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(The Sun)   Impatient shopper straps jet engine to grocery cart (with pics)   ( thesun.co.uk) divider line
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2004-10-06 02:02:32 AM  
Where can I get a shopping cart like that one?
2004-10-06 03:46:57 AM  
Sounds like something Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys would have an interest in.
2004-10-06 05:19:53 AM  
Now that's practicality.
2004-10-06 05:34:18 AM  
Yeah, but even in the express line, he'll still get stuck behind some moran writing a check.
2004-10-06 05:41:49 AM  
When you combine a wonkey-wheeled shopping trolley with a jet engine do you get Nascar?
2004-10-06 05:43:45 AM  
... ok... so this guy uses supermarket stuff...

look what these guys did:


That's so much more cool!
2004-10-06 05:45:33 AM  
Looks like a Bruce Simpson pulsejet knockoff.
2004-10-06 05:51:19 AM  
[image from dtheatre.com too old to be available]
/Not impressed
2004-10-06 05:54:34 AM  
There was a dumbass who did something like this with a jet engine and a car. He fixed the engine on the car and took it out to the salt flats to test it. This was a while ago, but his car went too fast and he vaporized into the side of a mountain. His brakes were melted and he was less than a smear on the mountainside. Just reminded me of that story.
/Darwin loves it when you play with jet engines
2004-10-06 06:01:50 AM  
The microlight instructor, 35, built the gas and liquid fuel pulse jet from instructions off the internet.

He's cheating Darwin. Generally, it tends to end poorly when the phrase "from instrucions off the internet" is used in such a story.
2004-10-06 06:12:58 AM  
I was wondering why he wasn't bothering with a helmet. Then I realised that will a fuel tank in front of him and a rocket engine behind him, if something goes wrong a helmet ain't going to do jack.
2004-10-06 06:17:13 AM  
9 items or less jackwipe.
2004-10-06 06:19:30 AM  
Desolationrow, I call urban legend on that.

/Pulsejets are cool
2004-10-06 06:25:38 AM  
2004-10-06 07:06:27 AM  
This seemed like a foolproof Darwin, but I guess not. How unusual.
2004-10-06 07:13:42 AM  
looks like a V1 type of engine.
2004-10-06 07:25:53 AM  
is it just me or is his "heat shield" an ironing board?
2004-10-06 07:33:19 AM  
2004-10-06 05:45:33 AM lucid_one

Where do you think he bought his plans from?
There just isn't that big of a market for valveless pulsejet engines.
2004-10-06 07:57:32 AM  
Is it street legal? I wonder if it'll impress the ricers. Do they sell 3" spinners for the tires?

//my mom's a whore
2004-10-06 08:03:18 AM  
nah, desolation is right, the dude who did it was the subject of a darwin award.
2004-10-06 08:09:11 AM  
nah, desolation is right, the dude who did it was the subject of a darwin award.

No he isn't, The Darwin Awards themselves [pops] have it listed as an urban myth (even though they did actually get taken in by it in '95)

(from the above link)
"This Darwin Award is the most popular of all time. Considered true for years, it was later debunked as an Urban Legend by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The story fooled the judges in 1995, so JATO has been grandfathered in as a Darwin Award Winner."
2004-10-06 08:14:14 AM  
2004-10-06 08:03:18 AM potato_chip_eating_geek

The Darwin awards website has it down as "confirmed bogus" Snopes also has a page listing it as false.

The best account I've found is this story, true or false it's pretty funny.
2004-10-06 08:17:18 AM  
It would think that I'm not talking about the same instance, since Arizona doesn't sound familiar, but your could be correct, so I'll see if I can find my link again. It was off the Morbid Fact du Jour site, but there's hundreds of lovely links there.
2004-10-06 08:20:02 AM  
The first motor vehicle fatality ever occurred in 1896, when the first car in England ran over a woman and crushed her head.
/not a threadjack
2004-10-06 08:25:48 AM  
Good God, you're right. That's the second time Fark has exposed my beliefs as urban legends.

