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(   Wacko neighbor kills dogs with antifreeze to "send message to the owners."   ( divider line
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6132 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Feb 2002 at 4:55 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-12 04:59:06 PM  
Message must have been: "Hey I'm a stupid farking cocksucker who hates animals." What a shiatty thing to do.
2002-02-12 04:59:29 PM  
2002-02-12 04:59:31 PM  
Putting the guy's genitals in a meat grinder might be a good way to send a message back to him.
2002-02-12 04:59:47 PM  
Chill, Dogg.

I'm clever.
2002-02-12 05:00:18 PM  
If that were my dog he'd be one dead dog killin' mutherf.ucker.
2002-02-12 05:00:18 PM  
That whacky Kramer is at it again.
2002-02-12 05:00:42 PM  
he wouldn't be my neighbor for very long afterwards...
2002-02-12 05:01:10 PM  
Feed the ground up meat to a stray dog.
2002-02-12 05:01:13 PM  
If we stop responding to stupid links, will the links get better??

I'll start by not responding to this link.
2002-02-12 05:01:25 PM  
Was his message "Keep your stupid frozen dog off my yard?"

Well then, I guess the anitfreeze was a little much. I wonder how much HE likes antifreeze? Jerk.
2002-02-12 05:01:48 PM  
2002-02-12 05:01:51 PM  
If I lived there, I would force anti-freeze down this poor exuse for a human's throat. shiat like this makes me so farking mad.
2002-02-12 05:03:02 PM  
Wacko neighbor kills dogs with antifreeze to "send message to the owners." was the message hey dudes your dog was like frozen in a block of ice?
2002-02-12 05:03:13 PM  
Somebody's gonna get beat down. What an asshole.
2002-02-12 05:04:21 PM  
what a farking ashwipe - i'd like to biatch slap this farkin jerkoff
2002-02-12 05:05:03 PM  
This article is pretty brief. We dont know what kind of history him and the dogs had. Maybe they shiat in front of his apartment door regularly and he complained and nothing was ever done about it. Or maybe the dogs killed his cat or something.

Im just playing devils advocate, but there are times when this could be justified.
2002-02-12 05:05:11 PM  
I'm sure the dogs barked cause they needed an oil change, not antifreeze ! Next time, make it Macco bub.
2002-02-12 05:07:59 PM  
This guy is cool. Stupid tards and their barking dogs. I would like to do this to my neighbor's god damned dogs that yap all god damned day long.
2002-02-12 05:10:19 PM  
I do not care much for noisey, or trash diggin dogs. I've always said a dead dog is a good dog but that is down right mean what he did. If the dogs disturbed him he could have called the police and had the owners ticketed with a court summons on the second complaint after the owners were notified. If that did not stop it, he coulda kidnapped the dogs and dropped them off way out in the country where they became coyote food. I'de like to Biatch slap the rude nieghbors who can't keep thier pets quiet.
2002-02-12 05:11:09 PM  
Scarneck: No, that's when you go to the farking ANIMAL CONTROL DEPARTMENT!!! Killing of pets is jsutifiable in self-defense, just as is with humans. NO EXCEPTIONS.
2002-02-12 05:11:44 PM  
Scarneck : It cannot be justified. He put the antifreeze in the dog run of the apt. complex. He had no way of knowing how many or whose dogs he was going to kill.

The sad part is cruelty to animal laws are so weak he'll probably just get a small fine.

It's a real shame this sort of thing can't be discussed in some sort of public forum, like a popular web site; where there are bound to be people reading in that town. I mean, being that they published this guy's name and all.

Real shame.
2002-02-12 05:12:19 PM  
Killing another person's animal is never justified. You got a problem with someone's animal, you take it up with the owner of that animal, you don't take it out on the animal itself.

Judas Priest, the man lived outside a dog run..A DOG RUN!!!...and he was bothered by barking? FARKING MOVE, a$$h0l3!!!

This man isn't a man at all...rather than stand face to face with the owner and explain his problem, he took the child's way out. It's like kicking a kid's bicycle because you know you can't beat that kid up. Don't put him in prison, throw him in a kennel!
2002-02-12 05:12:25 PM  
I hope this bastard gets thrown in a pit with a dozen snarling Pitbulls. Poetic justice is the best kind, ya know... tastes like chicken.
2002-02-12 05:12:44 PM  
This is a small person "sending a message" to a small animal owner? Would this wacko "send a message" to a large animal owner, say a ROTTWEILER . The guys an @sshole with ears !
2002-02-12 05:13:08 PM  
Scarneck: That is the proper, civilized thought process to go through, examine the history of the situation. That being said: I will gladly smash that assholz's balls with a farking sledgehammer and pay to do it.
Now waiting in line behind SomeCallMeTim.
2002-02-12 05:13:13 PM  
".....corn nuts!"
2002-02-12 05:13:37 PM  
You don't punish the dog for having asshole owners. They probably left them in the dog run all day, and they get bored.

Hope he gets the max sentence, and other farkers like him, too. This is a horrible way for a dog to die.
2002-02-12 05:14:18 PM  
Hey Scarneck, drink this will ya?
2002-02-12 05:14:41 PM  
Don't want to listen to dogs barking? Don't live in an apartment complex with a farking dog run, asshole. I hope someone feeds him antifreeze.
2002-02-12 05:15:18 PM  
Calm down Wintermute. I said I was playing devil's advocate.

