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(Some Poll Site)   Picking up on a topic that was raised a few days ago on the Princess Margaret post. What'll come first, a women president or a black president? Vote and comment   ( pub.alxnet.com) divider line
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2002-02-11 01:37:07 AM  
Hard call,hard call!I'm so unsure which is right!
2002-02-11 01:37:28 AM  
not too many people up right now, eh?
2002-02-11 01:37:55 AM  
I really think a black man has a etter chance than a woman.
2002-02-11 01:39:20 AM  
Lisa:(reading bumper sticker)"A gay President in 2084?"
Gay Republican:We're being realistic.
2002-02-11 01:39:57 AM  
and of course, the poll is showing that a lot of other people think a black man has a better chance than a woman.
2002-02-11 01:40:20 AM  
The only thing a woman should be president of is my dinner.
2002-02-11 01:43:10 AM  

Queen Latifah!

Miss Cleo!

Nell Carter!

Micheal Jackson!!!
2002-02-11 01:43:24 AM  
well, army, apparently you missed the news flash that women can do more nowadays than just cook...furthermore many of the best chefs in the world happen to be men. maybe you should go homo and have a guy be the "president" of your dinner :)
2002-02-11 01:44:14 AM  
I read this site that listed the percentages of americans who would under no circumstances vote for a certain group for president ... for example, I think women were 5%, blacks were 8%, gays were 8% ... something like that. The real shocker was that 51% of americans would not elect an atheist to the office of the presidency. A black jewish lesbian would have a better chance of getting elected than an atheist. Interesting, no?
2002-02-11 01:45:12 AM  
2002-02-11 01:47:00 AM  
Seal Hunter, there is no hope for humanity.
2002-02-11 01:47:57 AM  
Here are the statistics I was talking about ... I was a little off, but it's still pretty shocking.

http://pages.yahoo.com/nhrp?o=closetatheist&p=index.html&pos=2&f=all&h​=/religi on___beliefs/atheism
2002-02-11 01:52:18 AM  
I think it will be a black, or should I say "African American," president first. Women have been a popular majority in this nation for a while. If they really wanted, and all the women voted for the woman candidate, they could have won the presidency years ago. But women can't get all their ducks in a row without resulting in a biatch slapping cat fight. Blacks on the other hand are a consistently growing population segment. And their votes can be bought very easily, just look how the Democrates used free money hand outs of social welface to seduce blacks from the party of liberty, the party of Lincoln, the Republicans. Seriously though, blacks have a better chance of winning it first. Perhaps there should have been a choice for Libertarians willing the presidency. It would be interesting to see how they would have placed in this poll.

Ok, start yelling at me for being sexist, racist, and a white male.
2002-02-11 01:52:22 AM  
Snoop MC Gore!?!?!?!?!
2002-02-11 01:52:44 AM  
[image from politicallibrary.org too old to be available] VS. [image from cnn.com too old to be available]
2002-02-11 01:54:29 AM  
Oh please.. could that poll be any more obnoxious. How about 3 or 4 options that have something to do with the subject please.
2002-02-11 01:54:33 AM  
Vote for Cthulthu. At least that way we'd get an equal opportunity monster in the office. Seriously though, I bet it'll be a woman before it'll be a minority. I'd vote for any of the folks on the list. Change is good.
2002-02-11 01:54:56 AM  
if Chuck Palmer doesn't get killed before the end of the day, he's got my vote.
goddamn, i watch too much tv.
2002-02-11 01:55:31 AM  
Condaleza Rice could swing it.She probably would get twice the votes that Hilary would.
2002-02-11 01:55:57 AM  
Seal Hunter,

First off, quoting anything from the site - The Closet Atheist - and saying that the stats are true, is like any fundie making stats up and saying hey no, really it is true it is on the internet.

Show me a impartial study, raw data no stats work on it and maybe your numbers are right. But really, I mean I problebly can find a site out there that says the next president will be green with gills! Or I can make a site.

Really, at least Fark has site that have a real reputation. I mean really - Copyright © 2002 The Closet Atheist, it might as well be written by Jack Chick!

