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(Fox Sports) NewsFlash Ex-MLB MVP Ken Caminiti dies at the age of 41   ( divider line
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18665 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Oct 2004 at 4:41 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-11 06:25:06 AM  
So amazing...I read just the other day about his jail trouble. And now this.

What a shame. I had the pleasure of meeting him several times, and he really was a great guy. I have a lot of fond memories of him as a baseball player, but also as a person where he will truly be missed by his wife and children.

It's just sad because he really was a great person and sensitive guy. The world is certainly going to miss him. He still had a lot to give.
2004-10-11 06:30:36 AM  
Go big or go home! Or go to your grave.
2004-10-11 07:01:49 AM  
Same thing happened to John Matusak of the Raiders, the steroids got him.
2004-10-11 07:12:56 AM  
Hey, this poor guy didn't receive nearly as many comments as Reeves did...
2004-10-11 07:28:25 AM  
Steroids and dummy dust = no sympathy.
2004-10-11 07:29:47 AM  
My dad died at age 41. That was almost 19 years ago and I still miss that guy something fierce. Gramps died young too and so did Granny.

/worried that I don't have much time left
2004-10-11 07:32:10 AM  
RIP Cammy.

BTW, it may not have been steroids that did him in. He had a coke problem. Maybe a combo of the two. But coke'll certainly cause the ol ticker to lock on its own. Ask John Entwhistle.
2004-10-11 07:36:05 AM  
Wow there's a lot of hate going on here. Are you guys really that harsh? Is there no way back from mistakes in your books? That saddens me.

He admittedly used steroids, and while I don't condone the use of performance enhancers he did it in an environment where it was actively encouraged (behind closed doors). The fact that he had the balls to fess up to it and wanted to shed light on a massive problem that plagues America's game takes a lot more balls than most of us have. He could easily have never said a word and it would have blown over, leaving his record untarnished. Instead he took the fight on and tried to help (or at least intended to) younger players avoid doing it his way - the wrong way.

I salute Ken. He turned out to be a stand up guy who got led astray and found his OWN WAY back on the right path. That's more than can be said for most people.
2004-10-11 07:45:55 AM  

He may have found his own way back on the right path, but it obviously didn't do him any favors in the long run.

It's a shame to see someone who is still relatively young die of something so stupid.
2004-10-11 07:49:43 AM  

Don't you mean SLOTH of the GOONIES?!

And my one word reply to this thread:

2004-10-11 07:50:36 AM  
2004-10-11 07:51:23 AM  
Steroids didn't help, but I'd bet this is a coke death. He was long gone... huffing on the pipe behind drawn shades for years. It kills you, like my close friend who also died of a heart attack at 40.
2004-10-11 07:58:08 AM  
Will he be the first in a series of pro baseball players to die young just like pro wreslters have been doing for years? We linked to a story that was in USA Today earlier this year that said something like 65 pro wrestlers (all under the age of 45) have died since 1997, 25 from heart attacks or other coronary problems.
2004-10-11 07:58:49 AM  
CAMINITI makes the trifecta?

Reeve finished out the movie star trifecta. Caminiti began a sports star trifecta. Leigh was the first, then Dangerfield, then Reeve.
2004-10-11 08:04:42 AM  
Since it's going into a roid debate...

The Pads had a trainer...his name escapes me at the moment, but he really pushed "enhancers" on the guys. They were all bulked up and getting really hurt with chronic injuries that roid users get.

I remember hearing Mark Sweeney complain about how that guy was ruining his career...and lo and behold his ass got shipped out of San Diego.

I look at the Pads, especially from a few years back, and a lot of those guys just look wrong. It seems to be a way of life. I'm not sure how much of a choice guys like Cammy really had.

When I was in military school, I knew I never wanted to do drugs. But everyone around me did them, and if you're not "with them", you're "against them" and being blacklisted by the narrow community you live in is a bad idea. There's peer pressure, and there's no choice. It just seems to me that with so many bulked up guys on the Padres as well as a lot of the scuttlebutt going around about juicing, he could have had very little choice.

When he got there from Houston, he got a lot bigger really fast. Same when Nevin came...Klesko, and of course Mark Sweeney. Just off the top of my head.

If you're saying it's cut and dry, black and white and that he had total control over doing it or not, I'm not sure that's entirely realistic.
2004-10-11 08:07:44 AM  
Nice October surprise. Your favorite celebrities will die unless you elect candidate X.
2004-10-11 08:08:03 AM  

Yeah, I knew that, most people don't, he was good. I liked his book, CRUISING WITH THE TUZ.
2004-10-11 08:22:28 AM  
I hope the morans out there who still feel the need to pump steroids into their veins read the stories about Caminiti and think twice. This stuff kills. Short term benefits are not worth it if the long term benefit is death. I think the comment made above by badjocks about pro wrestlers is very, very interesting. Although a fairly small smaple size, it would have been interesting to do some kind of a study on these guys (not really possible to do after the fact, since many are now dead) to get a truly realistic picture of what the REAL effects of serious steroid abuse are to the human body.
2004-10-11 08:36:34 AM  
Maybe it was a combination of viagra, steroids and weekend warriorism. Fact is, ladies, baseball is not one of those aerobic sports and quite a few ACTIVE players over the years have had coronaries.
2004-10-11 08:39:40 AM  
Two words.

Straw Cells. His uptake inhibitors needed more straw cells.
2004-10-11 08:45:56 AM  
Ok, don't do cocaine after having already battered your body for years with steroids.

Unfortunately, other major league players will blame the drugs only and continue on their course of self destruction so they can hit a white ball 350 feet.
2004-10-11 08:50:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Cocaine is a hell of a drug."

