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(Some Guy)   Quest For Al-Qa'eda - The Hunt For Bin Laden - A 3d Shooter Computer Game   ( quest.shorturl.com) divider line
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2002-02-13 07:56:39 PM  
Rock on!

Al-Qa'eda boobies?
2002-02-13 07:57:04 PM  
2002-02-13 07:57:28 PM  
oh my god. enuf with the stupid kill bin laden games. its just not funny anymore next we will be seeing 'bin laden and all your bases' shiat too....
2002-02-13 07:58:02 PM  
"all your terrorism are belong to us"

yeah it just doesn't have that certain ring to it
2002-02-13 07:58:53 PM  
Somehow I knew this would be made into a computer game. It looks like it sucks ass, too. Here's a nice screenshot.
2002-02-13 07:59:01 PM  
How many points do you get for accidentally wiping out poor families?
2002-02-13 07:59:12 PM  
The source to Quake 2 has been released, and they're using the Duke Nukem 3D engine? Cripes.

"The Hunt for that Pixelized Thing that Sorta Looks Like a Generic Arab Person" would be a better title.
2002-02-13 07:59:17 PM  
[image from pumpinpatsmomma.com too old to be available]
2002-02-13 08:00:42 PM  
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but won't they be offended?
2002-02-13 08:03:40 PM  
You want a real FPS, get Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.

$15.00 at Best Buy.

Simply amazing. Kinda like me.
2002-02-13 08:04:21 PM  

How long will it stand?
2002-02-13 08:06:07 PM  
2002-02-13 08:07:16 PM  
Rwg: that's why it's interesting. It might have been cool or stupid if it were based on QII, but it's interesting that they chose an inferior game engine.
2002-02-13 08:15:13 PM  
Camel crossing? GENIOUS! even though there's no road, path, trail, etc.

I always liked the Duke engine, and the game ruled. I liked realistic locations.
2002-02-13 08:22:28 PM  
Ahh, yet more fodder for Americans to hate anyone with a turban. But that's all judging by the screenshot. I'm about to download this shiat.
2002-02-13 08:22:41 PM  
if the military were really clever they would tie this game to a real time GPS mapped terrain and an armada of remote controled specially armored unmanned ATVs and let 14 year olds around the world search for and kill ol bin unwittingly !
2002-02-13 08:23:30 PM  
Fark this link for me!!!!! More gaming! More Fun!

Sing the petition!!
2002-02-13 08:25:56 PM  
if the military were really clever they would tie this game to a real time GPS mapped terrain and an armada of remote controled specially armored unmanned ATVs and let 14 year olds around the world search for and kill ol bin unwittingly !

I thought that's what they were doing.
2002-02-13 08:25:57 PM  
Meez: I assume you aren't a regular reader of Electric Sheep Webcomix. If you were, you'd be familiar with The Spiders.
2002-02-13 08:26:11 PM  
"Quest For Al-Qa'eda is a DOS game"

Um, I'll pass then. . .
2002-02-13 08:27:47 PM  
2002-02-13 08:29:40 PM  
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Oh boy... if they only knew.
2002-02-13 08:30:18 PM  
Knighty21: Look what I found with my computer... it's interesting...

FARK - Trademark

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Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Providing entertainment news and information, namely, providing comedic captions and pictures about current events and news stories, and providing on-line links to websites of others in connection therewith
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Serial Number 78036600
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Live/Dead Indicator LIVE
2002-02-13 08:30:59 PM  
Randy_ss: what?! You don't like DOS game? What the hell is wrong with you?! I'm avoiding it because it looks like a really poorly made game, based on a terrible concept. Just remember the old adage about video games: "Shinier graphics don't necessarily make for shinier gameplay." From what little I know about you, you are partially responsible for the steaming pile of shiat that is called "The Modern Gaming Scene."
2002-02-13 08:31:43 PM  
Stupid question number 4,205.2: What word(s) gets filtered into "I have a computer"???
2002-02-13 08:31:53 PM  
this looks like wolf3d. i wonder if instead of screaming 'mein leiben' they scream 'bin laden'

bah, i'm gonna go look at boobies links
2002-02-13 08:33:27 PM  
Uhhh. Why not just make a CounterStrike level?
2002-02-13 08:36:53 PM  
Nfliction Sing the petition!!

