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2021-07-21 12:45:33 AM  
I was living in South Beach, Miami Beach and one night, a woman I was dating at the time and I were on the beach and she was giving me a blowie on one of architect William Lane's iconic South Beach lifeguard stands.  The beach patrol pulled up and I was able to secure my underwear and pants in time and they simply told us to move along. A couple of years later I went on to work for Lane, redesigning his website.
2021-07-21 3:27:09 AM  
Bioluminescent life in the sand. A bright moon one summer night 16 years ago it was like walking on a plasma globe...
2021-07-21 3:49:36 AM  
I'll show you:

My first drop at Mavericks on a bodyboard
Youtube EfLPSWQl9ok
2021-07-21 3:53:38 AM  
A summer night in Isla Vista showing my non-SoCal housemates what a full-on grunion run was like.
2021-07-21 4:18:17 AM  
On the balcony of a house overlooking a beach, listening to a group somewhere on the beach mucking about and strumming/singing Eage Eye Cherry (amongst other things), feeling deeply lonely and wishing I was good enough to be part of a similar group

/ * shrugs * "Memorable" doesn't mean "positive" :/
2021-07-21 4:47:04 AM  
I hate the beach.
2021-07-21 5:04:35 AM  
I remember when i was a kid and we were still living on the Southern Cape my mom would take my sister and I walking on the beach near Agulhas. At the time my sister was fascinated with various bottles and cans of alcohol that washed up (some of them still closed) and collected them. At one point my sis was walking quite a bit in front of us when my mom spotted a bottle on the sand. She picked it up, dusted it off, called to my sister and then underarm threw the bottle in her general direction. She was intending to throw the bottle next to her but apparently she threw a natural 20 for her aim and the bottle just seem to travel right for my sis. Mom called out again, much more insistent and loudly but it was too late. Luckily my sis wore a ponytail, but one of those balled-up ones, which the bottle hit exactly and she didn't have any serious injuries as a result.

Then there was the time my dad got his truck stuck in the beach with the tide rolling in trying to help some tourists who had also been stuck, but i was about 5 when this happened and don't remember much about it.
2021-07-21 5:32:42 AM  
Watching manta rays breaching off the Kona Coast
2021-07-21 5:40:41 AM  
I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank piña coladas. At sunset we made love like sea otters. That was a pretty good day.
2021-07-21 6:13:49 AM  
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2021-07-21 6:19:02 AM  
I have had the pleasure of hooking up with a fine lady at a beach party. Sand gets everywhere, especially where you don't want it.

/it is more likely than you think
2021-07-21 7:03:12 AM  
In a much younger day, trekking down to the very end of Paradise Island in the Bahamas along the rocks and beaches and having sex on the beach at Mick Jagger's property there.
2021-07-21 8:04:35 AM  
I got a bunch of sand in my sweatshirt and jeans.
2021-07-21 8:16:16 AM  
My dad and co were walking. 3 miles out and 3 back. Passed a naked goddess with her perfect globes jutting out sitting in a lawn chair, sunning while flanked byb2 seated great Danes.
Dad said, "Nice puppies"
Return trip, "Son, those look a bit brown on one side. Why don't you go over there and flip them over?"
2021-07-21 8:16:26 AM  
I was 10
2021-07-21 8:38:26 AM  
I took the family to this beach in Canada.   My oldest son was 12 or 13 at the time.   There was this group of college students that set up camp next to us, with very little intention of actually playing at the beach (the girls were in full makeup, wearing platform heels with swimsuits in the sand, the guys were talking about not getting sand or water in their electronics, etc.).

This one lady, 19 / 20, complaining about wanting to get in the water but not really (again, hair is done, full makeup), my son gets up, grabs her hand and just pulls her to the water with a "just get in, it's fun to play in the water".

My wife and I were cracking up as this lady was starting to actually have fun as she let her immaculate hair and makeup, for the beach, get ruined by the water.   Thanks to my son.

These kids actually started to loosen up and have fun after a while.
2021-07-21 9:15:26 AM  
The first time that my dad took me and my brothers to the tide pools at Laguna Beach. I was probably 5 or 6 years old. We kids were fascinated. We gathered lotsa starfish and sea urchins to take home.
2021-07-21 9:29:27 AM  
I was maybe knee deep in Gulf of Mexico at my grandparents condo in Naples, FL. I was digging for sandworms for bait when I saw a small manta-like ray swim by my legs. Then another one, then about 5 more, then I froze in place for about 10min as hundreds of rays followed. I wasn't sure if I should move, if they would sting if I tried to get ashore so I just stood there and watched them. Only a few actually grazed my legs. 

I found out it was just a yearly migration kind of thing, normal for residents to see. I really wish I'd had a camera for a video of it, though. It was a cool surreal moment, imo.
2021-07-21 9:30:51 AM  

foo monkey: I hate the beach.