You should know, not all cities have an Animal Control Department.

Sorry, but if my neighbor's dog was repeatedly shiating in my yard, or destroying any of my property regularly and the owner's were unwilling to put a stop to it, I would do it myself.
2002-02-12 05:15:27 PM  
guys who kill dogs deserve to get there balls chopped off, but people who leave their dogs barking need to shut them up.
2002-02-12 05:18:05 PM  
I hate the sun...
2002-02-12 05:18:50 PM  
Antifreeze? They still use that to kill dogs? I thought that went out of style years ago. Popular thing now is ground up glass in raw hamburger meat. No I don't do it, but lets just say I know some people.
2002-02-12 05:21:37 PM  
Scarneck: This is why we have a legal system. So you can deal with your neighbors not controlling their dog in a humane way that isn't going to get you in legal trouble. We had a neighbor with 22 adult cats who she would not get fixed and god only knows how many kittens. They shiat all over everything for a half mile around her house and spent all night mating and fighting outside our windows. We didn't kill her farking cats, we called contacted the proper authorities and they took the cats away to be spayed or neutered then gave them to a cat rescue society to be taken care of until they found new homes. No dead cats were necessary to resolve the situation.
2002-02-12 05:22:10 PM  
I wonder if killing something/someone he loved might return the message suffieciently?
2002-02-12 05:23:37 PM  
Three words: Antifreeze High Colonic.
2002-02-12 05:24:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Vroom Vroom, I'm a car.
2002-02-12 05:24:51 PM  
People should police their dogs better, but there would be no trial for this guy, only a murder trial for me if this happened to me or my dogs. farking ass clown
2002-02-12 05:28:11 PM  
Ok, I live out in the sticks. Have you ever tried to get a sherrif's deputy to 'do something' about the neighbor's dog coming over and destroying stuff? There's actually not alot they can do.

I love dogs, but it IS just a dumb animal. Are you all vegitarians, too?
2002-02-12 05:29:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-12 05:29:24 PM  
Let me preface this with: I can not stand cruelty to animals.

That being said. Stephenv, that picture made me laugh out loud.
2002-02-12 05:32:05 PM  
02-12-02 05:28:11 PM Scarneck
Ok, I live out in the sticks. Have you ever tried to get a sherrif's deputy to 'do something' about the neighbor's dog coming over and destroying stuff? There's actually not alot they can do.

I love dogs, but it IS just a dumb animal. Are you all vegitarians, too?
a lot

What's that about dumb animals?
2002-02-12 05:33:41 PM  
This makes me so MAD I want to go to Petco and slap a cashier!
2002-02-12 05:34:53 PM  
True, but "putting a stop to it" and "feeding the dog antifreeze" are two entirely different things.

1) If a town's too small to have an animal control group, it will at least have a policeman or constable that can legally solve the matter.
2) Once the dog's on your property, there's nothing to stop you from picking it up and driving to the nearest animal shelter. Then leave a note for the neighbors as to where they can go pick up their dog. I'm sure the inconvenience of the drive for them will make them think twice about ticking you off a third time.

In any event, never take it up with the dog. The dog is doing what dogs do. If you were a dog, you'd do it too. (Hey, I'm Dr. #*&$( Seuss!)

Good example: My sister was at a restaurant a while back and this one couple's kid was running from table to table talking to people, grabbing food from their plates and basically...being a 4-5 year old. My sister grabbed the kid, whisked him over to the couple (who'd done nothing to restrain the child) and said "I'm sure you both think your little angel is adorable as hell, but the rest of us don't appreciate it. Now grow up and act like parents and discipline your child or stop f8cking."

Take the problem up with the truly guilty party...the owners of these animals.

If all else fails, buy earplugs and train your cat to torment the dog...
2002-02-12 05:36:30 PM  

- Those dogs won't annoy this guy any more

- This guy will think twice about killing pets in the future once he faces legal penalties

- The (ex) dog owner may show some consideration for neighbors and some control over their animals in the future

So everybody's happy. Except the dead dogs.
2002-02-12 05:36:45 PM  
So now everyone who kills innocent animals with antifreeze is a "wacko". Labeling is bad. Generalizations prevent people from growing closer.
2002-02-12 05:36:57 PM  
Max Load: You don't have to be mad to do that...I backhand the Petsmart employees on a weekly basis. Feels great.
2002-02-12 05:36:58 PM  
Stevenv - Funny man, real funny.

Yeah, dude was wrong. It should never come to this. Somebody said he should steal the dog. That would have been a better idea, then drop it off at the pound. If the cops are invovled enough, they will tire of going out to talk to the owners. Sooner or later, they will make the owners do something. Guy should do some jail time for this.

Can you imagine how this will play out in jail? "what you in for?" "Kill'n my Mom" "What you in for?" "Bringing ten pounds of coke to New York and kill'n my Mom" "What you in for?" Guy turns white as a ghost then yells "GUARD"
2002-02-12 05:37:58 PM  
Hey Scarneck, why don't you follow this guy's lead?
2002-02-12 05:40:15 PM  
OK, image didn't show up. Trying again...

[image from too old to be available]
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