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(Some Guy)   Presidential Debate comment thread. Post your comments and observations. Ponder mysterious bulges. Count blinks and mumbles. Let the drinking begin   ( carcino.gen.nz) divider line
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6609 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Oct 2004 at 8:39 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-08 09:10:51 PM  
Bush must have been praticing his big words
2004-10-08 09:10:59 PM  
Bush was unhappy Iraq didn't have weapons?
2004-10-08 09:11:03 PM  

2004-10-08 09:11:05 PM  
Sadam was a unique threat. He didn't have weapons. That IS a unique threat.
2004-10-08 09:11:09 PM  
Dubya's definitely been training since last week.
2004-10-08 09:11:15 PM  
if I hear weapons of mass destruction one more time Im gonaaaaaaaaa snaaaaaaaaaaaap!
2004-10-08 09:11:15 PM  
bush is such a freakin liar
2004-10-08 09:11:18 PM  
Bush is doing better but sounds angry.
2004-10-08 09:11:19 PM  
That audience member looks like a kid toucher.
2004-10-08 09:11:19 PM  
oh, yeah, bush just stumbled...public speaker he is not. Everyone take a drink!
2004-10-08 09:11:21 PM  
sadaam al qaeda 911 sadaam 911 world better off
2004-10-08 09:11:24 PM  
Is Bush sponsored by RealOne?
Blahblahblah... buffering... blahblahblah... buffering...

hee hee... he needs a bigger pipe between his tiny processor and his great big stupid output device.
2004-10-08 09:11:25 PM  
There "waddnt" weapons?
2004-10-08 09:11:32 PM  
He's NOT happy?!?!
2004-10-08 09:11:32 PM  
I dunno, I think watching this debate is like watching two heels wrestle each other on WWE.

You don't like either one of them and don't really give a crap who wins.
2004-10-08 09:11:38 PM  

3 9/11 in 30 seconds, everyone drink a beer

If I was playing the debate drinking game, Bush would be getting me very drunk.
2004-10-08 09:11:40 PM  
W's Tie is crooked, -5
2004-10-08 09:11:42 PM  
Hmmm, Bush is actually doing better than expectations.

Kerry is not.

/C'mon Kerry, pick up the pace.
2004-10-08 09:11:53 PM  
"We all thought there was weapons there."

Actually Mr. President, everyone else thought there where weapons there.
2004-10-08 09:11:53 PM  
Only fools believe that 911 DIDN'T change everything!

2004-10-08 09:12:01 PM  
Bush is such an arrogant fark. GO ahead. Vote for him. DOrks.
2004-10-08 09:12:03 PM  
town meetings are owned by GW. kerry is already whining. imagine that.
2004-10-08 09:12:09 PM  
Rev. Skarekroe

CSPAN's stream is working for me, I think CNN is streaming the debates too, could be wrong though.
2004-10-08 09:12:11 PM  
"I wasn't happy when I found out they (Iraq) didn't have weapons of mass destruction." ~G. W. Bush

2004-10-08 09:12:12 PM  
Kerry just told us "straight up"!
2004-10-08 09:12:12 PM  
Did Kerry just swipe Bush's back to see if there was a transmitter?
2004-10-08 09:12:13 PM  
I'm listening to the thing on the radio, and.. is it me, or does Bush kinda sound pissed off? You're not supposed to yell at the American people, Mr. President.
2004-10-08 09:12:14 PM  
Am I the only one who finds this all somewhat funny?
2004-10-08 09:12:14 PM  
I get it. It's a Saturday Night Live skit. The answers correspond to a different question.
2004-10-08 09:12:15 PM  
John Kerry, "Straight Up!"
2004-10-08 09:12:17 PM  
The wireless microphone packs they wear aren't strapped to the middle of their backs. They are attached to a clip on their belts.
2004-10-08 09:12:17 PM  
Bush looks like he is using a twist and shout method.
2004-10-08 09:12:21 PM  
Seriously how can this be fair if Bush has an earpiece??

Tin foil or just he can't do anything for himself, it's doesn't give me much confidence.

Guess I will try and see if Kerry has one.
2004-10-08 09:12:21 PM  
Sadam was a unique threat. He didn't have weapons. That IS a unique threat.

*golf clap*
2004-10-08 09:12:24 PM  
Kerry is telling me "straight up".

Thanks Kerry.

Oh... I guess that means more lying.
2004-10-08 09:12:29 PM  
Did he just say... Clinton was threat??? Wow..Something I agree with!
2004-10-08 09:12:30 PM  
dubya is behaving better, but can't control the blinking
2004-10-08 09:12:30 PM  
9/11 was an attack by terrorists. Saddam supported terrorists. Enough of a connection for me.
2004-10-08 09:12:32 PM  
Kerry said straight up, practiced anyone?
2004-10-08 09:12:32 PM  
Bush mistakes:
- still shrill
- still repetitive

Doing better:
- addressing questioner

Kerry is doing better, slightly more articulate.
2004-10-08 09:12:34 PM  
2004-10-08 09:12:36 PM  
Straight up, yo!
2004-10-08 09:12:58 PM  
"I've never changed my mind on iraq?"

2004-10-08 09:13:01 PM  
"Global Test" - do a shot
2004-10-08 09:13:02 PM  
Wow!!! did you know that we have brought 75% of Al Qaeda to justice? W just said so. I guess Al Qaeda has a membership list, we have a copy, and we know how many members there are.

In reality, the number of people convicted since 9/11: ZERO.
NOt a single prisoner at Guantanamo Bay has been convicted of any crimes.
2004-10-08 09:13:02 PM  
I'm late to the thread, but the drinking has begun!

/round of jack and cokes for all
2004-10-08 09:13:03 PM  
re: GO ahead. Vote for him. DOrks.

haha. need a tissue, junior?
2004-10-08 09:13:09 PM  
oh no, he pulled out the "global test"
2004-10-08 09:13:11 PM  
Deer in the headlights. Bush...sorry, man.
2004-10-08 09:13:13 PM  

/Didn't think he'd pull that one out
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