But I digress!
2002-02-11 01:56:33 AM  
and i drink too much too... i mean david palmer
2002-02-11 01:56:34 AM  
i'm so in love with Martha21373

2002-02-11 01:57:12 AM  
Yeah,I just get the impression that women do not seem as ambitious about becoming presidential candidates(not vice presidential,full presidential),as a black person does.While I'm sure a (moderate!)woman president would probably do well for the country,I just don't forsee it yet.
Ladies!Two years away!Get cracking!
2002-02-11 01:57:20 AM  
I say Princess Margaret has 0% of being President. She's English, for one. Oh, and she's dead.

Regardless, it'd probably have to be a Republican... a black/female Rep could still pull in some moderate Dem votes (Clinton Reps/Reagan Dems), but Reps would marginalize a Dem candidate no matter how moderate they might turn out to be. Reps would NEVER run a gay, though, nor help elect a gay Dem.
2002-02-11 01:57:30 AM  
A "women" president? Why has fark been plagued with spelling errors for so long? Waht si teh porblem?
2002-02-11 01:59:10 AM  
Farkley_crusher-Yes,Martha21373 does look very lovely in her profile.I'd vote for her if she ran.
2002-02-11 02:00:01 AM  
JayS-Don't look at me.I try to proofread all my posts!
2002-02-11 02:03:32 AM  
Going out on a limb here... Barbara Lee will pull off both at once in 2008!

*puts on asbestos underoos*

Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos.
2002-02-11 02:03:37 AM  
Now,a black female candidate ala Halle Berry or Tyra Banks would possibly have a good shot,using image,but neither of them look like they'd have a head for politics.Halle Berry starred in "Swordfish" fer chrissakes!We could further and appeal to three groups with Whoopi Goldberg(guess which is the third group!),but I don't think anyone wants that.
2002-02-11 02:04:07 AM  
No way I'd vote for a woman prez...Colin Powell is doing a bang up job, I'd vote for him before any woman.
2002-02-11 02:05:49 AM  
I know someone mentioned it earlier but, I'd vote for Colin Powell, bacause it would have to be a military black man. There will not be a woman president in my lifetime. Hell, probably not even a black president in my lifetime either.
2002-02-11 02:07:14 AM  

You certainly do digress.

I'm not sure that sites that are more of a reputation are necessarily more reputable as far as statements are concerned ... I've seen bogus stories on ABC, CNN ... but I agree with you that a guy who is trying to demonstrate that atheists are discriminated against probably has a small bias. In this case, though, I think the article is genuine.

Go to gallup.com and search for atheist ...
2002-02-11 02:12:42 AM  
The thread that this came from here

just in case anyone is interested.....
2002-02-11 02:17:07 AM  
Colin Powell would be a great president, but he won't run. Really that's the problem. The people who would be the BEST leaders don't want to put up with all the news freaks trying to find out SOMETHING - ANYTHING they might have done when they were 22 years old. Most of our best POTENTIAL leaders don't want to air their life stories. It's a case of "free speech" (the nosey way to on one side or the other totally biased reporters) working against us.

At least, that's what I think :)

*Kthulhu and Farkley_crusher - thanks *blush*
2002-02-11 02:18:29 AM  


2002-02-11 02:20:14 AM  
Here's something to start a flamewar...
The first black or woman president will probably be a republican. The dems just don't have anyone that would be able to appeal to a large section of the population, all there woman and minorities would be considered far to radical to make a serious stab at the presidency. The reps on the other hand would be able to not only produce either type of candidate but theres would definatly lean more towards being a moderate. This would widen their appeal....wait what was this thread about, nevermind.
2002-02-11 02:22:01 AM  
Gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that the 1st Black President will also be woman, and that this person will be Condi Rice.


Powell has promised his wife he won't run; word is that she threw a shiat-fit when he was first being considered, and (probably correctly) thought that he would be a prime assassination target if he were to run.

Through her connections from Stanford (where she was Provost) Rice has a lot of clout with important movers and shakers in both public policy areas (long time high-level career bureaucrats), higher education, and big business. She has been, and is being, groomed for something, and has several powerful behind-the-scenes mentors.

