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(mycfnow.com)   Al-Qaida suspect blows self to bits with grenade when cornered by security force   ( mycfnow.com) divider line
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2002-02-13 03:16:18 PM  
2002-02-13 03:16:43 PM  
Hero? More like a farking coward.
2002-02-13 03:17:04 PM  
Seriously you guys...they are not religious nut jobs. They are just poor and misunderstood.
2002-02-13 03:17:11 PM  
Now that's what I call "taking one for the team."
2002-02-13 03:17:50 PM  

2002-02-13 03:17:58 PM  
I think the "hero" tag is for the grenade....
2002-02-13 03:19:19 PM  
I think who ever ok'ed the hero tag is just an idiot.
2002-02-13 03:19:40 PM  
I think who chose the hero tag is just an idiot.
2002-02-13 03:19:45 PM  
"in the dark of the night..."???
2002-02-13 03:20:15 PM  
.........That's too bad...he would have made a great jail cell biatch for a big guy named "Tiny"........
2002-02-13 03:20:25 PM  
I would have opted for a "cool" tag
2002-02-13 03:20:31 PM  
Yeah....he just blew himself up...yeah, thats the ticket.
What? .....I don't know how it got crammed up his arse.
2002-02-13 03:20:37 PM  
I think I'm an idiot.
2002-02-13 03:21:39 PM  
Congratulations Yemeni security forces, now go get some more before the shiat-heads try to blow up another U.S. ship.
2002-02-13 03:22:20 PM  
Is this what we were on High Alert for yesterday?
2002-02-13 03:22:30 PM  

I wish they had taped it.
2002-02-13 03:22:57 PM  
Hero? whoever put that tag to this article should choose such a noble death themselves....
2002-02-13 03:24:21 PM  
I say it again, what a stunning display of bravery on the part of al qaida. Hide, then run away, then kill yourself because you're too scared of being caught. Bin Laden has taught them well.
2002-02-13 03:24:53 PM  
There is a valuable lesson learned here:

Don't ever corner Harmonia
2002-02-13 03:25:12 PM  
Wonder if Britain will denounce the dead suspect for treating himself "cruelly and unusually"?
2002-02-13 03:25:16 PM  
where's the "Hilarity ensues" at the end of the tagline?
2002-02-13 03:25:38 PM  
How long till harmonia comes in here biatching about how this guy was just misunderstood?
2002-02-13 03:27:20 PM  
Now if we can just corner the rest of those ba$turds..
2002-02-13 03:28:50 PM  
one less fundie to worry about.
2002-02-13 03:29:34 PM  
I was waiting for this to happen
one at a time.
2002-02-13 03:30:03 PM  
Shank, he was cruel and unusual to himself! The guy obviously broke every geneva conventioin the book! The british media should sue the bastard to teach him a lesson!
2002-02-13 03:31:04 PM  
Do you still get 80 virgins in heaven if you blow yourself up with a grenade?
2002-02-13 03:31:12 PM  
sounds like them damn Afgan Ninjas again
2002-02-13 03:32:02 PM  
smartest. thing. ever. done. by. a. taliban.
2002-02-13 03:32:32 PM  
I'm going to start my own news service and then being too lazy to do any reporting, I'll just quote other news stories I've read...

According to the CNN story...blah blah
2002-02-13 03:32:41 PM  

Bong hits all around for a job well done. Plus it saves money on prosecution, transportation, jailhouse tatoo removals, sperm transportation, and of course a new toothbrush every day to shove up his ass!

More self destruction by defective human beings!
2002-02-13 03:32:43 PM  
Im gonna take some flak for this, but here goes.

That IS a hero. you may not agree with him, but he was brave enough to die for what he believed in. The people who crashed the planes into the WTC were Brave. They felt so strongly about something, the dedicated their lives to it. Osama ordering them to in his little cave is cowardly, but it takes real balls to die for your cause. Im not endorseing what these men have or are doing, but dont call it cowardly.
2002-02-13 03:33:24 PM  
I bet this guy is someone Ted Turner can look up to.
2002-02-13 03:34:25 PM  
I am sure he is a hero in his home country. He will have a bilboard with his picture on it. There is no higher honor in the middle east than killing yourself, right? It is too bad they reproduce faster than they can blow themselves up, or the world would be a safer place.
2002-02-13 03:34:41 PM  
Yeah...the guy blew himself up....right.
2002-02-13 03:36:07 PM  
mask idiot, most of them didn't know that the mission was a suicide one when they boarded the plane. All they knew was that they were hijacking the plane. There is not honor, glory or anything remotely noteworthy in their actions. What he did was cowardly. If he believed in what his kind are espousing, he would have waited for them to get closer and taken out more people than just his punk ass.

...more flak to follow.
2002-02-13 03:37:20 PM  
Tech, i said the ones that actually crashed it, not the ones that had no idea
2002-02-13 03:37:27 PM  
It's all fun and games til they figure out a way to hit us back

So keep laughing
2002-02-13 03:38:03 PM  
But if the terrorists all kill themselves then the terrorists have already.... oh wait. no they haven't.

Allah overheard saying, "72 virgins? No, no: a 72 YEAR OLD virgin is what you get. And believe me, you gotta be pretty butt to go 72 years..."
2002-02-13 03:38:40 PM  
mask = troll

one more down.... keep 'em coming!
2002-02-13 03:39:53 PM  
Hey Mask, are you Ted Turner?
2002-02-13 03:39:57 PM  
Mask - I'm not sure how fully I agree with you. Some people say it's brave to kill yourself for your cause. I think it's probably more brave to live and fight for your cause. Also, I don't know how brave it is to kill innocent people in the name of your beliefs.
2002-02-13 03:40:12 PM  
Way to take one for Allah, sharmoota. Elif air ab dinich!

2002-02-13 03:40:22 PM  
Puck, im not a troll, we debated this for a few hours in ethics class the other day, thats my actual, and i feel valid, opinion
2002-02-13 03:40:52 PM  
Im gonna take some flak for this, but here goes.

That IS a hero. you may not agree with him, but he was brave enough to die for what he believed in.

Hero, brainwashed religious pawn, what's the difference.
2002-02-13 03:41:10 PM  
Like to see any of you have the courage to blow yourself up. Not particularly intelligent, but courageous nonetheless.
2002-02-13 03:42:00 PM  
mask: do me, and the rest of the world a favor, and insert yourself in a giant meat grinder. anyone that could put ANYTHING positive into the horror that the taliban did here in NYC should have an end put to his entire gene pool. there is no, i repeat NO excuse for trying to make positive what they have done. if anyone disagrees, you can follow him into the meat grinder - allah is telling you to.
/m16a2-toting, ex USMC, American rant
2002-02-13 03:42:22 PM  
Techmaniac Retard, dead men tell no tales. He may be blown to bits, but whatever he was working on and any information we could have tortured out of him went up in smoke when he pulled that pin.
2002-02-13 03:43:21 PM  
Good, saved us the trouble
2002-02-13 03:43:30 PM  
This guy killed himself rather than face up to the consequences of his actions. That makes him a coward. Of course, you could say that he knew he was a coward, so went ahead and killed himself to keep his own mouth shut, which makes him less of a coward?
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