous probably has enough things for people to do.

/ Like get lost forever and disappear -- that seems to happen.

Yeah, but the ship is huge. It's like a huge rat-infested ship of doom. White people spreading disease throughout the planet -- that's us.
2021-07-29 9:56:50 PM  
12 votes:
Good. We need more places turning away these anti-science idiots.

Charlie The Unicorn - Shun The Non-Believer
Youtube nRB8Jor8tPs
2021-07-29 10:17:24 PM  
12 votes:

ImpendingCynic: Is this the part where Puerto Rico suddenly IS part of America and has to do what they say?

It isn't part of Florida so they can act like an adult state/territory.
2021-07-29 10:38:27 PM  
11 votes:
In an ever-changing world, the rules for cruise destinations seem to be changing on a daily basis as well.

But if this ever-changing world, in which we're living, makes you give in and cry...

Say live and let die.
2021-07-29 10:45:36 PM  
8 votes:

whidbey: Negligence on the part of the cruise line.  Lawsuit.  Boom.  Done.

Actually ports historically and legally  can set requirements for shore leave. Even though the passengers are not crew they are subject to the sane rules
2021-07-29 10:53:27 PM  
7 votes:
Just put them in in the original meaning:

The name is from the Venetian policy (first enforced in 1377) of keeping ships from plague-stricken countries waiting off its port for 40 days to assure that no latent cases were aboard.

Also see lazaretto. The extended sense of "any period of forced isolation" is from 1670s.

"house for reception of lepers and diseased poor persons," 1540s, from Italian lazareto "place set aside for performance of quarantine" (especially that of Venice, which received many ships from plague-infested districts in the East), from the Biblical proper name Lazarus
2021-07-29 9:23:18 PM  
5 votes:
World Party - Ship of Fools
Youtube ZHh0V7UjVXI
2021-07-30 1:58:22 AM  
2 votes:
What, 15 storeys, decks? How many passengers does this ship carry? I was on a Navy ship, a combo troop carrier, small aircraft carrier & amphibious assault ship. She carried 850 Navy officers & crew plus 2,103 (we had to count the bunks) Marines. I can't imagine how many people this behemoth schleps from port to port. How horrible. All the standing on line for everything. At least the Navy paid me; imagine paying the cruise line for the privilege. Yeah, this would suck.
2021-07-30 3:08:10 AM  
2 votes:
Holy crap! Max # passengers on MV Carnival Mardi Gras is 6,631! Can you imagine how many people they could  if all were infectious?
2021-07-30 4:53:35 AM  
2 votes:
I'm of an age that when I think "cruise ship" my mind goes to The Love Boat. Seeing these modern monstrosities is always jarring.
2021-07-29 10:33:16 PM  
1 vote:
port towns don't want anything to do with you because your behavior spreads disease

You know it's bad when the syphilitic hags who normally spread disease want nothing to do with you.
2021-07-29 10:47:28 PM  
1 vote:
Free pratique
means permission for a ship to enter a port, embark or disembark, discharge or load cargo or stores; permission for an aircraft, after landing, to embark or disembark, discharge or load cargo or stores; and permission for a ground transport vehicle, upon arrival, to embark or disembark, discharge or load cargo or stores
2021-07-29 11:14:12 PM  
1 vote:
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2021-07-29 11:59:13 PM  
1 vote:
The port in Miami is packed with Cruise Ships. 2 days ago, the port was packed and there was 1 waiting for a slot. 3 days ago, it was packed and there were 3 waiting. The herd will get thinned soon enough, and in the meantime, their impotent rage at being stuck on a ship, or incidents of Uncle Gary getting arrested because 'he dun smacked a porto reekin' who wouldn't let him off the boat' will fuel my amusement.
2021-07-30 5:18:49 AM  
1 vote:
Cruise ships were disgusting plague carriers long before covid-19. I used to test samples for norovirus and the lab staff hated when cruise ships docked in town because the workload would skyrocket
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2021-07-30 5:23:10 AM  
1 vote:
Flashback to the 1990s when one island nation wouldn't let a gay cruise dock.
2021-07-30 11:48:55 AM  
1 vote:
Now hope rest of ports of call do the same. DeSantis must be pissed, he can't do jack about it.
2021-07-30 12:13:37 PM  
1 vote:

whidbey: CheatCommando: whidbey: Negligence on the part of the cruise line.  Lawsuit.  Boom.  Done.

Amazing. Every word that you said is completely wrong.

It actually wasn't.    If the cruise line fails to SPECIFICALLY mentions ports on their itinerary that are subject to closure because of Covid, then that is basis for a lawsuit.

And don't overuse the word "amazing," it sounds...zoomery.

I am sure the attorneys who wrote the passenger agreement the girls with the tickets have a blanket exemption to take care of that. Just like the airlines do for just about everything but they are not required to cover specifically by law.

They are smarter than random posters on the Internet.

And I guess you missed the reference.
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