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1842 clicks; posted to Fandom » on 15 Apr 2021 at 5:30 PM (3 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-04-15 4:30:14 PM  
I'm around 6 feet tall.
2021-04-15 5:17:28 PM  
My pile of shame is mostly just free games. If I actually buy a game I usually play it (unless it kinda sucks and there are better ways I can use my time).
2021-04-15 5:46:29 PM  
Despite a healthy amount of my free time in the pandemic being spent on home projects prepping a house to sell, I actually did put a dent in my backlog.  I didn't go full 100% all achievements on any, but it's not as big as it had been.  I did buy additional games, but have played them not long after purchase.
2021-04-15 5:55:36 PM  
I mean, I'm sitting at 30 or so unplayed games that are "No, I really want to go through this and see the story in it" games, and that list had 22 more entries on it last year (well, the list was probably 40 in total, and more games got added to it over the year)

But you know what, I'm going to try and get through them.   And some of them are longish RPG's.  But I like stories, and once that list is done, I'll probably pick up any of the large strategy or sports games I have and hopefully be done buying anything for awhile
2021-04-15 5:58:19 PM  
According to GOG Galaxy I have around 700 games total on all platforms.

I have stopped buying bundles.
2021-04-15 6:06:45 PM  

Ghastly: My pile of shame is mostly just free games. If I actually buy a game I usually play it (unless it kinda sucks and there are better ways I can use my time).

Exactly this.  Although I'm mostly a filthy console peasant these days, I have dozens of free PS+ games I haven't even touched, much less the free stuff on pc.

Free stuff can sit around until whenever, but if I spent money on it, you better believe I'm playing it.

Currently playing AC: Odyssey which has easily been worth $12.
2021-04-15 6:24:33 PM  
I'm currently sitting on an impressive backlog of games that I always intended to get to. But even with the pandemic I found that I didn't want to game 24/7. Partly because I was still working. And partly because a large majority of my gaming time was spent playing multiplayer games online with my friends, which was an essential part of my mental health.

So I've got a really impressive backlog full of "MUST PLAY" games. We're talking stone cold classics. It's one of the reasons I decided NOT to buy a Switch a while back - it would only add more games to the pile. Good games, true, but I have more than enough.

And I could make a big dent in them, or I could rewatch all the old Whose Line episodes on HBO Max. So, tough call.
2021-04-15 6:25:06 PM  
Fark user image

I have no idea what you're talking about.  I don't have a problem.
2021-04-15 6:25:35 PM  
Thought for a second that it would be about or at least include my movies and book piles, which I can definitely say exists.
2021-04-15 6:35:39 PM  
Steam: 1821 games owned.
Epic: 222 games owned
Gog: 135 games owned
Also... Oculus (Rift and Quest/Quest2), Ubisoft, Origin....

...and I have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Oddly enough, I just don't have the time to play games these days.
2021-04-15 6:59:25 PM  
Four years of college really set me back since I'm an OCD completionist.
2021-04-15 6:59:38 PM  
If people only bought games they actually played the games industry would be about a quarter of it's current size.
2021-04-15 7:06:30 PM  
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2021-04-15 7:25:30 PM  
Currently sitting at 908 games on Steam. I blame a decade of Humble Bundles/Monthlies and Fanatical, and I don't even have League of Legends to use as an excuse any more
2021-04-15 7:41:44 PM  
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2021-04-15 7:46:30 PM  
Nothing remotely as bad as anyone here, though I tend to play the same games over and over (XCOM 2, Stellaris).The freebies and massive sales on digital platforms though make building up a massive amount of unplayed games pretty easy though.
2021-04-15 7:58:07 PM  
I play the games I bought. The newest game I have is Cyberpunk and before that, Battletech. Next will be Baldur's Gate 3.
2021-04-15 8:11:22 PM  
The whole premise from the article is stupid. I don't understand why anyone thinks owning games you haven't played is shameful. I have hundreds. I've had a Humble Bundle subscription for a long time now, and Epic tends to give away at least one free game every week. They have 3 free this week. Christmas time they do a free game every day for weeks. Who has the time to play them all?
That being said, if I buy a game specifically, of course I am starting it immediately.
2021-04-15 8:19:30 PM  
Christ, I thought I had problems.

