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(Lexington Herald Leader)   Ale 8 might be coming soon to your area -- even if you aren't lucky enough to live in the Fark State (this stuff rocks -Drew)   ( divider line
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2002-02-13 03:59:13 PM  
The cult of the dew will not stand for this blasphemy.
2002-02-13 03:59:37 PM  
Expanding its territory? Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana? Woo-hoo! That's a huge territory.
2002-02-13 04:02:48 PM  
theres a store here in dallas that sells nothing but sodas, over 200 different kinds including original formula(minus the cocaine) coke, and original formula dr pepper. they even have ale 8 1. its allright. ting from jamaica is better. but ale8q does have a cool ass bottle.

the store is "ifs ands and butts"
2002-02-13 04:05:33 PM  
Soft-drink, schmoft-drink. Pass the beer nuts...
2002-02-13 04:08:32 PM  
well, I don't drink the stuff b/c the sugar and caffeine will give me a headache. Somehow that effect is lessened when I do a Maker's and Coke tho.

Anyway, I've always heard that the best Ale8's were the ones in the returnable bottles...better flavor b/c the bottles aren't exactly, perfectly, clean when they are rebottled. I'd say that Drew might be able to confirm if he has heard that as well.
2002-02-13 04:08:48 PM  
Ale 8 is the best. No denying. Drinking a 6 pack is the only way to stay up ALL night. :)
2002-02-13 04:09:37 PM  
God I hate the term "soda".
2002-02-13 04:13:01 PM  
I had a buddy in college that kept a buncha empties of this stuff laying around for some reason. He did a lot of drugs...
2002-02-13 04:13:33 PM  
Being an Illinoisan, I call it "pop".
2002-02-13 04:15:25 PM  
"Coke has great marketing power and penetration."
now all i need is marketing power and i can have control of all the crackheads i want. france will surrender.
2002-02-13 04:15:49 PM  
##### that's enough, Finger

I've had (non-alcoholic) ginger beer, but that tasted like ass smells. I take it this is nothing like that at all, since everyone seems to love it.
2002-02-13 04:18:55 PM  
One of my college buds up in Kentucky is a huge fan of it. Actually - anyone in kentucky is a huge fan of the stuff. I went up there and tried it - nothing special. The people there will claim it is the best soda, from all the bragging you'd think it could make you fly, but all it tastes like is a watered down gingerale. No, it isn't a bad soda, but it definately isn't what everyone up in kentucky makes it out to be
2002-02-13 04:19:31 PM  
This stuff rocks. I used to make trips across the river into KY to stock up on this and Double Cola (in returnable bottles, thank you very much). I still miss the older bottles with the painted labels, though.

I can still find it here in Ohio, so this deal won't affect me too much - unless Coke somehow screws it up.
2002-02-13 04:25:19 PM  
Is it straight ginger ale, or does it have caffeine and other flavorings added, too? As far as straight ginger ales go, nothing beats blenheim ale.
2002-02-13 04:28:40 PM  
I grew up calling soda "tonic". I think it's not as common as it was when I was a kid, but I remember going to college and asking someone for a sip of their tonic. They thought I had lost my mind " What're you talking about ?"

But then , those out of state people also liked to hear me say "Park the car in Harvard Yard" cause of my Boston accent. Comes out sounding like "Pak the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd."
2002-02-13 04:29:49 PM  
Best soda ever!
2002-02-13 04:29:54 PM  
Also, if you live outside the new and improved distribution area, you can have a 12-pack delivered via UPS:

I lack html skills. Copy and paste, you lazy jerks!
2002-02-13 04:33:12 PM  
Nothing special. HA! The only thing better that Ale8 is Ale8 with Bourbon. Seriously, try it. Heavenly. And yea, those new plastic labels suck.
2002-02-13 04:34:59 PM  
I had a roomate from Lexington when i was in college. He used to make his parents bring at least a case of that crap with them everytime they came to visit. I never saw the appeal. But then again I was drinking nothing bu RC cola for $1.99 per 8-pack w/ returnable bottles at the time. Nectar of the gods, I tell ya.
2002-02-13 04:49:39 PM  
Never heard of it, but if Fb- says it is good, it must be.
2002-02-13 04:51:25 PM  
Hold on. This stuff has the word "Ale" in the name, is endorsed by Drew and is NOT beer?

What the hell?
2002-02-13 04:52:59 PM  
2002-02-13 04:57:48 PM  
Several places I know of from Columbus to Chillicothe on down to Cincinnati do a regular business with ALE 81. I love the stuff and drink it all the time, now if they could just get the price down to something normal for pop. $2.99 for 6 bottles is a bit ridiculous. That and maybe start distributing SKI as well, now that is a hard to find soft drink. SKI is what Mountain Dew should be.

