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(CNN)   Wait. We need a CNN headline to tell us that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis actively choose politics over science?   ( divider line
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990 clicks; posted to Politics » on 28 Jul 2021 at 4:23 PM (17 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-07-28 10:00:06 AM  
It's still worth reminding voters that DeSantis is part of the death cult.
2021-07-28 10:18:18 AM  
The whole party is anti-science

Science shows us that a lot of things (things that cost money) are very good for society as a whole.

But since they cost money, they will reduce or delay the continual flow of wealth to the smallest segment of the population.

Republicans do not like this.

Now science is showing us how to save lives, but they can't suddenly embrace the science that they have been denying for decades. Not if it affects the upward flow of money.

So you have to die.

2021-07-28 1:22:26 PM  
Can we get confirmation from on a second source on this?
2021-07-28 2:39:13 PM  

Destructor: Can we get confirmation from on a second source on this?

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2021-07-28 4:02:46 PM  
When you're told "if you do this you're more likely to die sooner than if you do that", that's science. When they say "you need to do that" or "you should do that", it's not science; it's engineering.

They didn't choose politics over science. They made a political decision to ignore the science assessing the expected consequences, because they considered otherwise expected consequences more important.

In short, they're morally depraved and they're deluded.
2021-07-28 4:26:53 PM  
It's not choosing to ignore science It's straight up bioterrorism.

Stop calling it rejecting science.

Start calling it bioterrorism.
Start prosecuting bioterrorist threats.
Starting with the financiers.
2021-07-28 4:28:28 PM  
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2021-07-28 4:31:16 PM  
"Don't surrender to COVID. Don't go back!"

I get it now... Masks don't help, social distancing doesn't help, vaccines don't help. Apparently, the only reason that anyone gets Covid is that they surrender and allow it to infect them. Now to take this a little bit farther, Trump got Covid, as we all know, so that must mean that he is a surrender monkey. Does he eat cheese? Can we call him a 'Cheese eating surrender monkey'?
2021-07-28 4:32:51 PM  
*GIS "Obvious CNN chyrons"*

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2021-07-28 4:36:00 PM  
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Bow down before the one you serve, you're going to get what you deserve...
2021-07-28 4:41:45 PM  
Not even Romero would touch that one.
2021-07-28 4:46:13 PM  
I'm not happy when their followers get sick, or get arrested, or make asses of themselves on someone's Instagram or TikTok feed, or die.

But I'm not surprised, and I'm not sad about it, any more.
2021-07-28 4:46:29 PM  
Especially since only one of those two chuckleheads are in power, DeSantis.

CNN is using the same quaint kid gloves "journalism" that got Trump elected.
2021-07-28 4:47:26 PM  

SpectroBoy: It's still worth reminding voters that DeSantis is part of the death cult.

Republicans have not wanted any type of gun control for years. So they've been a death cult for far longer than the start of the pandemic.
2021-07-28 4:50:39 PM  
Wrong headline. They choose their own power over the lives of every American. They are literally climbing over dead bodies to get to the top.
2021-07-28 5:24:55 PM  
Some people do.

As frightening as it is to contemplate, most Americans are even less politically savvy than Farkers and many have to be told, every time it rains hard, for example, not to drive into high water, lest their vehicle become first a flotation device, then their last known location.

Many Americans are dumb as fark. A lot of them, upon hearing the name "DeSantis," say, "Who?"

To be fair, if you don't live in Floriduh, it's not really that important that you be able to distinguish one of the Republican morons from the vast ocean of Republican morons. They all sound the same and after awhile, they all start to look the same, too.
2021-07-28 5:33:32 PM  
historyofvaccines.orgView Full Size

Trump wouldn't know science from his own McDonald's-stuffed rectum.
2021-07-28 6:13:20 PM  
Don't blame me, I voted for the bisexual depressed alcoholic who had a preference for methed up male hookers.

No judgement on his preferences, I still would have preferred him to DeathSantis.
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