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(LBC 97.3)   "I'm tired of them" says Jeb Bush of hurricanes. "No shiat," say Florida residents   ( tampabays10.com) divider line
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2004-09-26 08:12:34 AM  
Well that's good since we're tired of your family.
2004-09-26 08:13:19 AM  
Not too busy rigging the election Jeb, suprised he even knew a hurricane was coming.

/flame on!!
2004-09-26 08:14:05 AM  
It's 8:00 AM and I still have power. I'm so happy I want to call everybody and tell them. Like I just had a baby or something.
2004-09-26 08:15:15 AM  
I'll 2nd that, CarbonScoring.
2004-09-26 08:18:02 AM  
Bloody Americans.

Moan, moan, moan, self, self, self.

I just hurt my toe and you don't find me moaning about it, do you?
2004-09-26 08:20:18 AM  
Allah is simply getting his revenge on the state of Florida for farking up the election, and allowing Bush to kill Muslims at will.
2004-09-26 08:20:28 AM  
He feels their pain.
2004-09-26 08:20:34 AM  
Time for Bed Jebberooni!
2004-09-26 08:20:42 AM  
As Hurricane Jeanne approaches Florida, this record breaking Hurricane season is taking its toll on our crops, our economy most Floridians including Governor Jeb Bush.

An alumnus of Tampa Bay Upstairs Journalism College.
2004-09-26 08:21:35 AM  
Only on Fark do we see hurricanes turned into an excuse for low end political flame wars and personal attacks. We should be ashamed of ourselves.
2004-09-26 08:22:05 AM  
CarbonScoring - "Well that's good since we're tired of your family."

Maybe you should have use the singular instead of the plural since not all of us are idiots.
2004-09-26 08:23:29 AM  
We'll smoke all of the hurricanes out of their holes.
2004-09-26 08:26:48 AM  
I say "bring it on!"
2004-09-26 08:27:06 AM  
[image from peprallyusa.com too old to be available]
/thread could use a few goat pics
2004-09-26 08:28:59 AM  
Note to Florida: You suck.
2004-09-26 08:29:01 AM  
The internet and pictures of goat-named things only lead to the bad things, as I recall.
2004-09-26 08:29:57 AM  
If Governor Bush is that tired of them why doesn't he just have his bro, the Prez, nuke the darn thing?
2004-09-26 08:30:19 AM  
Did anyone other than me notice that he's making the same retarded simain face in that bottom picture that his brother makes when confused?
2004-09-26 08:32:06 AM  
Jeb, we're also tired of your brother.
2004-09-26 08:35:29 AM  
It's only a matter of time before Kerry accuses the Bush family of using their secret weather machine to generate these storms to draw attention away form the election and the "real issues".
2004-09-26 08:35:41 AM  
I just hope Jeanne steers clear of western NC, because Frances and Ivan sure kicked our asses up here! We don't need any more rain up here for a while, thanks to those two tropical storms. All the major rivers here are still at flood stage even today.

I could get into the flamewar here with some snarky comment about Bush, but I shall refrain because it would be in bad taste.
2004-09-26 08:42:25 AM  
John Kerry was against Hurricane Jeanne before he was for it, and aganist it, and for it, and against it, and for it.....
2004-09-26 08:43:32 AM  
I knew the repubs were behind those hurricanes, just knew it. There's always a conspiracy.
2004-09-26 08:45:08 AM  
We still have power as well, I'm basking in the A/C. Some transformers blew earlier so I know that some people don't, but I'm happy. A/C and hot breakfast.
2004-09-26 08:48:18 AM  
I'm really tired of the things hitting on the weekend. Oh, and it's really boring waiting for a storm that moves at 12 mph.
2004-09-26 08:49:19 AM  
if Jeb was any kind of man, he would say "Bring it on"

/Definitely not voting for Jeb as Prez
2004-09-26 08:49:54 AM  

Oh, I know! These have now ruined my Labor day weekend, and our birthday weekend (this weekend). The guys are happy enough to sit and play video games, but I'm bored as hell.
2004-09-26 08:58:56 AM  
Kerry said he'd fight the hurricanes better and smarter. In fact back in Vietnam he fought many monsoons. And we all know how relavent it is that the actions you make in your 20's for dealing with the issues today.
2004-09-26 08:59:35 AM  
Just because they're not doing very good this season, that's no need to get angry at them. I'm sure they'll pick up next year if you get a new head coach.
2004-09-26 09:01:57 AM  
UF's classes are cancelled tomorrow, at least! Woohoo!
2004-09-26 09:02:25 AM  
As much as I dislike Jeb, he's been a real trooper through all this hurricane nastiness. He looks like he hasn't been sleeping well.
2004-09-26 09:05:42 AM  
And HE is tired of the Yankees; Wants them to just go away.

[image from allposters.com too old to be available]
2004-09-26 09:06:22 AM  
I don't want classes to be cancelled!! :(
2004-09-26 09:06:55 AM  
"we all know how relavent it is that the actions you make in your 20's for dealing with the issues today"

Especially when your actions were nothing more than puppet moves for liberals who held the reigns of power in Congress. Keaunu Kerry, Teddy Pacino has a job for you and the payoff, I'm talkin, is HUUUGE BABY, HUUUGGGEE.
2004-09-26 09:07:43 AM  
superstudd - "Note to Florida: You suck."

Maybe, but at least we can say we aren't Toronto.
2004-09-26 09:08:13 AM  
my toe's a bit better now.

Thanks for all the sympathy I didn't get, gits.
2004-09-26 09:08:55 AM  
Isn't just saying "goat" a bad thing?
2004-09-26 09:10:26 AM  
Hang in there Florida. The Hurricane season is almost over.
2004-09-26 09:11:03 AM  
I hope that we (in georiga) don't get raped like we did in the last few storms. I've had cable internet for about a month and had about five days worth of up time due to those storms.
2004-09-26 09:16:26 AM  
Brandon here....expecting the eye any time now...lost some schingles but mostly high winds and rain....lost power some but its on for now
2004-09-26 09:17:53 AM  
Miss Jones

"An alumnus of Tampa Bay Upstairs Journalism College."

Comedy silver if not gold.
2004-09-26 09:23:25 AM  
Isn't just saying "goat" a bad thing?

Boy, I sure hope not!! (;

But seriously, the idea is to steer clear of the actual complete filename, and you should be safe.

Goats rock!
2004-09-26 09:26:24 AM  
[image from shockpoint.com too old to be available]
Hurricane? What hurricane? We have assessed these reports and there is nothing to worry about. Those winds are nothing more than gust from side of fast moving truck. There is absolutely a 150% chance there is no need to worry.
2004-09-26 09:27:07 AM  
the_pgoat - woooooooohoooooo day off tomorrow YAY!
2004-09-26 09:29:07 AM  
ththrowdown: Who gets the day off tomorrow?
2004-09-26 09:31:35 AM  
[image from members.cox.net too old to be available]
2004-09-26 09:36:11 AM  
It's 8:00 AM and I still have power.

9:35 AM and so do I! Don't have much hope to keep it all day though.

Getting nasty in Tampa.
2004-09-26 09:48:18 AM  
Anyone see the webcam links on that site? Half of the cameras are gone. Good luck Floridian Farkers.
2004-09-26 10:04:30 AM  
Hang tough Florida.
2004-09-26 10:08:53 AM  
the_pgoat - state, county, schools etc.

Look for official announcement @ 5pm
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