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(Sad and Useless)   Old-timey dinosaur statue parks inspired many kids to become paleontologists - once they realized a 'Derpa-sore-ass Rex' wasn't a recognized species   ( divider line
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2021-05-16 12:36:51 PM  
There's one over in East Texas called dinosaur gardens and I used to get the biggest charge out of it.

I never saw it until college but it's still just cracked me up.  I think I miss roadside art and fifties and sixties kitch.  That should come back.
2021-05-16 12:37:58 PM  
I should go back to using preview as well and give this voice to text a ride.
2021-05-16 1:32:26 PM  
What do you call a gay dinosaur?

/three slashes
2021-05-16 1:34:41 PM  
Is the problem that they all look mangey without feathers?
2021-05-16 1:40:27 PM  
Ain't no dinosaur park like Dinosaurland in Double Tollgate, Virginia:

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2021-05-16 2:00:21 PM  
I was friendly with a paleontologist, and she brought up the topic of banging a NatGeo photographer.
2021-05-16 2:08:11 PM  
Most of those aren't "hilariously bad."  Most are just fine, and many are ones I would have loved as a kid.  And even the Long-torso-asaurus is kinda cute.
2021-05-16 2:17:44 PM  

Ktonos: Ain't no dinosaur park like Dinosaurland in Double Tollgate, Virginia:

[Fark user image 425x207]

That and the Ho-Jo's in Front Royal were regular stops on childhood road trips.
2021-05-16 2:18:47 PM  
Ha, the first pic and the last were the best, i guffawed at both.
2021-05-16 2:23:52 PM  

Lodger: Most of those aren't "hilariously bad."  Most are just fine, and many are ones I would have loved as a kid.  And even the Long-torso-asaurus is kinda cute.

Even the bad ones look really fun.  I wish they had the locations on each.
2021-05-16 2:28:16 PM  
The brown T-Rex is Prehistoric Gardens on the south coast of Oregon. It's top-notch and not cheesey
2021-05-16 2:28:49 PM  
buyoya.comView Full Size
2021-05-16 2:32:49 PM  
When my son was about 5 we went to Eureka Springs, AR. He was a dino nut. Not a Barney fan but serious dinosaurs. He would watch Paleoworldinstead of Sesame Street and tell us all about the amazing things he learned. He could tell you the names of about 100 different dinosaurs, the era they lived in, their diet and their relatives. Impressive, if a little scary from a pre-schooler.

While driving along we saw a sign for a dino park. Kid was thrilled and begged us to go. We decided to give it a shot. Wow, it was crappy. Creatures made of concrete and fiberglass that looked like they escaped from a Harryhausen monster movie. Cavemen were shown stabbing these creatures with spears. After seeing the first creature his face fell. We told him that instead of being disappointed he should try to figure out what dino they were trying to represent and what was wrong with it.

Over 20 years later he still talks about it.
2021-05-16 4:06:36 PM  
The triceratops facing the camera in in Glendive MT. It used to have red light up eyes but naturally some asshole had to smash them in.
2021-05-16 4:46:13 PM  
Not a recognised species YET.

As paleontologists they just need to name one.
2021-05-16 6:23:52 PM  
When I was a kid, hanging out in Tawas, Michigan, we had a resident who had a putt  putt golf course with some dinosaur sculptures. Gordon Clute... he did a whole lot of cool things around the area, including a "boot slide...
roadarch.comView Full Size

... Paul Bunyan...

roadsideamerica.comView Full Size

and this potential entanglement with Disney copyright lawyers:
roadsideamerica.comView Full Size

(yes, you climbed up his ass)

I can't find any pictures of the golf course he had at the mouth of the Tawas River, as it has been gone for decades now. His playground sculptures were awesome, even if they'd be impossible with today's liability potential. As a kid, I might have kissed a few girls at the top of that "shoe" slide.

This dinosaur that he made still exists though:
s.hdnux.comView Full Size
2021-05-16 6:56:08 PM  
The styracosaurus didn't look that bad.
2021-05-16 9:31:17 PM  
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2021-05-17 1:16:13 AM  
Jurassic Park - Harmonica Fail
Youtube yU_9GN2ZsQg
2021-05-17 1:36:01 AM  
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2021-05-17 11:19:28 AM  
I see they have the Bowlasaurus there.
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