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(Food 52)   "I couldn't help but wonder: Did everyone spend the past year eating just as much layer cake as me?"   ( divider line
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2021-05-07 12:42:11 PM  
Layer cake?  No.  French fries?  Yes.
2021-05-07 12:51:25 PM  
2021-05-07 12:54:14 PM  
Oh trust me, at the rate we need to restock the double layer cake table people are eating a lot more cake
2021-05-07 12:55:07 PM  
Yeah, that's a no here as well. I've never enjoyed baking, and only begrudgingly do it to have good breads on hand.

That said, I've done a lot of cooking this past year, and have greatly expanded my repertoire (which wasn't too shabby to start with). But it's been actual food; not desserts for me to binge eat.
2021-05-07 1:07:36 PM  
Yes.  What about it?
2021-05-07 1:10:49 PM  
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2021-05-07 1:11:54 PM  

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2021-05-07 1:13:11 PM  
See if there was an accompanying increase in the consumption of whole milk.

If so, make the kids go out and cut a branch. Not a twig but a healthy branch.

Or blame the cat.
2021-05-07 1:21:35 PM  
I don't like cake, but love brownies.
/Also hate the Oreo cream, but love the cookie
2021-05-07 1:31:06 PM  
I probably don't show up in her stats, because I was making layer cakes during the worst of the pandemic.  From scratch.  

I think I made 7 or 8 of them.  They were delicious, thank you.
2021-05-07 1:37:34 PM  

Somebody please tell me that the author of TFA didn't actually use that tired Candace Bushnell Sex and the City trope.  Please.
2021-05-07 2:12:17 PM  
Not a single bite.  I think the last layer cake we had was at our wedding 11 years ago.
2021-05-07 2:17:11 PM  

FrancoFile: DNRTFA

Somebody please tell me that the author of TFA didn't actually use that tired Candace Bushnell Sex and the City trope.  Please.

you know the answer already. let it happen.
2021-05-07 2:37:36 PM  

empres77: Layer cake?  No.  French fries?  Yes.

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2021-05-07 2:54:35 PM  
my worst garbage food consumption was the first couple months of lockdown/terror last year.  and its always the same thing.  I know better but i can't keep cheez its in my house;  its a snack cracker that i have no control over.

At least triscuits, you don't make the mistake of eating too many of them.  That will leave your stomach hurting and you'll be dumping a landfills worth of poo the next day from all the fiber.
2021-05-07 2:58:10 PM  
It's weird. I've eating an ice cream cone every day since last summer and I just went to the doctor, gained one pound over the last year. Can utter existential terror be a path the healthy weight?
2021-05-07 3:40:18 PM  
No, unfortunately.
2021-05-07 4:21:53 PM  
Nope, don't like the desert foods.

Now rum consumption on the other hand.... OK that's gotten out of control.
2021-05-07 6:30:41 PM  
I wanted to eat more cake, but I just didn't have it in me.

/i'm a sloppy eater
2021-05-07 7:08:33 PM  
Cake is overrated.

Cookies, pies, banana bread, are all better.
2021-05-07 7:56:56 PM  
Subby sounds fat
2021-05-08 5:47:35 PM  
Discovered great cakes in Nurnberg, Bavaria, Germany  many during my deployment there in late 60's. Mostly they are a genois type of sponge cake relying on egg whites for the rise, rather than baking powders. They are a bit stiff/dry or maybe sturdier is a better word. Often sprinkled with a liquor or brandy....5 or 6 layers isn't uncommon. Beautifully decorated with great icing/frosting. Our boxed cakes cant compare. My favorite is Black Forest cake combining kirsch, cherries, chocolate sponge cake and whipped cream.
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