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(IMDB)   Astra's a mortal and Sara confronts her kidnapper on "The Satanist's Apprentice," Season 6 Ep.№5 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow at 8 ㏘ EDT. Then, Luke Fox needs B(atfriend)LM on "Armed and Dangerous," Season 2 Ep.№15 of Batwoman at 9, both on The CW   ( divider line
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2021-06-06 8:17:52 PM  
So good to have a full week of The CW DC shows back. Well, almost full. Still a gaping hole on Monday nights that'll never be properly filled again.

I must say, I'm looking forward more to Batwoman tonight than to Legends, given last episode's cliffhanger. This is unusual for me.
2021-06-06 8:43:16 PM  
Oh, cool! This is the animation episode that was teased in the season trailer!
2021-06-06 9:07:07 PM  
So now Constantine is depowered?

Batwoman: the officer is still saying that Luke was pulling a gun? Not that Luke pulled what the cop mistakenly thought was a gun?
2021-06-06 9:35:10 PM  
Altered body cam footage.
2021-06-06 11:02:57 PM  
As much as I enjoyed tonight Legends, maybe someone should teach the actress who plays Astra to actually open her mouth when she speaks and stop speaking through a clenched jaw?
I'm sorry that I've pointed it out to all of you if none of you noticed it before. Because it's all you'll ever see now. She literally just moves her lips and does not open her mouth!
2021-06-07 5:52:19 AM  

Yeah, I can see how Astra's having trouble finding gainful employment when records show she was born only 15 years ago.  Not to mention that her past job experience doesn't really transfer out of Hell very well.  But John really was a shiatty landlord.

Zari: 'Am I a flip phone?'  Yeah, that part got wonderfully cheesy.  Perhaps just a little too much with the singing.

I was wondering through the show if Matt Ryan was doing double duty as Constantine and Crowley, just with different accents.. but I see Matt Lucas is credited with Crowley's voice.

So it seems that 'Bishop' is the one who had Sarah kidnapped.  Claimed to be the creator of the Ava clones, and trying to merge human and alien DNA, and he wants Sarah to train his creations.  Well, after Sarah snapped his neck, and he's still alive, I wonder if ANY of that is true.  I expect more unexpected revelations there.

So the spell wasn't just a singable 'Dispel Magic' but it actually made everyone forget their magic knowledge.. that's a really strong spell!  That really leaves John in a pretty useless state right now.  They better study up.
2021-06-07 7:13:16 AM  

I was still surprised last week that Luke Fox wasn't wearing any sort of hidden body armor.  But those Crows went above and beyond to frame him.  They must have sought him out.  I expect we still haven't heard exactly why.  Jacob Kane shut down the whole organization now, but I expect more fallout from that, and it'll likely be tied to his father's murder.

Interesting that Wolf Spider came back to help save Luke.  Yeah, he wouldn't be a fan of the Crows, either.

I didn't think that Luke would die, but they really pushed it closer than I thought they would.  He was really tired of this world, in his coma.

Alice told Mary to watch her back, and keep Batwoman close.. and went to Jacob with news about Kate.  She really is going the antihero route this season.
2021-06-07 12:28:58 PM  
Next week on Batwoman.. Kate Kane, and John Diggle!

Batwoman 2x16 Promo "Rebirth" (HD) Season 2 Episode 16 Promo ft. David Ramsey
Youtube DoDiU2uwv7A
2021-06-07 1:52:39 PM  
At least in the Legends universe, Wynonna Earp got 15 seasons.
2021-06-07 2:38:08 PM  
Seems the Legends meet the not quite Amelia Earhart.. and Gary climbs out of a toilet?!

DC's Legends of Tomorrow | Season 6 Episode 6 | Bishop's Gambit Promo | The CW
Youtube zsjeDafgOig
2021-06-07 2:57:45 PM  

Alphax: Next week on Batwoman.. Kate Kane, and John Diggle!


Will John shed some light on the subject?
2021-06-07 3:15:30 PM  

COMALite J: Alphax: Next week on Batwoman.. Kate Kane, and John Diggle!

Will John shed some light on the subject?

I thought he was going to be on The Flash first, but plans may have changed.

Too late for a Black Lightning appearance, and he probably won't pop up on Legends, but I think he will be on Superman & Lois.
2021-06-07 11:22:13 PM  
Luke in limbo but fading, "What's happening?"

Bruce, "It's science!  The science of a magic flower that only grows by feeding on human blood."
2021-06-08 3:13:06 AM  
Caity Lotz's FB manager posted some pics from the episode, which Caity directed.  I'll just post a few of them.

Fark user imageView Full Size

Still masking up between takes.

Fark user imageView Full Size

Fark user imageView Full Size

And now I realized why Spooner asked why she was a fork... :-)

Someone in the comments said that Behrad should have been a bong.. but I think that might have ruined the Disney Princess theme, slightly.
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