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(Slate)   "My husband and I are vaccinated, but he refuses to vaccinate our kids. I didn't realize he'd be this insane when I married and procreated. How can I get him to see sense?"   ( divider line
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2021-07-20 12:01:24 AM  
"It's easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission."

Get it done.  Apologize to the plague rat later.

//on second thought, skip the apology.
2021-07-20 12:15:02 AM  
2021-07-20 12:56:04 AM  
Offer butt stuff?
2021-07-20 5:34:58 AM  
It'd be a real shame if he met with an accident, right?
2021-07-20 6:12:37 AM  
Take the kids out for ice cream. Stop for a shot on the way.

You're the parent. Your first purpose in life is to keep your spawn alive and well to the best of your ability until they can do so on their own,  even if doing so damages your marriage.

But if doing so damages your marriage, gtfo of the marriage because your spouse is a bad person,
2021-07-20 7:39:30 AM  
Sounds like some certain husband is deserving of a cockpunch.
2021-07-20 8:01:09 AM  
The answer to "How can I get someone to...." is always, always, ALWAYS "You can't."
2021-07-20 8:02:54 AM  
Turn off FOX news.
2021-07-20 8:04:14 AM  
My ex, who wasn't really involved with raising my daughters, somehow inserted herself into the HPV vaccine equation.  I think she called the primary care doctors and told them not to give the shot to our teen daughters, because she didn't want to encourage them to have sex or some idiocy.

It was as simple as me taking them to their appointment, and stating I wanted them vaccinated.  Ta da!
2021-07-20 8:27:04 AM  

Devolving_Spud: "It's easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission."

Get it done.  Apologize to the plague rat later.

//on second thought, skip the apology.

Fark that.  Don't ask forgiveness for doing the right thing.

My wife said our kids weren't going to get theirs, and I was very clear on the fact that she wouldn't be able to get full custody in a divorce, so there was no scenario where they would not be getting their shots once they were available.
2021-07-20 8:27:41 AM  
1.  Get children vaccinated ASAP
2.  Get out ASAP

You don't need that loser in your life.
2021-07-20 9:05:46 AM  
So Mom says, "Let's get the kids vaccinated," and Dad says, "Nope."

Mom says, "But here's all this information on why it's a good idea!" and Dad says, "I don't trust that, so no."

Mom says, "Why do you think your decision is the only one that matters?" and Dad says, "I've made my decision."

The solution, as already pointed out (even by Prudie!?!), is that he's made his decision, now you make yours. Get the kids vaccinated. Once they've gotten their shot, let him know (don't flaunt it, just give him relevant information and leave it at that).  If he gets mad, tell him to go fark himself, because you're sure as hell not going to. If he persists, divorce his moran ass.

He was entitled to voice hi s opinion, you gave him a chance to defend his position. He refused to do so (because he knows his position is indefensible).  You're entitled to your opinion, and you have justified it. You won the argument. Now make sure your kids stay healthy.
2021-07-20 11:31:00 AM  
1) I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot: Shoot them now, shoot them now.  Either he will GTHOI or he won't and you DTMFA.

2) But Baby, I Don't Intend To Leave Empty-Handed: The bad news is he's already got a story to tell those close to him, "can you believe my ex tried to bill me for expenses in our relationship?  What a crazy biatch, right?"  But basically, don't ever give money to family and other assorted loved ones expecting to see it again.  STFU, MYOB and move on.

3) Trapped In The Closet: We all should operate on the principle that we don't out people against their will.  That said, as Prudie did, you can say that you are agreeing to the divorce, but it was instigated by your soon to be ex and they'd have to ask her what her reasons were.  STFU about the orientation.

4) Trust - Who Do Ya?: DTMFA.

5) I'm At Home Getting Hammered While She's Out Getting Nailed: GHTOY and call to change the appointment.

2a) Gimme Some Money II: Yes, let's let the pettiness get dragged into the courtroom....  I get it I, trust me, but for sake of sanity, I recommend pulling an Elsa.

3a) Trapped In The Closet II: While there are probably people he can trust, it'd STILL be a dick move.  Best to STFU on that specific detail.

7) We Are Not Ashamed To Say That Love Is Pain (Classic): She's 12, which is probably earlier than you wanted to introduce her to kink.  And any discussion is going to be "eww, mom, please stop!"  But sadly, needs to happen.
2021-07-20 11:48:12 AM  
Vaccinate the children, and then tell him to go fark himself if he complains.
Their health is more important than his pride and conspiracy theories.
2021-07-20 3:49:02 PM  
Your kids are six months old, and two years old. Calm down.
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