For those who asked earlier in this thread, ALE 81 (A Late One) is basically a Ginger ale with a bit of a fruity ,spicy taste. Hard to explain now that I think about it. Nothing in the world like a juicy 4 way with onions and a Late One on a sleepy Sunday afternoon.
2002-02-13 05:00:22 PM  
I always thought the returnable bottles tasted better too. Each one tasted slightly different, sometimes like beer sometimes not
2002-02-13 05:02:18 PM  
please god no! a family member was in KY last year and brought some of this back. man if it didnt taste like pisswater! really awful stuff. on a better note thy brought back some wiskey that was made near by in Kentucky and it rock!
2002-02-13 05:04:46 PM  
I just moved to Kentucky, and am already hooked on the stuff.... YUM!
2002-02-13 05:05:16 PM  
They teamed up with Coca-Cola? Where was AOL????
2002-02-13 05:08:26 PM  
Funny ... I never really thought about Coke having great penetration ... nor do I want to.
2002-02-13 05:24:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Had to be done ... the x-ray is genuine, btw.
2002-02-13 05:26:20 PM  
I love these crazy rebel softdrinks.
2002-02-13 05:26:40 PM  
Untitled1977...what was the whiskey? Maker's Mark, Woodford Reserve?

FWIW...i don't drink it...and don't really like it...and I'm from KY.
2002-02-13 05:30:26 PM  
Ale 81 outside of Kentucky? w00t!
2002-02-13 05:34:32 PM  
You mean this "Ale" has no alcohol? BAH! Next thread.
2002-02-13 06:06:14 PM  
After spending 40 years in Cincinnati from 1987-98 (ok, it was only 11 years but it SEEMED like 40), Ale-8-One is just catering to the hayseed masses spread far and wide throughout the Tristate. You could get the stuff in Covington. But I didn't bother....


and it's deliciously different...

...and i can get it in Kansas City.
2002-02-13 06:08:37 PM  
RichJ7: I love it. Hilarious and painful
2002-02-13 06:27:31 PM  
that's not a genuine xray. Just because you didn't tamper with it doesn't mean someone else didn't
2002-02-13 06:38:55 PM  
I want my Faygo Cream Soda dammit.
2002-02-13 06:48:23 PM  
it's definately an acquired taste....kinda like flat ginger ale, but it does have less caffiene than most colas
2002-02-13 06:53:11 PM  
aargh, I cannot get Faygo. I miss Redpop so.

I see I can buy it online at for $13 a case, but I don't shipping's a bear.

e-mail me some.
2002-02-13 06:53:57 PM  
nor can i code html that great, for that matter
2002-02-13 07:00:43 PM  
What I really miss, also from Kentucky, is the now lost Nitro cola. And the worst part is that it's not just that I can't get it, they stopped making it. Sigh.

On the other hand, they still make Makers Mark. Godlike nectar, indeed.
2002-02-13 07:02:15 PM  
Sweet! I discovered this stuff on a trip to Louisville in January. I may just have the only two cold bottles of Ale-8-One in Wisconsin.

I love it. It's got all the body of Stewart's Ginger Beer with none of the afterburn. Of course, Stewart's sodas are in a class all their own...
2002-02-13 07:04:13 PM  
Oh, yeah, though. How could I forget Vernors! I love that stuff. It's available in only a select few pockets of Southeast Wisconsin....mmm...good memories...I remember back when I had my big ol' 1982 Ford Crown Victoria, drivin' around with cold Vernors in the summertime...nice...
2002-02-13 07:30:15 PM  
I love the stuff. Spent a lot of time visiting the Lexington area over the last few years and developed a taste for the stuff. Started bootlegging it back into Indiana 2 cases at a time.

The bottles are returnable, so they make wonderful vessels for homemade beer! Better than anything else I've seen.
2002-02-13 07:33:25 PM  
Gonadotron: Of course, you're right ... I should rephrase my statement. I did not tamper with the x-ray but found it as-is on a German site ... and with those crazy Germans, you never know. :) Also, it wouldn't be the strangest thing I've seen on an x-ray ... I used to be a cop. You'd be amazed at some of the actual x-rays I've seen of guns, knives, and other painful objects inserted by inmates into their own rectums ...

SilentObserver: Thanks, dude.
2002-02-13 07:49:30 PM  
I am a Kentuckian and I hate the stuff. Winchester swampwater as I calls it.
2002-02-13 08:09:53 PM  
Ale 8 One and some jack daniels green label makes a lovely after dinner drink.
2002-02-13 08:53:43 PM  
Kentucky born and raised...can't really stomach the stuff if there's Coke around, but it's not the absolute worst stuff you'll put down yer gullet.
2002-02-13 09:23:30 PM  
Actaully, I might have to retract my previous statement since Jones Soda is so damn good!! And it comes in 5 flavors!!!
2002-02-13 09:24:07 PM  
Best. Ginger Ale. Ever. Hot will make your eyes bleed.
[image from too old to be available]
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