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(Some Guy)   1800's "Flatus Apparatus" invention, and why it ultimately failed.   ( emilychesley.com) divider line
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2002-02-16 11:49:52 PM  
oh man.. way too much reading.
2002-02-16 11:52:35 PM  
its interesting how they managed to kill a guy though.
2002-02-16 11:53:23 PM  
yeah that part was pretty cool actually
2002-02-16 11:54:14 PM  
And I thought I had some deadly gas.
2002-02-16 11:58:00 PM  
Fools. Everyone knows corks are too small to make effective buttplugs.
2002-02-17 12:02:18 AM  
Anyone else notice that the fourth footnote reads "Lady Bracknell was a legendary tight ass"? I was not aware that we had those kind of legends.
2002-02-17 12:05:13 AM  
"Lady" Cecil B. "Butrum" (But-rum?!?!?). Scabrous Times. Foewad. The Windy Lake Cross Rip.

Does this story sound like, ahem, a bunch of hot air?
2002-02-17 12:05:40 AM  
Obviously, English people's asses were too weak to hold it in...
2002-02-17 12:09:29 AM  
Dammit I wanted to read about the "Seaman's Vessel" but the link is broken. Ah fark it Dude. I'm going bowling.
2002-02-17 12:10:34 AM  
The Rude Bit. hehe. I once had a landlord named Mr. Rude.

Jebus, those 1800's ladies sure were embarassed by bad odors. Strangly they found no inhabitions for sticking things up their whazzo. With those big floor length dresses, it seems to me that you could rip a big fat wet one and nobody would be able to hear or smell it. Mmmmmm, this calls for an experiment.........
2002-02-17 12:14:09 AM  

Steam-punk urban legends.
2002-02-17 12:21:57 AM  
The Emily Chesley Reading Circle is a group of "scholars" and bon-vivants pledged to further the study of Emily Chesley, a long-overlooked Canadian speculative fiction writer of the late Victorian period (who lived for some time in the London, Ontario region). Our research includes the history, literature, science fiction, parody and humor of Emily Chesley; we also examine the life of her "uncle", the quirky inventor Michael Flannigan. Indeed, the Circle also studies many of the other literary, historical and scientific figures they met in their lives.

In other words: not funny.
2002-02-17 12:27:47 AM  
Im suprized that when that ballon one broke, and all the air escaped it didn't actully kill people. I mean its pretty easy to kill a british.
2002-02-17 12:36:23 AM  
We've come a long way with female hygiene products.
2002-02-17 12:52:15 AM  
Too funny.
2002-02-17 01:19:42 AM  
lol that's great peaceboy
2002-02-17 01:59:45 AM  
That was one funny ass article, no pun intended!

Did anyone else notice this?

After a while, the harlots who used the device became known as their regulars as the "Sweet FA".

Now I know where the saying "Im doing Sweet FA" comes from... hehe
2002-02-17 02:42:29 AM  
This is a total lie. My Aunt works over at the Smithsonian. She gets these fake stories all the time.

Plus really, I love to open my girlfriends cheeks and let the air pass through my hands. Somewhat riveting.
2002-02-17 02:49:17 AM  
Pornosaur: Nice! I love that movie
2002-02-17 02:57:09 AM  

Uh huh...

2002-02-17 03:21:33 AM  
this really should've been called "Put A Cork In It!"

2002-02-17 03:49:02 AM  
Obvious fiction. Aside from the fact that you would be hard pressed to convince victiorian era women to shove things up their asses, if they did and gas backed up, it would not come without extreme pain before there was enough pressure to eject it at sufficient speed to cut through clothing, much less the speed of sound as it said. Plenty of clues in there to indicate it is a joke.
2002-02-17 04:15:22 AM  
No matter what any of you say, I was the black ghostbuster in the popular movie series, the ghostbusters. ]

Who you gonna call?
2002-02-17 04:37:54 AM  
"The Pornograph"
"...Flannigan's genius in the Pornograph was in the realization that people would enjoy listening to familiar sounds -- family, fun and fornication -- again and again..."

2002-02-17 04:41:43 AM  
i love you, winston!
2002-02-17 04:45:14 AM  
I really tried to go bowling too. But it was stupid ass rock-n-bowl night.
2002-02-17 07:12:37 AM  
Stick a cork in it or get some of those charcoal briefs
2002-02-17 07:24:53 AM  
A somewhat funny gag, but I think he should have left out the "Lady's Aerophagia Ameliorator, circa 1865." The joke was getting long by then.
2002-02-17 07:36:24 AM  
Women have done stranger things, if you believe the stories about them going to doctors for relief of "hysteria."
2002-02-17 05:48:06 PM  
Can't wait to get my puckernut wrapped around one of those.
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