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(Rolling Stone)   The 40 greatest stoner albums. Subby would have submitted this on 4/20, but you know, it's 4/20, man   ( divider line
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1828 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 21 Apr 2021 at 7:17 AM (2 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-04-21 2:55:06 AM  
The Orb - The Orb
Youtube _MOxUzm_0Do
2021-04-21 2:57:27 AM  
KLF - Chill Out - Album - 1990
Youtube q2QpVIUAOS4
2021-04-21 2:58:07 AM  
Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris - Dreamfish [full album]
Youtube j_0nRcpdKw4
2021-04-21 2:59:28 AM  
S.E.T.I. - The Geometry of Night / Companion (Loki Foundation) [Full Album]
Youtube b-3Dd1r0guU
2021-04-21 3:00:04 AM  
"World Receiver" by Tetsu Inoue, 1996
Youtube grlYRK1aSus
2021-04-21 3:17:10 AM  
Banco De Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa (Full Album)
Youtube -REw_YsBxto
2021-04-21 3:17:22 AM  
Woob - Woob 1194 (Full Album)
Youtube 0S3owK3pN64
2021-04-21 3:20:53 AM  
The Future Sound of London - Essential Mix [1993-12-04] BBC RADIO 1FM LONDON
Youtube arZbwFNRVnc
2021-04-21 5:56:58 AM  
Double-album covers help the weed-sorting process. Sometimes there's a cool story inside.

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2021-04-21 6:11:18 AM  
Guessing they were pretty baked when they put that list together because they forgot to include any Alan Parson's Project albums.
2021-04-21 6:51:15 AM  
there should be two Kyuss records on there at minimum, but I'll settle for Welcome to Sky Valley.
2021-04-21 7:02:28 AM  
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It came with a giant piece of rolling paper as seen on the right
2021-04-21 7:21:34 AM  
Sleep - Dopesmoker
Youtube hIw7oeZKpZc
2021-04-21 7:29:38 AM  
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2021-04-21 7:35:50 AM  

TwoHead: Guessing they were pretty baked when they put that list together because they forgot to include any Alan Parson's Project albums.

Also missing are Cypress Hill and The Mars Volta.
2021-04-21 7:41:43 AM  

Snapper Carr: [YouTube video: Sleep - Dopesmoker]

There was a severe lack of Sleep in that list...
Sleep - Giza Butler
Youtube AuIjvWR53a0
2021-04-21 7:43:50 AM  
OK they did get Black Sabbath on the list, but wrong album!

This should have been number one.  Or at least top five.  Classic stoner metal, complete with an actual ode to pot. Good job dropping the ball, R.S.

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2021-04-21 7:50:03 AM  
No Aqualung? No Brain Salad Surgery?

The list is way short on 70s Prog.
2021-04-21 7:50:42 AM  
images-na.ssl-images-amazon.comView Full Size
2021-04-21 7:54:04 AM  
So a bunch of guys at RS listed their albums they like to get high to.
2021-04-21 7:57:29 AM  
From that list, yesterday I listened to the Meat Puppets, Talking Heads, the song Axis Bold As Love, and I didn't listen to Wilco but I listened to Uncle Tupelo.

I own many of those albums, though. I a stoner?
2021-04-21 7:58:09 AM  
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2021-04-21 8:06:36 AM  
Cypress Hill - Hits from the Bong (Audio)
Youtube eMK4cfXj5c0
2021-04-21 8:07:21 AM  
I always had a lot of fun listening to Insane Clown Posse while stoned with friends, especially the Riddle Box and Great Milenko albums. Death metal albums (Entombed, Napalm Death, Morbid Angels are some of the well known bands) are comedy gold as well.
2021-04-21 8:12:34 AM  
Weedeater - Monkey Junction
Youtube v0UqNP9mqdk
2021-04-21 8:12:51 AM  
Could not get any better 90s smoker classic.
Still have my Nightmares on Wax rizlas!

