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(Some Guy)   Presidential Debate comment thread. Post your comments and observations. Ponder mysterious bulges. Count blinks and mumbles. Let the drinking begin   ( divider line
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6607 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Oct 2004 at 8:39 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-08 08:40:31 PM  
Flame on
2004-10-08 08:40:47 PM  
Ponder mysterious bulges.

I'd rather not.
2004-10-08 08:40:51 PM  
I think the guy in the suit lost.
2004-10-08 08:40:55 PM  
flame war hooray
2004-10-08 08:41:10 PM  
omg Kerry sucks
2004-10-08 08:41:15 PM  
As they say on MXC... "Get it on!"
2004-10-08 08:41:20 PM
2004-10-08 08:41:37 PM  
I can't believe I've been looking forward all week to this.

/heads head in shame
2004-10-08 08:41:45 PM  
omg Bush sucks
2004-10-08 08:41:49 PM  
You're kidding, right? No way am I wasting a perfectly good Friday evening by watching to politicians on TV. I'd much rather waste time on fark.
2004-10-08 08:42:01 PM  
shiat, meet the fan. Welcome to Fark.
2004-10-08 08:42:15 PM  
Very appropriate link.
2004-10-08 08:42:21 PM  
Pass the pretzels please!
2004-10-08 08:42:29 PM  
Vote for the candidate that is most likely to drink beer.
2004-10-08 08:42:39 PM  
Anyone found a link to watch it online?
2004-10-08 08:42:39 PM  
Kerry Loses. Bush is on firah.
2004-10-08 08:42:57 PM  
So, will Chimpy McFlightsuit have his ultra-high-tech-secret earpiece in place, so Herr Doktor Rove can deliver
his marching orders?
2004-10-08 08:43:07 PM  
oops... I was counting clicks. ;p
2004-10-08 08:43:07 PM  
Bush's going to get his ass handed to him on this one.
2004-10-08 08:43:13 PM  
Oh how i wish Howard Stern could broadcast on Dubya's presidental earpiece frequency. That would be a debate worth watching.

/You can almost not see the strings!
2004-10-08 08:43:21 PM  
I just clicked on Fark and saw this thread with (0) comments by it and thought I would post a prophetic Boobies saying it would degenerate into a flamewar but it looks like several people already beat me to it.
2004-10-08 08:43:47 PM  
I have two people with political science degrees over, hopefully they'll add to the entertainment.

Would popcorn be appropriate for this occasion?
2004-10-08 08:43:57 PM  
kerry will own.. bush is a blubbering fool..
2004-10-08 08:44:19 PM  
This one seems pretty craptastic......
2004-10-08 08:44:22 PM  

2004-10-08 08:44:29 PM  
bush = hitler. he sandbagged the first debate to lower expectations and he has osama waiting at the gitmo to pull out before election day.

there are your talking points for the day. enjoy your flamewar.
2004-10-08 08:44:32 PM  

The real question is how many times will Kerry lick his lips?
2004-10-08 08:44:47 PM  
Anyone got a good link for a drinking game? I want some firmly established rules before my drinking begins. I intend to get drunk tonight!

/Loki076 Aren't Boobies always prophetic?
2004-10-08 08:45:08 PM  
I hope to God Kerry doesn't forget Poland again tonight.
2004-10-08 08:45:09 PM  
Bush: My opponent...turn the bass all the way up, and sit on your speaker. MMMmmmmmmmm-HmmmmmmmmmmMMMmmmmmm---MMMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMM

Kerry: see people, do you really want to elect this guy?

and whos got a link to the drinking game?
2004-10-08 08:45:42 PM  
I wonder if the President will send mixed messages tonight.
2004-10-08 08:45:47 PM  
I propose that we, the fine netizens of Fark, send President Bush a bag of pretzels to console him after he is defeated.
2004-10-08 08:45:55 PM  
Pass the pretzels please.
2004-10-08 08:46:03 PM  
Ha ha Kerry lost!
2004-10-08 08:46:32 PM  
I am recording the debate on my computer. I need some good soundbites for later, as well as Kerry possibly getting caught on camera picking his nose.
2004-10-08 08:46:51 PM  
You can watch it on cspan's webpage.
2004-10-08 08:46:59 PM  
Defeat him in a debate once... shame on--wait....
2004-10-08 08:47:23 PM  
I sure hope Bush acts like he did last time. I think his immature behavior is what really gave Kerry the edge.

/Vote Badnarik, the only true small government conservative.
2004-10-08 08:47:33 PM  
I can't even imagine looking. It's just too hideous. When will this horrible time be over?

2004-10-08 08:47:45 PM  
Any bets on whether Kerry reminds Bush that Poland, the country he was urged to remember, is pulling out next year and feels duped by the Bush administration.

Who could forget that?
2004-10-08 08:48:09 PM and are predicting different outcomes, but both are dang close. It's anyone's race, and this debate could be the deal breaker/maker......
2004-10-08 08:48:13 PM  
I think that Kerry definitely won this debate tonight.
Oh, it hasn't started. Oops.
2004-10-08 08:48:23 PM  
Okay, last time around, the Presidential Debate Drinking Game smacked me down like a red headed stepkid.

Do we have any updated rules that are less likely to end up as alcohol poisoning?
2004-10-08 08:48:39 PM  
are any of you playing the drinking game? if so what's your choice?
2004-10-08 08:48:40 PM  
And if this is true, its game over for Kerry. Can you can "October Surprise"?
2004-10-08 08:48:48 PM  
*grabs a seat, pops some popcorn, turns down the music, fades the lights, puts up his feet, shimmies back into his chair, stretches, blinks, yawns, realizes he doesn't have any popcorn, frowns, stands up, spills his drink, fumes, runs to the kitchen, trips on the remote, hits the counter, blacks out, misses the debate, wakes up just in time for the Daily Show coverage, doesn't miss a thing*
2004-10-08 08:48:50 PM  
he didn't choke on a pretzel, but fell while in a drunken stupor. Drunks tend to do that.

/flame on
2004-10-08 08:48:51 PM  
You can have a drinking game based on Bush using certain phrases:
"stay the course", "hard work", "weapons of mass destruction", "Osama Bin Laden", etc. Integrate the alcohol as you see fit.

Well, you might want to leave Osama out. Bush doesn't care about him anymore.
2004-10-08 08:48:59 PM  
Drink every time you hear "America"
2004-10-08 08:49:10 PM  
I was only saved last time by running out of alcohol.
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