Don't know the words
2002-02-13 08:37:54 PM  
Abyssal Squid - thanks that looks like pretty awesome comic site! damn and just when i thought i had a clever idea somebody went and made a comic out of it. Actually Sandia Labs in New Mexico has a system that is basically like a ground equivalant of the Predator flying drone , it is an ATV looking thing and there really is nothing that would stop somebody from making it controllable from a web site or such!
2002-02-13 08:39:35 PM  
Or maybe i just suck
No its their fault cause i couldnt tell the differance between an Arab and a farking camel
2002-02-13 08:52:37 PM  
Well I beat the game, and it sucked. Didn't even get to kill bin Laden, it just had a screen that said I "kicked his ass". How disappointing.
2002-02-13 08:56:58 PM  
i know, you dont even get to kill him. i was gonna blow his ass up with a pipebomb too...
2002-02-13 09:01:58 PM  
times like this i wish i had win 98...dont want to work on 2k...

2002-02-13 09:09:39 PM  
I'd have to give it 2/5 stars. But it was pretty funny.
2002-02-13 09:10:44 PM  
Abyssal Squid: The quake 2 engine has only been GPL'ed for a few months, they could have started development before it was out. Also the build engine may be under a nicer license or public domain, so they wouldn't have to release their source code.
2002-02-13 09:28:20 PM  
Actually, I know next to nothing abut first-person-shooters. I was just guessing why it was given the "interesting" tag.
2002-02-13 09:36:29 PM  
That looks almost as good as the Build-engine Powerslave game.

Not a compliment, btw. ;)
2002-02-13 09:40:43 PM  
Game sucked.. it couldnt keep up with my commands!!
2002-02-13 10:04:25 PM  
Abyssal Squid: Actually, I enjoy older games quite a bit. Most of my gameplay of late has been SNES and C=64 emulation. I just think, however, that DOS is a shiatty environment to run a game in. There were a handful of fun DOS games, but that is the exception rather than the rule. . .
2002-02-13 10:14:45 PM  
Dude, what the hell is wrong with you? You do realize that you included the address of someone in your post, who's private address may be something that person doesn't want distributed to thousands of people, right? Would a Mod please remove Chime's post to protect the privacy of the person is question please? Thank you.
2002-02-13 10:17:05 PM  
Randy_ss: thing is, you could say the same thing about any other gaming environment. You just have to find the good stuff, which tends to be free, for DOS games. A good example of a good DOS game, in my opinion, is Liero. Overall, about 75% of my gaming time is spent on DOS games, which includes MAME emulation, but not other emulation.
2002-02-13 10:30:22 PM  
Damn was that just 3 levels?
2002-02-13 11:01:46 PM  
This game kicks ass! God bless the Build engine.
2002-02-13 11:19:42 PM  
The build engine is for suckas
2002-02-13 11:54:09 PM  
Meez -

Read Endors Game!
2002-02-14 12:00:24 AM  
This game blow big hairy monkey balls.
2002-02-14 03:43:27 AM  
Went through an entire process of finding out you have to pay to download it.......screw it, back to Doom.
2002-02-14 05:55:32 AM  
Shadowman: you don't have to, use the ftp link. The http link is for fileplanet, the most retarded piece of monkeyshiat ever.

The game itself is pretty bad. About three levels of shooting poorly rendered camels and guys in turbans. There are no operating doors or cabinets or anything, but there are toilets, because toilets are funny. It's alright as a "thing to look at" but as a game it sucks camelass.
2002-02-14 07:11:58 AM  
Looks about as exciting as that llama Christian Fundamentalist FPS from awhile back.
2002-02-14 07:52:56 AM  
The graphics suck ass to no end.
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