Clearly they're insignificant compared to the existential crisis caused by having too many games.
2021-04-15 8:22:45 PM  
How much weight has your mom gained?
2021-04-15 8:27:23 PM  
Yeah, I'm not ashamed of having games I haven't played yet. At some point I DO plan on playing them, and I probably will. I like to snag them when there's a really good sale. So, either buy the game when it's $4 on sale now and play it later or pay full price later when I want to play it, and it's not on sale. 

So many games, so little time. 

And it's not just the current games I want to play. I want to replay some of the Zelda games, and a number of older games are looking good as well.

Actually, what I REALLY want to play the Sly Cooper series, but my PS2 died years ago, and I'm not sure I still have the discs. I really hope they bring Sly Cooper series to Xbox One...  (I don't have a PS since 2's death... :(  )
2021-04-15 8:59:49 PM  
I have shiat I'm supposed to play on my PS3 that probably takes like 70 hours to beat.
When I had depression I would just buy anything on sale for <$10 that used to cost $60. All those 8 or 9/10 games that were just total ass
2021-04-15 9:17:54 PM  
Just two (or five, depending on your reckoning) games purchased that I haven't played: XCOM 2, Alien: Isolation, and the Bioshock bundle, but I've played all three of those once before. I just thought they were a good price at $10 for all three, so I recently pulled the trigger. I definitely will play those games again. They were all very-good to great.
2021-04-15 10:16:51 PM  
Starting a streaming channel has really helped me eat into my backlog. I've played about a dozen games in the past year. Only a thousand or so left...
2021-04-15 10:32:34 PM  
I had a stack of games that I wasn't playing because I was too hooked on playing call of duty, modern warfare, remastered.

Once the pandemic hit and we were on lockdown, I flew through my backlog of like 15 games.

I started up on call of duty again but quit on New Year's. Now I have been playing Star Wars, battlefront two, nonstop

I realize it is a four year old game. But I didn't like it at first because it wasn't call of duty. Now that I got the hang of it I am obsessed with it and can't stop playing
2021-04-15 10:52:32 PM  
I haven't played most of the games I've bought. Most tend to bore me very quickly. Eventually I find one that really appeals to me, play it into the ground until I get tired of it, buy several new games until I find another one that really appeals to me, rinse and repeat.

No shame. Just a lot of wasted money. So now I buy games long after they come out, when they only cost $20 or so.
2021-04-16 1:58:57 AM  
424 in my steam library, 30 or so on my GoG, 20 on my Epic, then there is origin... blizzard yadda yadda yadda...

I look through what I have and many are genres I dont have time to get into and many if not most were bought on sale.
2021-04-16 2:25:19 AM  
I've polished off more than 2/3 of my unplayed games during the pandemic. Long ones, too. 40+ hours each. I've got at least 10 to go that will hit 60+ hours before the DLC. This is a good time killer.
2021-04-16 6:40:46 AM  
Hard to call a Steam library a pile of shame when it just sits on a 4TB hard drive.
2021-04-16 6:56:38 AM  
I'm more ashamed of the games I do play than the ones I don't.
2021-04-16 7:42:14 AM  
I definitely have a problem where "Oooooh, it's on sale and looks kinda neat" is a justification for plunking down $5 -$15 bucks. I have a lot of games in Steam I keep forgetting I have and will probably never get to.
2021-04-16 3:32:24 PM  
Ummmm, this is going to be painful since I maybe have give 5% of these games a decent chance to dazzle me:

1,000+ PS1 games (physical copies)
200+ PS2 (sold a big chuck of them a while back & this is what I kept)
60+ Xbox 360
45+ PS3
90+ PS4
Random DS, GBA, Wii, GC, Switch titles (a Mario here, a Zelda there, etc).
Maybe 15 physical PC games

But then it gets to the rest of it:
200+ on Steam, Epic, Origin, GOG, etc and several emulator machines with maybe 15,000 titles each (on average).  So taken all together, if I never bought another game, I could play one title per day & not repeat for a couple of decades. I'm somewhere between "I just can't toss all this out" and "What am I doing???"
2021-04-16 4:06:44 PM  
"We're all playing Outriders"

Lol what
2021-04-16 4:59:32 PM  

capt.snicklefritz: According to GOG Galaxy I have around 700 games total on all platforms.

I have stopped buying bundles.

Don't you love Galaxy?  It shows me that I have 1200+ games on about 7 different platforms and that I spend my time going back and playing the same 20 or 30 games all the time instead

I literally do not have enough hours in the average person's lifespan to get through my backlog.
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