Running a (beautiful, intelligent, sharp, important, powerful, conservative hard-liner) Black woman for President on the Republican platform will - shall we say - cause the Democratic heart to be somewhat troubled (it'll drive 'em farking nuts).

As White House National Security Advisor and confident of the President Rice, essentially, runs a large part of the NSA's day-to-day business, and she undoubtedly knows where all the bodies (literally and figuratively) are buried.

I suspect one of the following scenerios:

1) Most likely: Bush wins in 2004, probably with Cheney as VP, or perhaps replacing him, for health reasons, with some popular figure (Rudy Guilliani? (sp?))

Bush steps down in 2008 and the once-veep, whoever that is, runs for President and selects Rice as the Vice Presidential candidate.

Rice will therefore either run for President in 2012 or 2016.

2) Outside possibility: Cheney retires, and Rice gets the VP nod, in 2004. She then runs for the top spot in 2008. I think this is less likely because she would more likely be seen as "unqualified" due to not having held elected office for more than 4 years. Then again, popular wisdom said that an ex-actor couldn't win the Presidency, either.
2002-02-11 02:22:12 AM  
Mr. Speaker........

.......I present to you the President of the United States........

.......Mike Tyson.
2002-02-11 02:26:49 AM  
Martha21373 wrote: well, army, apparently you missed the news flash that women can do more nowadays than just cook...furthermore many of the best chefs in the world happen to be men. maybe you should go homo and have a guy be the "president" of your dinner :)

Yeesh, I guess next time I should include the sarcasm tag, I was joking! My dad usually cooked when our family was in one piece, and besides that my mom ran the household. You mustn't take things so seriously! Especially on FARK.

Besides all that, I can't go gay, for one thing I obviously hate women ;) And for another, I don't have the fashion sense. But as for the gay man sex...wait, no, I couldn't do that either.
2002-02-11 02:27:18 AM  
Bookman: I like your scenerio but I really doubt that there will be 20 straight years of republicans in the white house. The majority of americans are too stupid to allow that.
2002-02-11 02:31:43 AM  
I vote for the atheist/agnostic/hindu/buddhist catagory as last to get a prez.
2002-02-11 02:33:21 AM  
the black guy because, hey, hes a guy, and what "manly american" is going to vote for a woman?
2002-02-11 02:33:29 AM  
I want a black, jewish, lesbian, republican woman to win!
2002-02-11 02:34:48 AM  
Whoopi Goldberg?
2002-02-11 02:35:31 AM  
i kind of like the idea of a black woman president?
2002-02-11 02:37:33 AM  
From Python's election night special:

Cleese: No I'm sorry, there isn't time, we have to pick up a few results you may have missed. A little pink pussy-cat has taken Barrow-in-Furness -- that's a gain from the Liberals there. Rastus Odinga Odinga has taken Wolverhampton Southwest, that's Enoch Powell's old constituency -- an important gain there for Darkie Power. Arthur Negus has held Bristols -- that's not a result, that's just a piece of gossip. Sir Alec Douglas Home has taken Oldham for the Stone Dead party. A small piece of putty about that big, a cheese mechanic from Dunbar and two frogs -- one called Kipper the other not -- have all gone "Ni ni ni ni ni ni!" in Blackpool Central. And so it's beginning to look like a Silly landslide, and with the prospect of five more years' Silly government facing us we... Oh I don't want to do this any more, I'm bored!
2002-02-11 02:37:41 AM  
Don't forget Dr. Joycelyn Elders, running on a pro-masturbation platform. You'd all vote for her just cause of the campaign posters.
2002-02-11 02:46:26 AM  
That Joycelyn Elders comment is going to start a string of photoshop madness (I hope, LOL!). I've GOT to get some sleep tonight, but I'm definitely checking back in on this in the morning!
2002-02-11 02:48:26 AM  
I don't think we're mature enough to discuss this topic, i'm pretty sure when i wake up in the morning to go to class, they'll be at least 5 pictures making fun of black people and probably the same amount of jokes advocating the abuse of women.
2002-02-11 02:51:08 AM  
I think since the original consititution intended blacks to not even count as a whole person (only 3/5) and did not grant women suffrage that we should never elect either to the nation's highest office.

It's what the founding fathers intended.
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