Did the beach give you crabs?
2021-07-21 9:35:02 AM  
So, I was 18 and a friend and I went to visit my sister in Tampa. Swimming in the gulf my friend threw something at me. It splashed next to me so I grabbed it. It was a freaking severed toe, complete with nail. Looked like it had been in the water a while. Being teens, we laughed about the 9 toed fisherman and went on with our lives. Good times
2021-07-21 9:36:06 AM  
16 visited a beach in Sweden. A group of 4 young women, set up near me, change into their swimsuit bottoms. And after a few minutes in the ocean they layout in the sun.

Thankfully the water was very cold.
2021-07-21 10:00:17 AM  

BadCosmonaut: foo monkey: I hate the beach.

Did the beach give you crabs?

No, Subby's mom did.
2021-07-21 10:17:50 AM  
When I was maybe 8 or 9 (really can't recall), my folks and I visited relatives in Portland Oregon.  My relatives took our family for a picnic at Rooster Rock Park.  I suppose most Oregonians know this - Rooster Rock has a nude beach.  Well no one mentioned this to us.

Any my dad, sister and I are walking down to the beach and this completely naked guy walks past us.  My sister and I look at each other in shock.  Then another naked person...   Then I recall stopping and staring at a teenage or early 20 something exceptionally pretty girl who stopped in front of us and was conversing with someone.  I just stopped and stared at her woman bits.  Huh, so that's how it is.

Anyhow by the time I got down to the beach, I figured while in Rome... and I stripped down to my swim suit and then just dumped that as well. The fact I became a one time nudist was the stuff of conversation by my dad with relatives and family friends for the next couple of years.
2021-07-21 11:31:05 AM  
My brother had a jellyfish caught in his swim suit once.  He took a sting to the junk and was screaming for ages.  We almost took him to the ER.  He was about 10 and I was about 6 so I don't really remember much detail.
2021-07-21 11:44:15 AM  
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happy day long ago...
2021-07-21 11:48:38 AM  
Snorkeling at a beach in South Florida.  Crystal Clear water and I was somewhat irritated by all the trash on the seafloor.   So I did my part, picking up the said trash, typical cans, bottles, papers, etc.    When transferring the trash to a can on the shore, I noticed that one of the bottles was full, and even better, still sealed . . .

/   I took it as a sign from God
//  First time I had Barbancourt rum
/// But not the last
2021-07-21 12:40:59 PM  
Early 1990's, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin: A pair of woman sunbathing face-down, topless in "string" bikinis.

The "string" bikini appeared to be wide shoestrings along their waists that disappeared into what I first thought were lumpy sand dunes.

Hey, nobody said it had to be a good memory.
2021-07-21 12:51:17 PM  
I realized an inappropriate crush when I wondered if he'd come to the beach with me.

Also, duckies!!

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2021-07-21 2:43:22 PM  

McGrits: I have had the pleasure of hooking up with a fine lady at a beach party. Sand gets everywhere, especially where you don't want it.

/it is more likely than you think

Ahh yes.  I remember being 19.
2021-07-21 3:26:41 PM  
Well there was that time I was almost blown out to sea/drowned. Brought a raft to the beach to ride the waves and wasn't wearing a life vest. In retrospect it was not a great choice. I got a little farther out than planned and the wind started to push it. No worries, right? Suddenly the wind flipped it over, tossing me out in the process. Yeah I wasn't expecting that.

I made a grab for it and juuuust missed the guide rope. I could feel the tips of my fingers scrape against it. The wind flipped it over again putting it out of reach but it was still close. I looked back at the shore which was a bit further away than I was comfortable with, then looked at the raft again. The winds and currents continued to push it further away but I might be able to get to it if I swam hard enough.

I had a second to decide to make a play for the raft or attempt the swim back to shore against a strong current. The wind chose that moment to flip the raft over again but I'd already started to turn towards shore and I didn't look back, just focusing on getting to safety. Not really knowing if I was in a rip current or not, I swam parallel to the shore for awhile. I made it back after a grueling swim and sat on the beach just beyond the reach of the waves, utterly exhausted, watching my raft as it slowly became a speck in the distance.

It probably washed up on shore further north somewhere but who knows, the Gulf stream could have pushed it all the way to England or North Africa for all I know. Hopefully someone got some use out of it.
2021-07-21 4:48:34 PM  
Pills, space bag, pot, nude hot chick fire dancing in a drum circle, cutting foot on lava rock, mp3 player saltwater bath, hitchhiking home covered in sand and blood, driver gave me a cigarette, meeting my disappointed dad at the front door at two am, shower, sleep.

That and spear fishing, which is always memorable.
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