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(silive.com)   Mobster sperm smuggled out of prison seized by government, claims it's 'contraband'   ( silive.com) divider line
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2002-02-12 06:57:22 PM  
Drew Curtis Presents my cock, in presenting my drew cock in presenting the fark of my drew present fark
2002-02-12 06:57:56 PM  
Thought that said 'monster' for a second...I was really looking forward to a Godzilla sperm story
2002-02-12 07:01:19 PM  
she can have mine if she wants it.
2002-02-12 07:03:18 PM  
Nuts.. thats twice now my sperm has been labeled contraband
2002-02-12 07:06:07 PM  
I'd like to sell that to somebody and watch them smoke it. Heh.
2002-02-12 07:07:18 PM  
wine whine

I got jizzed out my link submission with a less funny line. I subd this 3 hours ago with the line "Mobsters sperm on trial, prosecuter says its the fruits of the crime" ok enough i quit
2002-02-12 07:07:18 PM  
You know how it was smuggled out ?
That wasn't styling gel in the guard's hair.
2002-02-12 07:08:12 PM  
Wow, I read that as "Monster sperm...". I was expecting something completely different.
2002-02-12 07:09:37 PM  
Quick...too quick...I had exactly the same glitch.
2002-02-12 07:12:12 PM  
google results for "godzilla sperm" equal zero
2002-02-12 07:13:19 PM  
Monster sperm...ha ha. That's what I saw too. Who would think that mobsters would be smuggling sperm?
2002-02-12 07:13:31 PM  
Doesnt this woman have any clue. She would have never been caught had she smuggled it out the correct way.
2002-02-12 07:18:36 PM  
'Mobster sperm' doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

...I just re-read that sentence and realized just how utterly disturbing it is
2002-02-12 07:24:24 PM  
Oh, come now. This is nuts, it's cock-eyed, and just plain hard to swallow. I think all sea men (and other military personnel) should take the matter into their own hands and raise their weapons, if needed, to present them, whatever it takes to ensure that the enemy goes down. This is no time to beat about the bush. This is not the time to consider the load we bear. Our chance is here and we must not blow it, in a rant filled with titalating inuendo....

**S.G-F is gently taken back to the ward and medicated**
2002-02-12 07:25:05 PM  
Well that was odd....
2002-02-12 07:30:42 PM  
I'd rather eat the other end of the body, thank you...
2002-02-12 07:32:40 PM  
I'm not sure how I feel about this issue. Should the wife of an inmate with no children have the opportunity to have a child courtesy of the turkey baster? Off to consult the magic eight ball to make up my mind.
2002-02-12 07:34:02 PM  
Hmmm I saw it as monster sperm too...

umm *free* Willy's conjugal visit to the city...

Thats my crappy PS of someone else's crappy PS. damn PS noobs!!!
2002-02-12 07:47:33 PM  
not touching this one... will wash my hands now, just the same...
2002-02-12 07:49:15 PM  
Now if she'd been smuggling Lobster Sperm... that would have been cool.
2002-02-12 07:53:13 PM  
I have a finger.
2002-02-12 07:54:09 PM  
hehe, there went my stoopid PS, *bows to mods*
2002-02-12 08:03:25 PM  
Anybody watch the Upright Citizens Brigade?

"I heard your problem. Here, have my sperm."
"Should it be kept in a baggie like that?"
"I just made while you two were talking."

Just a papraphrase. The whole episode is about mobster sperm.
2002-02-12 09:05:05 PM  
Wouldn't that be called cumtraband?
2002-02-12 11:03:58 PM  
Ha ha ha!! The headline alone was a laugh.

All seriousness aside, he has a right to have his sperm preserved. Damn straight!

No restrictions on the right to reproduce, or to not reproduce.

~ Pinky ~
2002-02-12 11:17:36 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
i said to myself "hey, fechouzi, what are you doin jizzin' off into a bag?"
2002-02-12 11:19:33 PM  
i ran the episode in power DVD player, took the snapshot, uploaded it to the site, typed out my message...
and then heard someone playing smash brothers and got distracted for a few hours
i swear i thought of the UCB connection hours before that other guy!
2002-02-12 11:35:39 PM  
Hahaha, I was just about to post "Hey! This is just like that UCB episode!". That's too funny. Good to see there's other UCB fans on here.

BTW, to those of you that are UCB fans, please sign the online petition to get all of the UCB episodes released on DVD! CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE UCB PETITION!

2002-02-13 12:21:30 AM  
Should the government get it's way the sperm will be buried at sea. Wrapped in toilet paper and flushed down the toilet.
2002-02-13 12:52:42 AM  
I see you shiver with antici.....
2002-02-13 12:53:35 AM  
2002-02-13 12:57:00 AM  
[image from shamelessgoatfarker.homestead.com too old to be available]
2002-02-13 07:48:30 PM  
"You have poo on your face."
2002-02-14 04:39:14 AM  
humans rule, dolphins can suck it!
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