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(AZ Family)   Phoenix recycling yard demonstrates that everything can be biodegradable with the right kind of process -- in this case a six-alarm fire that even the National Weather Service is reporting on   ( divider line
    More: Scary, Firefighter, Washington Street, upper hand of an enormous fire, Firefighting, Fire crews, Friedman Waste Control Systems, Fire department, Phoenix Fire Department's history  
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2021-06-06 1:24:23 AM  
"I'll never have to take out the recycling again!"

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2021-06-06 5:30:35 AM  
Lithium batteries gotta go somewhere.
2021-06-06 5:51:18 AM  
Global warming schlobal schwarming. I should go to bed.
2021-06-06 6:00:14 AM  
Biodegradable? Doubtful. Pyrodegradable, yes.
2021-06-06 6:06:48 AM  
Meanwhile, east of Phoenix, a 25,000 acre wildfire.

Also, an 8,000 acre wildfire.

That will show that piddly little recycling center who's boss.
2021-06-06 6:23:00 AM  
Good thing they have plenty of water available to fight fires.
2021-06-06 6:25:10 AM  

dryknife: Good thing they have plenty of water available to fight fires.

Do I have to do the username thing again?
2021-06-06 7:04:16 AM  
Dang. That larger picture looks like a zoom-in on a flaming crucible.
2021-06-06 7:18:09 AM  
We are stardust.

You will not like the ultimate recycling process.
2021-06-06 7:22:39 AM  
The good news is the recycling yard will be reborn from the ashes of its former self!
2021-06-06 7:59:55 AM  

GalFisk: Biodegradable? Doubtful. Pyrodegradable, yes.

It's the way of the phoenix.
2021-06-06 9:39:35 AM  
And if you were injured, better call Sweet James....

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2021-06-06 9:40:05 AM  
That's one way to get rid of those bundles of unrecyclable plastic that no foreign country will accept.
2021-06-06 9:49:57 AM  
My employee and I talked about this when we saw the smoke cross over the valley. How could this possibly start?

Recycling center "We can't accept anything that is highly flammable"
Arizona resident "Oh there's nothing hazardous in that container I swear"
Recycling center opens container to find gasoline soaked rags. "Hey!"
Arizona resident tires squealing as he leaves the scene.

Since we get this type of thing all day long accepting used engine oil, people constantly bring contaminated oil, and when we turn them away they leave it on the side of the building. With it being 100+ degrees out this past week something was about to go boom in the valley.
2021-06-06 10:44:39 AM  
Follow up article:​n​g-yard-fire-phoenix/article_68a2946a-c​63d-11eb-92f1-1bda4b365e92.html?block_​id=997196

It's like that Calvin and Hobbes cartoon with the train, airplane, and gas explosion.  This was a massive outdoor cardboard and paper fire that spread to the adjacent tire shop, lumber company and recycling center in one of the driest parts of the country.  All it was missing was something like a propane distribution center.
2021-06-06 11:48:02 AM  
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2021-06-06 12:20:24 PM  

synithium: And if you were injured, better call Sweet James....

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Dude! What's mine say?
2021-06-06 12:49:17 PM  
You would be surprised how much recycled stuff you put in the recycled bin is actually never recycled.
2021-06-06 3:33:53 PM  
No one is going to say anything about it being called Friedman Recycling Center?
2021-06-06 3:35:13 PM  
Friedman Waste Control Systems, my bad.

Jesus loves to laugh.
2021-06-06 3:54:38 PM  

Invalid Litter Dept: No one is going to say anything about it being called Friedman Recycling Center?

Looks more like a BBQ to me.

Also, username checks out.
2021-06-06 3:55:00 PM  
So that's what was behind the gigantic smoke plume I saw while getting groceries yesterday.  35th Ave. and Buckeye?  That's 12.5 miles from where I was standing as the crow flies.  I thought the fire was a lot further east and south than that.  And yes, big fires at recycling yards happen every few years here.  Probably for the same reasons each time.
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