/surprised it hadn't been said yet.

2004-10-11 08:50:34 AM  
RIP Cheater
2004-10-11 08:54:02 AM  
Must've been the Braves-Astros game. Or the roids. or the crack.

The year he palyed for Atlanta, he got busted smoking crack the day after the season ended. Dumbass.
2004-10-11 08:54:42 AM  
What does it say about your life when your former general manager says this about your demise?

"He didn't look good," Towers said. "I'm not surprised.
2004-10-11 08:56:23 AM  

/not Superman, that's obvious
2004-10-11 09:04:42 AM  
Wow...Just wow...
Superman is dead...How am I going to tell my...wait...
This isn't the Super Man thread? Just some juice boy that cost his kids a life with a father because of his total selfishness and desire to be the best!? I'm going to the other thread...

I have very little sympathy for Mr. Cam in this case. More for his friends and family. The Pads better not "honor" him next year.
2004-10-11 09:11:31 AM  
I met the guy when he played for the Tucson Torros. Man he and Bagwell and Biggio were awesome. You knew they would be called up off that crappy team to the Stros. What nice guys they all are/were
2004-10-11 09:18:01 AM  
You're next, Barry!
2004-10-11 09:22:42 AM  
Alcohol and pills
Its a Cryin' shame
You'd think they might have been happy
With the glory and the fame

But fame don't take away the pain
It just pays the bills
And you wind up on alcohol and pills

-Todd Snider
2004-10-11 09:24:00 AM  
Saint Caminiti
2004-10-11 09:26:47 AM  
Trifecta: Bonds, MacGwire, Canseco........pick one.
2004-10-11 09:33:11 AM  
Caminiti and Keith Miller on the same day? Who woulda thunk it?
2004-10-11 09:40:17 AM  
This thread is missing something:

This is not the time or place to troll.

Or is Chris Reeve the only one deserving of this today?

/tired of the apparent double-standand
2004-10-11 09:41:06 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I ask one question. How in the fark is this doode still avlive?
2004-10-11 09:45:06 AM  
Why couldn't it have been that frothing gnu of a 'roid fiend Mark MacGwire? His heart has to resemble an improperly refrigerated roast beef right about now.

As for Barry Bonds...for some reason I have a hard time buying that Barry takes steroids or Human Growth Hormone...those guys all seem to burn out pretty quickly...Barry just keeps getting better...
2004-10-11 09:45:37 AM  
Crack is whack.
2004-10-11 09:48:00 AM  
Ex-MLB MVP 'WHAT?'Ken Caminiti 'WHO?'
2004-10-11 09:50:12 AM  
Steroids and dummy dust = no sympathy.

So, what facet of your life has Caminiti's death made you feel less humbled? Dicknose.
2004-10-11 09:54:47 AM  
Caminiti n'gone
stemming this most sad moment
my cell rings the theme
2004-10-11 10:01:29 AM  
I can't find the link right now (will post it later if I find it) but someone wrote a great article about steroids (SI?) a few years ago, and mentioned the number of pro wrestlers dying young. The author called them the "canaries in the coalmines" and claimed we would start seeing other athletes dropping dead young from steroid abuse in the coming years.
The question is: is Caminiti just a fluke combination of drugs and steroids, or is he the first name on baseball's list?
2004-10-11 10:15:55 AM  
"The year he palyed for Atlanta, he got busted smoking crack the day after the season ended."

And he was always sporting a Braves cap during every subsequent news story about him on Sportscenter.

Gimme a break. This is why Charlotte needs a baseball team.

2004-10-11 10:21:08 AM  

What makes you a qualified MD? How does "roids" as you put it turn your heart into bad Roast beef?

If anything Abusing "roids" causes liver failure.
2004-10-11 10:21:33 AM  
2004-10-11 10:31:05 AM  
I am shocked, shocked that there is steroid abuse in MLB! In the next 5 years your going to see a bunch of them dropping like flies.
/steroids affects your heart, viens, liver, kidneys, and all kinds of stuff.
2004-10-11 10:31:46 AM  
Steroids or cocaine?
2004-10-11 10:40:00 AM  
Most of you are idiots who can't remember what happened past yesterday and here is why.

Let's not forget that this guy was a severe cocaine user - so much so that he has to seek substance abuse treatment for it. Remember that?

However, given the availability bias here, even if steroids were not the cause of death, it is the easy way out and will likely be ruled cause of death even if his cocaine abuse was the real culprit.

Not saying that the steroid use (in his case abuse) did him any good, but cocaine does a heck of a lot more damage than steroids do. Remember, thousands of cancer and burn victims rely on steroids to heal!!

Just my opinion.
2004-10-11 10:41:57 AM  
Lurker_John, Charlotte had a couple of chances at the Expos and a couple of chances at the Twins. A few years back, there was a real chance that the Twins were going to move down to Charlotte and play here, but the ownership was scared off with the whole fallout of the NBA Hornets deal.

I really was hoping for that move, as it would have meant that we could have seen American League baseball just an hour and a half drive away from where I live.

If the Expos had moved down here, it would have been very good, as it would have sparked a Charlotte/Atlanta rivalry that, as of late, only existed in the NFL.
2004-10-11 10:47:51 AM  
Steroids or cocaine?

Both - isn't that the Daily Double?

Still, 41 is young. Glad I quit the white jebus a long time ago.
2004-10-11 10:51:37 AM  
Sad only cuz the guy is(was) human. Cool because he played for the gay ass Astros. fark Houston. Because of these douchebag's neither the Cubs or San Fran will win the series. I farking hate the Astros. Bunch of white trash ball players that play in a pansy-ass ballpark. fark 'em.
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