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(Fark)   Nothing's going on today. Let's go outside   ( divider line
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5400 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Feb 2002 at 9:30 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-10 09:33:00 AM  
Queue's empty, weekend queue's empty, news sources don't have anything, and I'm getting on a plane to head down to New Orleans. Let's go outside today
2002-02-10 09:35:11 AM  
I was outside all night. Nothing there but cold wet air.
2002-02-10 09:35:11 AM  
/me cries
2002-02-10 09:35:53 AM  
Dear God NO!!
2002-02-10 09:36:19 AM  
mwu hah.
this has been up all of about 2 minutes and already:

Farkers have clicked on the above link 23 times

let's not go outside, let's sit here and watch the number of fools rise
2002-02-10 09:37:11 AM  
Good idea Drew! Enough of this tomfoolery!
2002-02-10 09:37:23 AM  
2002-02-10 09:37:40 AM you're saying now would be an excellent time to get all those bad links posted? Let's go for it!
2002-02-10 09:37:56 AM  
Somebody put up a picture to photoshop! That might save us.
2002-02-10 09:40:37 AM  
There's a couple photoshops in the autoqueue, they'll pop out sometime in the next few hours
2002-02-10 09:40:55 AM  
We are supposed to get rain here.So much for going out and playing with the dog.
2002-02-10 09:41:38 AM  
Everyone pay for TotalFark and then you can read headlines, because THAT queue is FULL!

2002-02-10 09:46:06 AM  
but but... i'm scared...
2002-02-10 09:46:50 AM  
What if you have a cold and there's nothing on tv? hehe Well, there's always info-mercials
2002-02-10 09:48:16 AM  
i know what to do! let's write some Fan Fics!
Drew and Lowtax would make such a lovely couple!

2002-02-10 09:48:25 AM  
i know what to do! let's write some Fan Fics!
Drew and Lowtax would make such a lovely couple!

2002-02-10 09:49:49 AM  
it's lonely out in space.
2002-02-10 09:51:50 AM  
All my friends told me to go fark myself, but now I can't even do that! :(
2002-02-10 09:54:00 AM  
Outside? Yes, I have heard that word before. I know that place, don't I? Or am I thinking of slashdot. Yes, it is Slashdot I'm thinking of.
Outside, I'm quite sure I've been there before. Think, Hoppy, think, what is outside again!
2002-02-10 09:57:14 AM  
But its cold out there, and there are wolves after me....

There are always some boobies to post....just a suggestion.
2002-02-10 10:02:55 AM  
We could check out the BourboCam...Pretty wild stuff last night..
2002-02-10 10:03:01 AM  
Beautiful weather here...i think I will!
2002-02-10 10:05:47 AM  
go outside and get drunk
2002-02-10 10:06:11 AM  
is there going to be a fark party in st. louis in march/april or not?? (yeah, i know this doesn't have anything to do with going outside today!)
2002-02-10 10:06:27 AM  
Yeah, let us write some Slash! As in, Drew / LowTax!
2002-02-10 10:06:57 AM  
I can't go outside. I'm at work. :(
2002-02-10 10:11:20 AM  
i don't have any emails.
2002-02-10 10:12:18 AM  
Get drunk, THEN go outside. More fun.
2002-02-10 10:13:03 AM  
2002-02-10 10:13:45 AM  
Have fun at mardi Gras, Drew!
2002-02-10 10:14:12 AM  
OK, I am outside. Now what?
2002-02-10 10:14:33 AM  
how much vacation time does Fark give Drew?
2002-02-10 10:20:44 AM  
Its raining outside. Somebody set up a Quake server.
2002-02-10 10:21:05 AM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link: 469 times.

Sad, folks, sad.
2002-02-10 10:21:22 AM  
The clicks are now up to 478. There are some seriously retarded people out there.
2002-02-10 10:21:33 AM  
--insert photoshoped pic of drew/lowtax here--
2002-02-10 10:21:37 AM  
Drew doesn't have vacations. He is chained to his desk, and is fed only bread, water and beer. Him going outside means draggin his desk near the window and sticking his head out of the bars.
2002-02-10 10:22:49 AM  
It's too frickin' cold to go outside. At least the Olympics are on some time today. Some good sports the nordic combined, speed skating, and men's downhill - not that gay ass figure skating crap
2002-02-10 10:24:11 AM  
i aint goin outside, you cannot make me!
2002-02-10 10:25:19 AM  
I would love to go outside, however i'm worken for the man at IBM right this second. There's not even anything going on HERE, and that's sad.
2002-02-10 10:30:28 AM  
i mite just go kroger'n.
2002-02-10 10:31:22 AM  
It was nice and warm yesterday -- why didn't we go out then? Today is a good day to stay inside.
2002-02-10 10:31:43 AM  
Right, thats one of my arms gnawn off, now to start on the other...
2002-02-10 10:32:27 AM  
I hear ya lord watson... if you're bored, check this out, BIOS the game:
2002-02-10 10:32:38 AM  
Outside? Aren't there bears out there (c)Penny Arcade
2002-02-10 10:34:47 AM  
So... that's it then? Fark's over?

Deep down I knew and dreaded that one day Drew would take his toys and go home... and sadly that day is here :(

Go outside? Dear sweet Jebus NO! I guess I'll go see what Slashdot is like nowadays :P
2002-02-10 10:35:38 AM  
Where is Outside? Is that in Canada or something?
2002-02-10 10:35:43 AM  
Been doing that the last several days rather than sluggin' around this god-forsaken site...

After all, I've got landscaping work to do and a garage to reclaim. Fun.
2002-02-10 10:35:58 AM  
Going outside or staying in? hmmm... what would Brian Boitano do...
2002-02-10 10:39:10 AM  
Everyone come play some Unreal Tournament with me. I'm in all the sniper servers uner the tage {ESoA}EastCoast.

I know I already played Uncle Philly if I remember correctly.
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