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(iFilm)   Fellowship 9/11: Michael Moore's look at how the Aragorn administration's rushed to war with Mordor, while ignoring connections between Isengard and the attack at Helm's Deep   ( divider line
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2004-10-11 7:01:28 PM  
Ok, I sound like a total dork. But you konw, they didn't IGNORE the connections between Isengard and the attack at Helm's Deep. Remember how the Ents kicked Saruman's ass? They knew about the connection between Isengard and the Deep. They also knew about the connections between Isengard and Morder. so yeah, in conclusion, satire that isn't accurate is not funny.
2004-10-11 7:34:11 PM  
2004-10-11 07:01:28 PM TalkingBaseball

Ok, I sound like a total dork.

You? Nooooooo
2004-10-11 7:35:37 PM  
The part with Hobbit licking his comb? Yeah, that was a nice touch.
2004-10-11 7:43:38 PM  
So does this mean that this :

[image from too old to be available]

is the eye of the Enemy (the Evil One, The Lord of Mordor)?

Is Dan Rather the Witch King?
2004-10-11 7:46:05 PM  
I'm willing to bet this headline would make sense if I were a bigger dork.
2004-10-11 7:50:12 PM  
Nougat - Yeah, those Lord of the Rings movies were pretty obscure...
2004-10-11 7:54:14 PM  
Weaver Good one.
2004-10-11 8:01:03 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

Cousins maybe?
2004-10-11 8:12:49 PM  
I dunno...I might be on to something here:

Witch King of Angmar

[image from too old to be available]

Dan Rather

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-11 8:18:01 PM  
Was F9/11 this boring too?
2004-10-11 8:24:28 PM  
Can someone save the file locally? I cna only watch it streaming and wouldn't mind a copy.
2004-10-11 8:27:38 PM  
Great idea, but it bored me after 2 minutes.
2004-10-11 8:39:22 PM  
Bhwahahaha. Excellent, Weaver.
2004-10-11 8:51:17 PM  
That's hilarious Weaver.
2004-10-11 10:09:34 PM  
Isn't half of TF at war with Weaver or something?
2004-10-11 10:22:16 PM  
Isn't half of TF at war with Weaver or something?

Really? When did THAT happen?
2004-10-11 10:37:10 PM  
So long as no one rushes to war with Weaver without a plan to win the peace.
2004-10-11 10:40:06 PM  
So long as no one rushes to war with Weaver without a plan to win the peace.

Ah, but if I throw this...

[image from too old to be available]

...into the crack of Doom, then I win!
2004-10-12 12:43:04 AM  
If we get all woven up, then what is the exit strategy? Tearing up the social fabric?
2004-10-12 12:48:08 AM  
Some one needs to insert John Stewart's pic with the line "One King to Rule them All"
2004-10-12 12:49:22 AM  
Once again, some of us might become Total Farkers if it weren't for crap like Ifilm links.
2004-10-12 12:56:38 AM  
"We do not have the strength to fight both Mordor and Isengard! We must bring back the draft!"

/Aragorn lied, orcs died!
2004-10-12 12:57:59 AM  
Sauron reminds me of Cheney more than anything else.....

Never seen in public eye, has formerly likeable mouthpiece in form of Bush (Saruman), planning to rule the world (with oil instead of a ring)............

/Yeah, i gots nothing
2004-10-12 1:03:05 AM  
You know, regardless of what you think of Mickey Moore, that is still hilarious.
2004-10-12 1:04:10 AM  
Must... learn... how... to write... script... with... better... pacing... otherwise... one-note... joke... film... drags... on... too... long.
2004-10-12 1:05:16 AM  
I'm also fairly sure I've heard Dan Rather screech like a Nazgul on at least one occasion.
2004-10-12 1:05:33 AM  
2004-10-12 1:05:39 AM  
am i the only geek who refuses to watch the LOTR movies?
2004-10-12 1:06:15 AM  
"Let me tell you how things work in Middle Earth: no one can read. We have one printing press in Rohan."

