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(Fark)   Welcome Fark Artists to your Fartist Friday Contest. Our theme is Show & Tell vol. 8: F'Artisting Outside The Box. SHOW us an art creation you've made that's outside your usual comfort zone, or create one especially for this, and TELL us about it   ( divider line
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2021-05-27 10:30:04 PM  
Welcome Fark Artists to your Fartist Friday Contest. For National Creativity Day our theme is Show & Tell vol. 8: F'Artisting Outside The Box. SHOW us an art creation you've made that's outside your usual comfort zone, or create one especially for this contest, and TELL us about it. For example: Photography buffs, show us your paintings. Painting enthusiasts, show us your poems. Be sure to TELL us about it too - your inspiration, creative process, etc.

Contest Rules:

One (1) individual entry item per post please, and a total of three (3) entries posted maximum allowed per person.

All votable entries must follow this week's theme requirements. Posts that don't follow the theme will remain but have Voting disabled. Be sure to check the theme!

Prize: Bragging rights and a mention in the Fark NotNewsletter!

Hearty congratulations to last week's F'Artiste winner, nanim for A Tippy Turtle Tower - and check out all the creative F'Artistes we have!

FFFUQ (Fartist Friday Frequently Unasked Questions):

Fartist Fridays are weekly creativity contests that you can participate in with things you have on hand since many of us are stuck at home right now. If you have an idea for a future contest theme please post it here or send it along to Farkback.

Why? To have fun showing off our skills (or lack thereof!) while we practice socially distancing together, and to vote for your favorite entries.

When? This contest is submitted on Thursdays with entries open immediately to TotalFarkers (membership has its privileges!), then it goes to the Main Page on Friday. Entries close around midnight Eastern on Sunday night. All times are approximate because we're all drunk.

How Does Voting Work? Check the "Enable voting for this entry" box. If you forget, just report it and ask. All entries that meet the contest theme are considered eligible for voting, so please mention if you prefer voting NOT be enabled.

Check out past F'artiste contests by clicking on the Topic Tag, and check the weekly Fark NotNewsletter for info on that week's contest theme ahead of time. All skill levels encouraged (as you can see from my sample below) and most importantly: We're all in this together so let's create some F'Arts together - Fark Arts, that is.
2021-05-28 12:41:56 PM  
This was my 1st attempt at a galaxy and the biggest canvas I've ever done (10x20). Working with so much black paint was definitely a step outside my comfort zone. 
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2021-05-28 12:43:35 PM  
I love food. I love diners. I love food from diners and so I wrote this song about my favorite diner. Sadly, I've moved away from that diner, about 1000 miles away to an area of the country where there are no diners.

I used a brand new Gretsch Streamliner guitar on this track to give it a more jazy feel.


Holbrook Diner
Youtube j2jwHD89_jg
2021-05-28 12:58:52 PM  
I have something for this.  Even though it wasn't created for this contest, it does qualify as a piece of artwork that is completely unlike anything I usually do.  I built a physical model for a game.

dpoisn.comView Full Size

dpoisn.comView Full Size

You can read all about it on my blog, of course.

The short version of the story was that I saw a video talking about this strategy game that is super easy to learn and play, but extremely difficult to win.

I wanted to play.  But since I didn't have the game, I made the models and built one myself.  Special thanks to my son for having a 3D printer.
2021-05-28 5:32:08 PM  
I have only made three animated gifs in my life. I don't have the patience or skill to create them. These are two animated arrows I created in the late nineties. I believe I created the arrows in PowerPoint and then compressed and expanded them manually for each frame in MS Paint. The eyes are hand drawn in MS Paint. I used Animagic GIF V 1.06b to animated everything.

Fark user image
Fark user image
2021-05-29 2:29:50 PM  
I am ordinarily a painter, but I often do drawings too. Sometimes I just like to sit down and see what the pens have in store for me, and they usually end up fairly similar in style. This one came out very different than usual. Im not entirely sure where it came form. 18 x 24, ink on paper. Edition of 40.

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2021-05-29 3:17:35 PM  
I usually try to keep my images as lifelike as possible, but a picture I recently took of a Great Blue Heron in a tree forced me to try something else. Gorgeous pose, but a mostly slate-blue bird against a uniform gray cloudscape would be problematic even if it didn't look like it was perched in some uncanny void. Going monochrome didn't help, so I tried a few artistic filters and came up with this:

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2021-05-29 3:45:57 PM  
Day job is pushing pixels - all digital, all the time. This is waaaay outta my comfort zone. Hence the use of Home Depot wall paint, some leftover acrylic paint from college (at least the ones that weren't dried out), and lots o' black spray paint (vignette effect). At least my wall isn't blank anymore. :)

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2021-05-29 4:22:57 PM  
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The oil on one of my test canvases finally dried, so I moved into the next phase of my experiment in participatory creativity through instability. So the layers are now canvas, acrylic paint, acrylic gel medium, paper, acrylic UV topcoat, linseed oil, acrylic paint, acrylic paint. I'm letting the paint cure before I try peeling it away.

The first thing I can report is acrylic over dried linseed oil is a really unpleasant painting experience. The brush doesn't bite at all, and the colors mix way faster than I expected them to. I'll have to be really careful with future attempts.

Second, the paper is buckling really badly, and I strongly suspect a lot of the collage is going to come off when I try to peel away the top layers of acrylic.

Finally, the surface feels really rubbery, and I'm not sure how satisfying it's going to be to peel, which is disappointing.

All in all, it's been a worthwhile experiment, but I don't know as I'd call it a success. I'm going to need to think about next steps.
2021-05-29 9:26:26 PM  
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My 8 year old grand daughter helped make these. She's good with a pin nailer. Scrap wood, a million matches and a bit of sanity. We're finally going to light them tonight.
2021-05-30 1:28:31 AM  
I and my son made this for a a candy store in Vegas. Never made something that big or exposed to the elements. Delivery was a challenge in itself.
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2021-05-30 2:40:49 PM  
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not so much a "painting", more of a study of colors I did years ago. That summer I'd seen various van Goghs (NYC, DC) and thought I'd give painting a try. I did a few color studies, trying to work out how the oils would mix. It's about a 16" x 20".
2021-05-30 6:30:14 PM  
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It's Bowling Ball In Repose (for real)

Actually a painting I had to make for a design class years ago.  More about learning to mix paints.  Used four colors including the initials.

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