In one of the more incredibly stupid examples of accidental (it is assumed) death, a man attached a JATO (Jet Assisted Takeoff Unit - actually a solid-fuel rocket) to his Chevy Impala and went for a joyride in the desert. Unfortunately for him, he hit a curve... quite literally. The crushed metal remains of his car (which resembled an airplane crash) were found imbedded into the side of a cliff rising above the road. It was determined that he was going between 250-300 mph when he came to that curve. The brakes on the car were completely burned away from attempting to stop.
Update: Morbid Facts Patron Kevin Schieberl writes: "The MFdJ for 10-19-96 about the JATO driver's unintentional suicide is a hoax. As I originally read that story several years ago, it occurred in Arizona, but the Arizona Highway Patrol says it never happened. Maybe, though, it really did happen and the driver was a distant Kennedy cousin...
2004-10-06 08:47:50 AM  
Dear lord, Bless this rocket cart, and all who dwell within this rocket cart.
2004-10-06 08:51:56 AM  
ah, i sit corrected gentlemen.
2004-10-06 08:52:18 AM  
You can't fit many groceries in that cart.
2004-10-06 08:55:50 AM  
Cleanup on aisles 9, 10 , 11, 12 and 13.
2004-10-06 09:01:47 AM  
And that first picture? Now that's a photoshop waiting to happen.
2004-10-06 09:02:24 AM  
The wife takes a look at the pic and says "I suppose that's for the power shoppers?"
2004-10-06 09:12:27 AM  
Much kewler & a lot more safer...

2004-10-06 10:42:47 AM  
Imagine the hilarity that would have ensued if he hadn't replaced the wheels first. He probably would have had a cart that pulled to the right, or the one with the wobbly wheel that skittered in all different directions.
2004-10-06 10:43:54 AM  
Candidate for "Future Grease Stains on the Brick Wall" Society
2004-10-06 10:54:35 AM  
People think this guy is off his trolley. Yep.
2004-10-06 11:31:38 AM  
Where do you think he bought his plans from?
There just isn't that big of a market for valveless pulsejet engines.
I can't imagine you'd have to buy instructions. I'm sure you can find instructions for free, or just watch that episode of Junkyard Wars (Scrapheap in the UK) - I think they've done two episodes with jet engines now.

The pulse jet engine this guy attached to his shopping cart is the simplest design, it has no moving parts, just some pipe, and a spark plug. Add fuel (lots of fuel, unfortunately) and use a leaf blower to start it, and you're on your way.

2004-10-06 12:21:37 PM  
Damn, I gotta stop sleeping at night. I was all set to make a Darwin joke.

/Not sleeping anymore.
2004-10-06 12:27:42 PM  
Man, I wish we had shopping carts like they have over there. I have yet to see a shopping cart at a local grocery store that could even BEGIN to bear the weight of the rider, plus a farking jet engine!
2004-10-06 12:41:44 PM  
[image from hiarchive.co.uk too old to be available]

This man sought for questioning...

/just went there
2004-10-06 01:32:54 PM  
Does anyone remember an Ebay link that was posted here a couple of years ago of some mid-80's car (think Corolla or Accord) with a jet engine on the back? It was highly street illegal, of course, but it looked pretty cool.
2004-10-06 02:44:39 PM  

The dad of two, from Beccles, Suffolk, said: It cant go on roads, runs out of fuel after two minutes and at over 50mph becomes unstable.''

An SUV from a shopping cart? Hmmmmmmmmm.....
2004-10-06 02:45:46 PM  
He's gonna have to answer to these guys for such a heinous act:

[image from shoppingcartabuse.com too old to be available]
2004-10-06 07:25:01 PM  
If I had that I could shop so fast.
I would go down the aisle and be all like "Zoom, biatches!!!"
And then I would use the self check-out thing and when I went through I would be all like "Zoom, biatches!!!"
And when I took the groceries out to my car I would pass cars in the parking lot and be all like "Zoom, biatches!!"
Yeah, yeah I would.
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