This is almost as good as the Troopers thing. And is it just me or did the "make me look good" elf look like Figwit? *sigh* beautiful Figwit...
2004-10-12 1:08:29 AM  
2004-10-12 1:10:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-12 1:10:47 AM  
Started off pretty good, but it got boring after a few minutes.

One joke bits can only drag on so long. But the start was a good touch.
2004-10-12 1:11:03 AM  
That was somewhat funny in spite of being pro-Bush/war/olives.
2004-10-12 1:11:20 AM  
It was funny right up to the "Do you sell nunchucks to turtles?" Or maybe the hobbit licking his comb and then combing his feet. But after that it went downhill really fast.
2004-10-12 1:11:49 AM  
Enecks why would you refuse to watch something thats so good? Its like turning down a blow job from a hot girl, or a free meal at nice place.

Whats the worst that can happen if you watch the movies?
2004-10-12 1:15:56 AM  
Somewhat lame: * 1/2. It would have been more effective if the guy could do Moore's awesome fat-guy nasal voice. Good satire tears shiat up a little more, and dismissing the idea of finding dirt on the Bush Administration as silly is just not that funny.
2004-10-12 1:16:47 AM  
Looe --
"Whats the worst that can happen if you watch the movies?"

You strap on a sword and go running through the city sewers looking for goblins to kill like you're in some really bad early Tom Hanks movie.

No Blood for Ent Wood!
2004-10-12 1:16:49 AM  
I thought this was pretty funny...
2004-10-12 1:17:48 AM  
Talking Baseball

I am sorry my friend, but you have been fooled. I heard that the this movie was sponsered by the left leaning Ents... the tree-hugging, evironmentalists. They hide in the shadows and get their hermit henchman to do their dirty work.
2004-10-12 1:18:32 AM  
Farking hilarious. That is one of the best spoofs ever. It isn't "Troops" but pretty damn good.

I avoided watching the LOTR movies for a long time. But I actually sat down to watch them with my son and it turned out I loved the movies.
2004-10-12 1:19:13 AM  
We have always been at war with Mordor.
2004-10-12 1:21:18 AM  
So long as no one rushes to war with Weaver without a plan to win the peace.
Ah, but if I throw this...into the crack of Doom, then I win!

Crack of Doom? I thought that was banned in the FArQ
2004-10-12 1:22:07 AM  
I was under the assumption that they only hired liberals at ABC? That what Fox News tells me.
2004-10-12 1:23:03 AM  
Orrrrange... Orc threat has been elevated to orrrrange....
2004-10-12 1:23:09 AM  
Not bad for a no budget movie that some friends made. Moore should have been fatter though.

/Saw Team Moore insults EVAR!!! I think EVERYONE (ie: Left and right wingers) will love that movie (except Americans who cant laugh at themseleves).
//Half Yank Half Canuck. All Man.
2004-10-12 1:24:07 AM  
we have always beena t war with Isengard
2004-10-12 1:24:11 AM  
Of course, we have evidence of actual links between Isengard and Mordor. Let's also not forget that Aragorn built an actual alliance (with the elves, Gondor, Rohan, the Cursed Ones, and the eagles) before he rushed off to war. And unlike the real world, Gondor didn't suffer ninety percent of alliance casualties of war, unlike America.

...sorry, I forgot about Poland.
2004-10-12 1:25:38 AM  
Omega Ohm, nice reference.
2004-10-12 1:29:40 AM  
so are you guys geeks or nerds?
2004-10-12 1:31:32 AM  
2004-10-12 01:05:39 AM enecks

am i the only geek who refuses to watch the LOTR movies?

I'll bet you're proud of that for some stupid reason too, aren't you?

I once met someone who was so proud that they'd never seen Star Wars, you'd think they'd cured cancer or something.

Just watch the freakin' movies will ya?
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