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(AP)   The French are not happy that the GOP keeps using them as an example of an untrustworthy, weak nation   ( divider line
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18468 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 03 Oct 2004 at 6:50 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-10-03 5:23:32 PM  
France fails to cope with the fact that it has been supporting Saddam Hussein, a mass murderer.
2004-10-03 5:31:58 PM  
ejsmammy -

Do you give head to the GOP?
2004-10-03 5:33:02 PM  
My peeve is that I've hated France for many years, and now it's fashionable. Makes me feel like less of a rebel.
2004-10-03 5:35:24 PM  
You are such a brilliant advocate for your point of view, jwadeo.
2004-10-03 5:42:21 PM  
As are you.
2004-10-03 5:44:52 PM  
2004-10-03 5:47:33 PM  
but the question remains - Did they surrender?
2004-10-03 5:50:11 PM  
he's right hey had very good relations with saddam and had major weapons and oil deals.
2004-10-03 5:57:01 PM  

My sentiments exactly. As I told ultra-conservative gramps on the eve of the war: "You can't imagine how pissed I am to have to side with the French."
2004-10-03 5:57:49 PM  
Of course they surrendered. But I'll bet they didn't forget about Poland.
2004-10-03 5:58:48 PM  
Not all French surrendered, just the ones in power.
2004-10-03 6:04:02 PM  
They must hate us here at TotalFark.
2004-10-03 6:06:32 PM  
I am still proud of France.

It has been a country so long I just gave up trying to find out how old it is. Nearest I got was a millennium or started back in Celtic times.

Maybe we should hold off judgment until it becomes that hard to google up that beginning of the United States.
2004-10-03 6:13:02 PM  
That's a shame, because they make such wonderful breakfast toast.
2004-10-03 6:19:26 PM  
Give the French credit.

Americans haven't know a massive attack on American soil since the 19th century. The French have had their revolution, WW1 and WW2. I'm sure it feels great to have your countryside raped.

If I were them I would be wary to enter into any sort of war.

Granted, they were right weren't they? Sure they were profiting from the food-for-oil program, but Americans shouldn't be all high and mighty. The United States would have loved to be able to take advantage of the program. After all they're willing to destroy a national wildlife refuge in order to get cheaper oil.

France may have supported Saddam with it's oil programs, but America supported Pol Pot and the Taliban. I'd take Saddam over Pol Pot anyday.
2004-10-03 6:36:59 PM  
Meanwhile Poland is thrilled that someone, somewhere is remembering them.

You want surrender monkeys? Look at Poland. They just let anyone march all over them.
2004-10-03 6:38:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-03 6:38:45 PM  
There's a great Polish joke in here somewhere.
2004-10-03 6:53:42 PM  
wait till we dog Iran and Syria...

/doesn't give a flying fark what the French think..farkin 3rd world country with a permanent seat on the Security Council...feh
2004-10-03 6:53:43 PM  
Then they should stop being an untrustworthy weak nation.
2004-10-03 6:53:44 PM  
i could really go for some freedom fires right now
2004-10-03 6:54:21 PM  

fires are what look good on hippies
2004-10-03 6:59:02 PM  
StokeyBob, don't forget Poland, which has been around for at least as long as France!

(I can't believe I'm actually using this damn cliche)
2004-10-03 6:59:59 PM  
I also think it's stupid how Bush makes fun of Kerry's idea of "let's see how much more hate we might breed against us if we do this" test. If we are becoming an even more interdependent world (which we are), then getting everybody's stance on our militaristic pursuits seems like a helluva good idea to me.
2004-10-03 7:00:34 PM  
damn those french for being right, damn them.

2004-10-03 7:03:23 PM  

i'm just gonna ignore your whole post and focus on the word "global" the way the POTUS told me to.

GLOBAL!? You wanna turn over control of the USA to the UN and to the FRENCH?!?! You're some kind of internationalist, socialist, soverignty-ceding traitor?!?!?

2004-10-03 7:05:35 PM  
2004-10-03 7:05:46 PM  
"can't we all just get along"

/words of someone that just got their ass beat
2004-10-03 7:07:41 PM  
The French Foreign Legion would make the strongest U.S. Marines pee their pants and cry like little babies. They can fight in the worst conditions with little to no high-tech toys, plus they do not fire friendly.

(Fire proof suit... checked. Flame on!)
2004-10-03 7:08:02 PM  
You want surrender monkeys? Look at Poland. They just let anyone march all over them.

