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(ABC News)   EU nations put mealworms on the menu. This is not click-bait. It's regular bait   ( divider line
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2021-05-04 1:17:54 PM  
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The EU has clearly been taken over by parasitic beings.
2021-05-04 1:46:15 PM  
Irish People Try Giant Insect Snacks
Youtube h_ND-4utXkU
2021-05-04 1:56:10 PM  
Mealworms have much lower cholesterol than crickets, so there's that.
2021-05-04 2:08:32 PM  
Mealworms.  It's right there in the name.
2021-05-04 2:21:23 PM  
some years back, I tried those cricket-flour energy bars. they tasted... exactly like regular crizappy powerbars.

/still waiting on those South American deep-fried giant ants...
2021-05-04 3:01:01 PM  
And they said brexit was a bad thing.
2021-05-04 3:43:29 PM  

Markus5: Mealworms.  It's right there in the name.

Yes. In fact I've had some deep fried before. The thing is they are quite literally kept in a bunch of cornmeal which they gobble up. They're living Fritos.  At a youth science center I volunteered at we had a lot of those little buggers to feed various other critters. It was kind of a right of passage to eat some fried mealworms.

/ I'm not too sure how healthy they are after being fried and seasoned, though.
2021-05-04 4:04:47 PM  
2021-05-04 10:36:17 PM  
Humons eating Ferengi food?
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2021-05-04 10:50:53 PM  

pheelix: Humons eating Ferengi food?
[Fark user image 350x269]

2021-05-05 3:02:10 AM  
Lived with an entomologist years ago. He was always cooking up snacks. Garlic fried mealworms, crunchy cricket fudge. Try them, he'd tell us. They're delicious.
2021-05-05 1:03:32 PM  
Back in the 70's and 80's they sold giant mealworms called mighty mealys, i raised them for bait.  Wheat bran and cornmeal for litter, raw potato or 2 cut in half, cut side down. Put all that and your leftover bait in a regular sized bucket with a lid, and forget about it for a month, voila, more bait plus grubs and beetles. Replace potatoes as they dry out.
I think my record was nine bluegill from one mealworm. By the third fish it was just the husk of the worm on the hook but hungry bluegill don't care...
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