Nightmares on wax - night's introlude
Youtube C6ixa3G_tL4
2021-04-21 8:15:02 AM  
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//some missing from the list just off the top of my head
2021-04-21 8:19:16 AM  
Peter Tosh - Legalize It
Youtube j6QkVTx2d88
2021-04-21 8:19:25 AM  
Youtube Ipzg6G6IBYQ
2021-04-21 8:21:58 AM  
Madvillain - All Caps
Youtube gSJeHDlhYls
2021-04-21 8:22:15 AM  

Snapper Carr: [Youtube-video​pZc]

Came here for this. Left... an hour later.
2021-04-21 8:23:55 AM  
Sweat Loaf
Youtube FSMxG1EiSDo
2021-04-21 8:24:50 AM  

Another Government Employee: No Aqualung? No Brain Salad Surgery?

The list is way short on 70s Prog.


No really, I mean they forgot to include Yes

Yes - Yessongs (Full Album - 1973) Live - Remastered
Youtube RZq2JYYKzmo
2021-04-21 8:26:30 AM  
More 90s stoner classics

Terminal Cheesecake - blatant drug reference
Youtube h9blVKGctpg
2021-04-21 8:29:20 AM  
Ballad of Dwight Fry
Youtube FfqrZvKI_1g
2021-04-21 8:29:52 AM  
Swell - At Long Last
Youtube XsQCOPi4t1g
2021-04-21 8:29:53 AM  
This must be subby:

Afroman - Because I Got High (Official Video)
Youtube WeYsTmIzjkw
2021-04-21 8:32:21 AM  
Procol Harum "Skip Softly (My Moonbeams)"
Youtube vdR7NLX_VAI

"Above all else, confusion reigns
And though I ask, no one explains
My eunuch friend has been and gone
He said that I must soldier on
And though the Ferris wheel spins 'round
My tongue it seems has run the ground
And croaks as my befuddled brain
Shines on brightly, quite insane"

The whole album is an underrated classic of mind farkery.
2021-04-21 8:46:06 AM  
No Sleep in that list, wtf? Here's what I'm toking on lately, from Santiago Chile:

Demonauta - Temaukel, the spirit before time (Full Album 2018)
Youtube fmoVcMXntxY
2021-04-21 8:46:45 AM  

No farking Rush anywhere?

Goddamn man.
2021-04-21 8:46:45 AM  
No American Prayer? Really?
2021-04-21 8:47:41 AM  
also this is one of the dude's side projects also really good

Deiv Id Fuzz - Blood of the Sun (EP 2020)
Youtube 1Ee-Csg3VTw
2021-04-21 8:57:31 AM  
'On Rubber Soul they seep turned into a torrent, from the sitar-drone wanderlust of "Norwegian Wood""

Someone needs a copy editor that isn't stoned.
2021-04-21 9:16:52 AM  
Coldcut vs DJ Food - Cold Krush Cuts [CD 1]
Youtube VSKXfDMpqns

Great list and thread, I was going to finger wag about no DJ Shadow and no Bristol massive but God damn there they were.

/Well, I know what I'm doing this week-end.
/No mom, I'm a grown up responsible adult, I don't do drugs, I swear.
/So strange I listen to such a lot of 'stoner' music but only recently started to partake again.
2021-04-21 9:24:04 AM  
Rush - A Passage To Bangkok
Youtube zaC041pQl4I
2021-04-21 9:39:42 AM  

Snapper Carr: [YouTube video: Sleep - Dopesmoker]

I see this was already covered.  Carry on.
2021-04-21 9:44:52 AM  
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2021-04-21 9:52:07 AM  
img.discogs.comView Full Size

I mean, I appreciate them putting Kyuss on the list, but how the hell is this left off?
2021-04-21 9:53:34 AM  
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A tab in the Ocean, by Nektar, a German band, released 1972. The first track is 16+ minutes of weirdness.

Of course, I was more than likely high af when I used to listen to it.
2021-04-21 9:58:17 AM  
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