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(Some Guy)   AI Can Identify A Person From A Single Footstep   ( divider line
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339 clicks; posted to STEM » on 16 Apr 2021 at 9:05 AM (4 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-04-16 4:54:11 AM  
Way it sorts out... odds are, you can too...
2021-04-16 5:24:26 AM  
This should make it much easier to find Sarah Connor.
2021-04-16 7:12:35 AM  
Presumably about as well as it can identify people from their faces, online activity, etc. In other words, "very poorly".

I strongly suspect that we are heading for another "AI winter" [the old people here will know what I'm talking about] as researchers discover that the set of problems that can be solved by training inference engines from massive data sets without an explicit model of the world is pretty limited, and that most proposed applications plateau at about 80% effectiveness, which is to say not effective enough to be worthwhile.

(Those of you in AI will be familiar with the concept of adversarial images. Those of you who have been in AI a very long time will remember the last AI winter..)
2021-04-16 9:22:48 AM  
Well good thing I glide silently like a ninja.
2021-04-16 9:29:34 AM  
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So can this guy.
2021-04-16 9:31:32 AM  
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//Tom Brown Jr
2021-04-16 9:58:20 AM  

FrancoFile: [ image 296x170]

So can this guy.

He didn't have any thinking machines to compete with.
2021-04-16 10:03:51 AM  
I've heard this one before -

Ever notice how a white guy walks like *this*, but a black guy walks like *THIS*

/Tip your waitresses!
2021-04-16 10:14:33 AM  

FrancoFile: [ image 296x170]

So can this guy.

Came here for this, leaving quietly, without rhythm.
2021-04-16 10:25:13 AM  
Checks out.  Couple decades ago I was the sole IT in an office with ~100 people.  I could also tell everyone apart solely by the sound of their steps.
2021-04-16 10:37:04 AM  
Chinas cameras have been doing this for years.
2021-04-16 11:57:01 AM  
this will not pan out. These people are deluded by the All Seeing God Knowledge belief that some details can be observed and are 100% unique to the individual for a perfect in perpetuity infinitely unique ID system without error that ruins innocent lives with false positive IDs, that are somehow magically simplistic to measure.

No this will never really work out, the number of individual data points we will require about a single human to 100% uniquely ID them apart from all other humans now and ever to come, will be far more complex than any simple one measurement type system will suffice for.

Even our finger printing had to have more points sampled on the spirals to keep out false positives over the years of sampling so many finger prints.
A quick simple fast as easy as 1 2 3 pitch is the sign of bullshiat, don't fall for it.
2021-04-16 12:34:19 PM  

FrancoFile: [ image 296x170]

So can this guy.

Walk without rhythm and you won't upset the worm
2021-04-16 3:08:06 PM  
Drunk or sober?
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