What the fark? Polish soldiers charged tanks on horses! It could be courage or stupidity, but it's not surrender by a long shot. Poland is too poor to defend themselves properly, but they fight as best they can. They're possibly anything BUT "surrender monkeys".
2004-10-03 7:09:49 PM  
Then they should stop acting as an untrustworthy, weak nation
2004-10-03 7:10:00 PM  
goldoche.... I'd put my money on a marine anyday of the week, one on one, hand to hand even.
2004-10-03 7:10:22 PM  
MEMO to the French:

Bush is a UNITER, not a DIVIDER.

Sheesh, it is almost as if they don't take his word at face value.
2004-10-03 7:10:49 PM  
The GOP are a bunch of bigots, what do you expect? They'll pick on some group, and arbitrarely throw everything at them until it is no longer politically correct, then they'll pick a new one.
2004-10-03 7:10:50 PM  
you want karate?
2004-10-03 7:11:06 PM  
France is 3rd world now eh?
Partial definition:

"'Third world is a term originally used to distinguish those nations that neither aligned with the capitalist West, the 'First world', nor with the Socialist East, the 'Second world'. They are also known as the Global South, developing countries, and least developed countries in academic circles. Development workers also call them the two-thirds world and The South. Some dislike the term developing countries as it implies that industrialisation is the only way forward, whilst they believe it is not necessarily the most beneficial.

Many of these are located in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. They are often nations that were colonized by another nation in the past. The populations of third world countries are generally very poor but with high birth rates. In general they are not as industrialized or technologically advanced as the first world. The majority of the countries in the world fit this classification.

The term was coined by economist Alfred Sauvy in an article in the French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur of August 14, 1952. It was a deliberate reference to the "Third Estate" of the French Revolution. Tiers monde means third world in French. The term gained widespread popularity during the Cold War when many poorer nations adopted the category to describe themselves as neither being aligned with NATO or the USSR, but instead composing a non-aligned "third world" (in this context, the term "First World" was generally understood to mean the United States and its allies in the Cold War, which would have made the Communist bloc the "Second World" by default; however, the latter term was very seldom actually used).

Leading members of this original 'third world' movement were Yugoslavia, Indonesia, and Egypt. Many third world countries believed they could successfully court both the communist and capitalist nations of the world, and develop key economic partnerships without necessarily falling under their direct influence. In practice, this plan did not work out quite so well; many third world nations were exploited or undermined by the two superpowers who feared these supposedly neutral nations were in danger of falling into alignment with the enemy."


Sorry I'm too lazy to do the html thing.
2004-10-03 7:11:25 PM  
2004-10-03 7:11:44 PM  
goldoche and damitjim, why not, I'll put my money on the Polish special forces.
2004-10-03 7:11:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Check out my lame member page.
2004-10-03 7:12:03 PM  
fires are what look good on hippies

And this comes from a kid with blue hair.

2004-10-03 7:12:05 PM  
It is nice to see how the US is treating one of its oldest allies.

And concerning the whole surrender monkeys thing. There is a difference between fighting a war against an equal or stronger opponent in your own country and giving up after loosing a percentage of your population and fighting a thirdworld nation half a globe away. Tell me about surrendermonkeys once you have succesfully achived all or some of your objectives in Iraq. (If you ever make up your mind what exactly those objectives are.)
2004-10-03 7:15:11 PM  
After all they're willing to destroy a national wildlife refuge in order to get cheaper oil.

What??? I couple of holes in the ground and maybe a pipeline that's smaller than any of the roads already there is going to "destroy" millions and millions of acres of wildlife refuge? Wow. I had no idea.
2004-10-03 7:17:05 PM  
The French might very well be unhappy that the GOP are using them as an example of an untrustworthy weak nation.

But the article doesn't mention anything about what the French think.
2004-10-03 7:17:41 PM  

France supported Hussein??? We all but *created* Hussein. Google the Iran-Iraq war for your edification.

Do not assume the moral superiority of the U.S. in foreign policy. We are as Machiavellian as anyone, though it's true that we tend to shun direct wars of aggression in favor of supporting proxies. (Well... maybe Bush is changing that.)
2004-10-03 7:18:29 PM  
...and shamefully I have a minor 4 year degree in french and lived with a famliy in Nice for some time. (Yes I didn't capitalize the "F" in france purposely.)
2004-10-03 7:19:18 PM  
Octo.... the US didn't support Hussein AFTER sanctions were in place, France did.
2004-10-03 7:19:44 PM  
fark France and Fark all of You.
and if you don't like it... suck on Kerry's kewi's.
2004-10-03 7:22:12 PM  
Good thing Bush never mocks foreign countries or leaders like Kerry!
2004-10-03 7:22:36 PM  
Oh yeah, that's such a mischaracterization. They earned that title 100 times over. [image from too old to be available]
2004-10-03 7:23:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

leave France alone already. They were right about WMD (that there were none), and they refused to support an illegal invasion.
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